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Dangerous Sins

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Mallory Rivera, known to her clients as Desire, works as an escort for elite businessmen. Her services are not cheap, and she is worth every penny. She knows all their dirty little secrets, desires, and taboo pleasures. She gives them what they want, and they provide her with everything her heart desires, from money, vacations, apartments, cars, and whatever else she wants. Mallory has these men eating from the palm of her pretty little ambitious hand. Everything is going well for Mallory until she has a new booking with an out-of-town client, mafia boss Tom Strangelove. Tom wants to know everything about Mallory's elite client list, but after one night with Mallory, he wants her for his personal pleasure. He sets out to make her his by making her an offer she cannot refuse. Tom is not accustomed to being told no by anyone. When Mallory refuses his offer, Tom takes drastic measures to make her rethink his proposal.

Chapter 1

Mallory POV

*Buzz Buzz and then music* My alarm begins to sing the most annoying sound. Of course, this is the easiest way for me to wake in the evening. I am a woman of the night. Not that I get up and get dressed for unknown clients, I have a lengthy client list, and they pay a lot of money for a spot with me for a night, a week, a month, and sometimes just an hour.

My name is Mallory, but my clients call me Desire. I am the Desire of every rich man and a few women in the city. I have a few out of town clients, but I try to keep things close to the hip. It is easier to pay off the right people if you know who they are and what they desire.

When I say I am a lady of the night, I bet most people think call girl, prostitute, wh*r*, but no, it is more than that, so much more. I will admit that I sleep with a few of my clients, but that is not what some desire. Some need a companion; some need a good spanking; some only need someone to listen to the bad things they have done. I guess that is how I became the secret keeper.

I wish I did not know some secrets and people on my list, but the things I do, the people I see, well, it pays the bills and keeps me out of the streets. I should not say that George bought me a nice condo, and it is in my name. I will never be homeless. Plus, I have clients and a list that has been booked in advance for years. Who am I kidding? I am set for life. My dream is to get out of the city someday and buy a little house in the country far away from everyone. Eventually, I will retire from all of this and live out my days.

I sit on the side of my comfy bed. My soft white sheets make it hard to get out of bed some evenings, but I need to move it. I have a client across town tonight at the Singing Creek Lodge. It is almost out of the city and on the river. It should be called the singing river, not Singing Creek.

Henry will not be upset if I am late; he bends to my will in every way. That is his desire. He wants to be handled, bullied, and I am more than happy to give him what he wants in every way he wants it. There is no s*x; it is just a night of me kicking his *ss and showing him who is boss.

Henry runs a big company downtown, the Market Group. He is stressed, so once a week, he sees me. He lets everything go and allows me to be his boss. He says my treatment, as he calls it, is why he keeps his sanity. Henry is unbelievably handsome. I am not sure why he pays me to be his mistress. The man could have any woman he wanted, but for some reason, he wants me. I am fine with it. I will be his once a week to keep him sane and keep my bank account growing.

The truth is they all want me. Every client I have needs me in some way to help them make it through this thing we call life. They reward me well for it. I had a client Jimmy. I adored him. Jimmy was one of my first clients, and he was my client until the day he died.

Jimmy left me his estate, everything except his company. His company went to his son, Carter. Carter is a sweet man. He sold the estate and paid me well. He thanked me for being with his father in his last moments. The two men clashed, but Jimmy loved his son.

Nadine, Jimmy's wife, died in childbirth, so Jimmy raised Carter. I met Carter when he was in his twenties. We stayed friends after Jimmy died, but Carter has never been a client and never will be a client. I will tell you there is nothing more humbling than being with someone when all the pain leaves their face. Jimmy had cancer. I was there when he took his last breath. I held his sweet hand and cradled it against my face.

I truly believe in that brief moment, he saw something beyond this world, something we do not know until it is our time to go. After a long battle, I gently squeezed his hand, told him I loved him. I guess I did love him in a way, not like romantic love, but like a friendship. I remember asking him if he was ready to go? He gave me a nod and then took his last breath like a sigh you sign when you arrive home after a long day at work. I smiled, called Carter, and let the nurses take it from there.

I often worry about Carter, and he has been heavy on my mind lately. Maybe after I see Henry, I will give him a call. Carter, much like me, is a night owl. He runs his father's company and is there late most nights. I know it is strange to think about him. What do I really know about Carter? I know he wrote me a big check when he sold the estate and accounted for every penny. Carter is an honest man. I hope someday he finds love and happiness and does not bury himself in that company. His father had me to help me survive, and Carter needs someone to help me relieve the stress.

I finally get out of the bed and wrap a robe around my tan body. I sun my body in the pool every morning. I love the morning sun, and the pool here is fantastic. I believe that is why George bought this place for me. He likes to watch me in the pool in the mornings. Geroge has a condo here, but he is not always here. He also has a house across town. He knows not to bother me without an appointment. It would get him banned from my books for life.

I have only had to ban a couple of clients. Dane and his brother Derick were a little much for me. The two brothers became obsessed with me, and I permanently removed them from my books. After the police chief sent someone to talk to them, I have never seen them again. Yes, the chief is a client, but that is a secret that I cannot talk about it with anyone. Thomas is a sweet man, and he has special needs that only I can help handle.

I go down to the kitchen and turn on the coffee pot. I hear the door turn. It is Delores, my maid. Delores is one of my favorite people in this world. She was a prostitute. I found her in the streets, almost beat to death by her pimp. I called a friend, and he helped me get her out of the streets and to his office.

My friend was a client and a doctor. He treated Delores and helped me rehab her. We got her off drugs, got her an apartment, and I gave her a job. I also helped her secure a few wealthy clients to clean their condos. She helps me with other things sometimes. She is grateful to me, but she should not be. I only did what any human should do for another human, and I helped her. I hope that she will be there for me if I ever need her.

"Good Morning," I say to Delores as she comes into my condo. She looks around at the place and sighs.

"I will never understand how one person can make such a mess," she says to me, laughing as she comes into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

I lean over kiss her cheek as I do every morning. "What can I say, Delores? I am messy," I respond.

"That is the truth. You are ridiculously a mess," Delores says.

I go into the bedroom and leave Delores to clean up. The condo is a mess, and she is not exaggerating about that. I am messy. I am a complete mess, but I do not have time to pick up after myself.

I notice my phone is buzzing. I look down to see a message from Henry. *Hello s*xy. I am on my way to the hotel. See you soon*

I do not reply; let him sit and think about me and wait. I will respond when I am in the lobby. I do not want him to think he is important. He needs a good spanking for invading my private time. Maybe that is how I will start tonight. I will remove his belt and spank him for texting me.

I step into the shower and let the water run over my body. I already have my clothes ready for the night. I hear my phone buzz again, but I ignore it as I get ready for Henry. I wash my body and my hair, then step out of the shower. I wrap up in a towel. I think I will curl my hair and do a sultry makeup look. Not too much, be something extra s*xy. I want Henry to really want me tonight. More than usual.

I finish my hair and makeup. I slip into a long black skirt with a sl*t up the side all the way to my thigh. This skirt will make him crazy. I put on a button-down shirt and leave several buttons open. My huge breasts are beautiful in this top. I put on a necklace and matching earrings. For the finishing touch, I put on my red heels. Oh! Henry! You are going to have one hell of a night tonight with me.

I grab my bag and my keys. "I will see you in a few hours, Delores," I say as I go out the door.

"Have fun!" Delores says.

"I most definitely will tonight," I say.

I go out the door and to the parking garage. I hit the button to unlock the doors on my Mercedes that George bought me. I put my bag into the back seat and my small purse in the front. My bag has a change of clothes. As soon as I am done with Henry, I can change clothes.

I put the car in drive and drive out of the parking garage. My phone begins to ring, which is odd; most people email or text me. No one calls me except Delores and sometimes Carter. On the screen, the number says unknown. I hit ignore, but it keeps calling back. I finally give in and answer it.

"Hello," I say. I am driving in massive traffic; the last thing I need is someone to keep calling until I lose my sh*t and wreck.

"Desire, I am a representative of Thomas Strangelove; he would like to book an appointment with you," the man says.

This erks me. "This is not how you book an appointment with me," I snap at him.

"I am aware, but Mr. Strangelove will be in town tomorrow night, and you are booked up through the usual means of booking an appointment. I had no choice but to contact you this way," the man says.

"I am not working tomorrow," I answer him.

"Would you reconsider?" the man asks. This entire conversation is pissing me off. I did not call him and ask him to work his off day.

"Who is your referral?" I ask him.

"Carter Limon gave me your number," the man answers.

F*ck, I wonder why Carter did this. I will call him Carter after Henry; better yet, I will see him. This must be important if Carter is asking me to see this man. I wonder why Carter did not call me. I sit thinking for a moment.

"Miss, are you there?" the man asks when I do not answer him right away.

"Yes, again, tomorrow is my off day, but I will see Mr. Strangelove. Email me his requirements, and I will email you the price. Whatever price I send you, double it for making me work my off day. If the money is not in my account by five am, I cancel his appointment, and he is blocklisted. Got it?" I say to him.

"Understood. Mr. Stangelove understands this appointment is last minute, so he will triple the price. He only needs a companion for an event. It is a simple task for a beautiful woman," the man says.

"Again, email me and never call this number again," I say. I hang up the phone. Poor Henry, I am about to take a lot of frustration out on him.

Chapter 2

Mallory POV

I arrive at the Singing Creek Hotel. I pull into the valet and wait for the young man to come to me. I am not getting out of my car just yet. I can see Henry looking for me. He is waiting for me at the entrance. I tell him to wait in the bar, but he is always so eager to see me that he is peering out the hotel's front door as if I am his mommy coming home for work.

The valet opens my door and takes my keys. He smiles at me. Oh sweetie, you are too young and innocent for me, I think to myself as I smile back. Henry rushes out to greet me. He takes my hand and stands tall like he just won the lottery. I guess walking with me, he has. I am the one they all want.

"You look beautiful as always, Desire," Henry says. He leans in and kisses my neck. He wants to make the valet jealous, or maybe he did miss me.

"Thank you, Henry. I told you to wait in the bar. I need a drink," I snap at him.

"I know; I could not wait


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