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The Dark Side Of Daddy

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A s*xy stranger takes an interest in Kendra at her best friend's birthday party. Kendra thinks the stranger is s*xy, but never suspects he is stalking her. He kidnaps her and forces her into a DDLG relationship, promising to let her go in two weeks if it does not work out. She is not sure if she can trust him, but what choice does she have? As Kendra begins to accept her new relationship, she learns her kidnapper is a wolf. Kendra is terrified as she tries to navigate her emotions and her new relationship with a wolf. What will she do?

Chapter 1

Kendra POV

It is my best friend's birthday. We are all going to a new club downtown. I cannot wait to shake my *ss and dance with her. She deserves a fun night. Me, her, and a few girls from work. It cannot get any better than this. I grab a low-cut top out of my closet. Just a little skin to show. I hope it gets me a few free drinks at the bar. I slip into my favorite mini skirt. Legs and t*ts showing; yeah, I will not be paying for drinks tonight.

I look in my closet for my heels. Six-inch heels that should do it. I slip into my shoes. I check myself in the mirror. D*mn, I look good. I grab my phone. I scroll down to Kimmy's contact. I hit her name to send a text.

* I am ready. Be out in five*

She better be on her way. I grab my purse and head out the door. I run downstairs to meet Kimmy. I told her five minutes. She better hurry. I do not want to stand out here looking like a hooker waiting for a john.

As I am standing here, I notice a man watching me. Hmmm, I have never seen him before. He walks closer. D*mn, I bet he thinks it is his lucky night. 

“Hey,” I say as he passes. No need to be rude. He is rather cute.

“Hot date?” he asks.

“Nope, I am going out with some friends to celebrate her birthday,” I say.

That was way too much information to be giving a stranger. 

“Well, you look s*xy,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say.

Kimmy pulls up.

“Get in, let’s go,” she hollers from the car. 

I look at the cute stranger. “Bye, ” I say.

I jump into the car with Kimmy, and we head for the bar.

“Who was that?” she asks.

“I have no idea. He was cute. I just talked to him a minute,” I say.

“We should have brought him with us,” Kimmy says.

“Are you trying to get us killed?” I ask her.

“The way you are dressed, we may get picked up for prostitution,” she says with a laugh.

“Hey, you are dressed like a sl*t, too,” I say back to her. 


“True, but you look much better than I do,” she says.

We pull into the club. We jump out of the car and start for the door. My heels are already too much, but I d*mn sure wanted to be hot tonight. The pain is worth it. 

We run into the club and head straight for the bar. The amount of hot and s*xy is overwhelming. Hell, I might even get laid tonight. It has been a minute. I could use a good f*ck after the stressful work week I have had. It would not even be worth it if I cannot find someone who knows what in the hell they are doing. Good thing I have a toy to keep me from being a royal b*tch.

We go to the bar and order shots. It is Kimmy’s birthday we are going to get completely smashed. We can take a cab home. After what I am sure is at least a bottle of tequila, I am feeling good. I leave Kimmy at the bar to go to the bathroom. 

As I am entering the bathroom, I see him. Mr. S*xy that was in front of my building. Hmmm. I wonder. Did he follow us here? No way. This is a popular club. It must be a coincidence.


Drunk me decide to walk up to him. “Hey s*xy,” I slur at him.

He looks at me. “You know it really is not safe to be drinking this much and talking to strangers,” he says.

“Well, aren’t you a downer,” I say to him.

“Maybe. You should be more careful, Kendra,” he says. 

“Hey! How did you know my name?’ I ask.

“I heard your friend call you across the room. I am sure the entire bar knows both of your names,” he says.

“Oh. Sorry. I just thought it was a little weird you calling me by my name,” I say.

“I guess so,” he says.

He is looking at me strangely. Maybe I am just drunk and paranoid.

“So, what brings you here tonight?” I ask him.

“I am looking for true love,” he says. 

I hope he is joking. I just remembered I have to pee. 

“I really need to get into the bathroom,” I say. I walk past him and go into the women’s bathroom. The dude was cute, but man, was he super strange. Tall, s*xy, and strange sounds like he might be right for me. I am the queen of the wrong men.

As I fix my skirt and begin to come out of the bathroom. I notice something moving around in the bathroom. Is there someone else in here with me? I wait a moment. As I wait, I realize it is getting closer to my stall. 

All of a sudden, the door to my stall opens. It is Mr. Strange. What the hell is he doing? He reaches in and grabs me. He jabs something in my arm. Ouch. Did he just drug me? He throws me over his shoulder. He is walking out with me. Surely someone will notice a girl over a man's shoulder and say something. I hear him talking to someone.

“She had too much to drink; I am taking her outside,” he says.

He carries me out of the bar. I hear his car clicker. He opens the door and puts me in his car. He fastens my seatbelt and closes the door.

My eyes feel like they are rolling into the back of my head. He gets into the other side. He rechecks my seat belt. 

“No worries, baby girl, daddy is going to take real good care of you. We will be home very soon,” he says.

He kisses me on the forehead. He cranks the car and backs out. I feel the car moving as I pass out from the shot he gave me.


Chapter 2

Tobias POV

She is so peaceful sleeping in the seat. I hope she does not get sick. She drank way too much. If she does I will take care of her. I have to get her home and settled tomorrow is going to be a stressful day for her. Not only will she have a hangover from all the foolish drinking she was doing but she will have to learn all about her new role as my baby girl. 

I pull into my driveway. I park in the garage and close it. I take out her purse. Id, hmmm Kendra Mitchell age26. I need to find her phone. It is all the way in the bottom. I remove the back and take out the sim card. She can keep the phone but I do not want her calling anyone. What else is in her? Lipstick, she wont be needing that. No more painting herself up like a whore. Nope. I toss the lipstick and sim card in the trash. 

I grab her out of the car and carry her up to the bedroom I have fixed for her. I lay her on the changing table in her room. I carefully remove these slutty clothes


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