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Saved By The Alpha

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Tyra is looking for love and stability. After a terrible heartbreak, she decides to go to a very special agency to place her with a daddy, but the daddy wolf she is placed with is cruel. Luckily for Tyra, her savior is coming for her. What happens after the Alpha saves Tyra? Do they fall in love, or does she run? Trigger Warning!!! Daddy Dom and abuse can be triggering for some. There are also very explicit s*x scenes as the story unfolds.

Chapter 1

Austin POV

I sit in the lobby waiting for my name to hear my name called, just like I have done so many times before. I am hoping this time I find the one for me. Being a wolf and a daddy has proved to be difficult for me. I cannot seem to find the right fit for me and my lifestyle.

The Agency has helped many other wolves and me with contracts and finding the right fit for our unique lifestyles. Yet even though I am thorough with my contract and go over every inch of it with my candidate, it never seems to work out for me. Today is the absolute last appointment I can have. After today if I do not find my little, I am on my own.

“Austin Acton,” Meagan calls from the green door leading to the back.

I get out of my seat when she calls me. “Good Morning,” I say with a smile.

“Mr. Acton, please follow me to the back. I have six ladies waiting to meet you,” Meagan says.

“Great, I cannot wait to meet them,” I say.

I follow her down the long hallway to the meet and greet area. Before we go in, Meagan hands me a stack of files containing each lady's name, age, little age, bio, and a picture. I flip through the files quickly.

“Did you go over my contract with each of them?” I ask.

“Yes, I did. Five were willing to meet with you even though there are a few things they want to negotiate,” Meagan says.

“Five? There are six files here. Am I missing something?” I ask her.

Meagan takes a deep breath. “Listen, Austin. I want this to work for you badly. I think you are a great daddy, but your rules and what you need are a little much. The sixth lady agreed to everything,” Meagan says.

“Then why am I meeting with the other five?” I ask her.

“She is a little older than your request, but she very sweet and the most beautiful lady that has ever walked through my door,” Meagan says.

“How much older is she?” I ask.

“She is 46, but I want you to meet her and see if she is the right fit. Austin, this is your last shot. You cannot go through the agency again. I have to close your file,” Meagan says.

“I know that. I know I am difficult. Is she a virgin?” I ask.

“I said she fits all of your requirements, didn’t I?” Meagan says.

“Okay, instead of us going in to meet all of them, why don’t you bring her to meet me in the private waiting area?” I suggest to Meagan.

Meagan smiles at me a little devilish; this was her plan, after all. “Go wait for us in the private waiting area, and I will bring her,” Meagan says.

“Thank you,” I say.

I walk down the hall to the private waiting area. I have met a few ladies in this room over the years. They always are happy, giggly, and willing to negotiate my contract, but in the end, they cannot be what I need for my lifestyle. It is important to me to have the exact fit. If this one doesn’t work out, I will be alone.

I sit down to wait for Meagan to return with her. She says she is beautiful and a virgin. At least that is box one and two checked. It is not that I expect her to have s*x with me right away, but I will eventually if she stays. I do not want to be with a lady that has experience. I want a lady that is naïve about s*x that I can teach and mold into my sexual needs. I cannot believe she is still a virgin in her forties. This seems odd I will need proof.

Meagan walks into the waiting area with her. She walks in behind Meagan. She is bubbly and full of energy. I stand up to greet her. We shake hands, and she smiles at me. She is beautiful. Meagan did not lie about that. The three of us sit down so I can get to know my candidate.

“You know, on second thought, I will let the two of you discuss the terms of the contract,” Meagan says as she quickly exits the room, leaving me alone with the new lady in my life maybe.

“Tell me about yourself, please,” I say to her.

She looks at me with her piercing blue eyes. “My name is Tyra. I am 46 years old. I have never been married. I am highly educated,” she begins.

“You are educated; what did you study?” I ask.

“Medicine, I went to med school,” Tyra answers me.

“Interesting, why are you willing to give up everything to be with me?” I ask.

“I think it would be a good fit for me,” Tyra answers.

“And you are a virgin; how did you manage that?” I ask her.

“I am waiting for the right man. I do not want to give myself to just anyone,” Tyra answers.

“Tyra, I am looking for a permanent mate. I would want you to be mine for the rest of your life. You cannot see over wolves or men, you cannot reject me in any way, and my rules are not negotiable,” I say to her.

“I understand completely. Your contract is everything I am looking for in a mate. I want a permanent place in someone’s life. I would expect you to be my caretaker and look out for my needs in return for my complete devotion to you,” Tyra says.

“I would give you time for yourself to be you. I want you to have everything you need in life. Your life would be good. I have a nice home, money, cars, and most importantly, I have time to devote myself to your needs,” I say to her.

“Everything sounds good to me. I am willing to give you everything. My mind, body, and soul,” Tyra says.

Tyra smiles at me; her eyes light up. I think she might be the one for me finally. I know there will be problems initially, but I am willing to give her a chance.

Meagan knocks on the door and opens it slightly. “Are we ready to proceed with the contract?” she asks.

Tyra looks at me, waiting for me to say yes or no. “I believe we are ready,” I say. Tyra looks happy.

Chapter 2

Austin POV

Tyra and I sit silently, waiting for Meagan to bring back the paperwork. She looks nervous yet happy. I hope I can make her happy. I don’t want this to end badly. The last two left crying and screaming because they decided they were not ready for my lifestyle. It always baffles me when a lady agrees to a DDLG relationship but does not actually want to live it. They want to be taken care of but want the freedom to go and do as they please. This is not that type of relationship, and I need complete control over my lady. I want respect and control of my littles life. She is for me to care for, not just finance. I have a feeling Tyra is actually looking for a caretaker. She went to med school she can take care of herself. That tells me she is the real deal.

Meagan comes in with the paperwork. “You can read over everything and sign,” she says as she hands the contract to Tyra. Tyra flips to the back and signs the contract without reading it.

“Don’t you want


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