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The Alpha's Broken Luna

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Kayla is getting married to Alpha Soran. Kayla and Soran’s parents have known each other since they were children, and both Alphas want to combine their packs. Although the new couple is not mates, she chooses him to merge her weaker pack of elders with his fierce pack of warriors. Alpha Soran is kind, and Kayla feels safe with him and his family. Not everyone is happy about the wedding. Kayla turns down the Alpha from the River Moon Pack, resulting in an assault on her and her family at her wedding. Alpha Ranon takes Kayla, hostage on her wedding night. Broken, confused, and tortured by Alpha Ranon and his pack, the broken Luna waits for someone to rescue her. Alpha Soran’s brother, Alpha Maximus, searches for Luna Kayla when he finds out she is taken by Alpha Ranon. Alpha Max wants to avenge his brother and his brother’s Luna.

Chapter 1- My Wedding

Kayla POV

I never thought there would be so much fanfare over my little wedding. Soran and I are both so young and full of life. He is perfect for me, and I am perfect for him.

No, we are not mates, but we can grow to love one another. He is good to me, and my parents adore him. This union will combine our packs as he becomes Alpha, and I become his Luna tonight. His Alpha ceremony and our wedding ceremony here with my pack and his to celebrate will be the most amazing night of our lives.

I cannot wait to start a life with Alpha Soran. I never thought I would be a Luna. Now, I am marrying a wonderful wolf at a dream wedding. It is unbelievable. Unfortunately, his brother cannot be here. He is an Alpha for a pack in the north. I can meet his brother later.

“Kayla, your dress has arrived,” Candy, my sweet sister, says as she rushes into my room. Candy has loved every moment of planning my wedding.

It seems like everything came together perfectly. Well, almost everything. Another Alpha asked for my hand, but I refused him. He became very angry.

When my father made the announcement that I would be looking for a mate, several wolves courted me. I chose Soran because he is kind and closer to my age. Alpha Ranon is older than me, and he seemed angry. I only needed to marry someone that could help protect our pack.

Our pack is small. Most of the younger pack members have moved on to other packs, and now we are mostly elders or young women that will marry and leave. I had to help my pack, and that is why I agreed not to seek my mate.

Lucky for me, Soran reached out to my father. He showed interest early. We agreed to marry and be true to one another. I care for him deeply, and I believe that the two of us will grow to love one another.

“Thanks, sis. Is mother coming to help me get in my dress?” I ask Candy.

She shakes her head. “She is swamped with guests. I cannot believe how big Soran’s pack is. What about the brother? Is he coming? I want to see what he looks like,” Candy says.

I help Candy place my dress bag on the bed. “Alpha Marcus is married, but we will meet him eventually. He has a younger brother, Alpha Maximus,” I tease her.

Candy looks genuinely worried for me. I sit down beside my dress bag, take my sister’s hand and pull her to sit beside me. “What is it, sis?” I ask her.

Big tears begin to roll down her face. “I am worried about you. It is not fair for you to give up on a mate,” Candy cries.

I rub the top of her hand. “Soran is a good wolf, and he will be a wonderful husband and father. Just imagine our life. I will be his Luna, and we will have a big house with kids, and it will be everything I have ever wanted,” I try to explain to her.

“But he is not your mate,” Candy says.

“I am fine with it. Please be fine with it. Saving our pack is the most important thing to me,” I say. I reach over and wipe the tears away from Candy’s eyes. I pull her into my arms.

“I love you,” Candy says.

“I love you too,” I say to her.

“Now, no more crying. I have to get ready for my larger-than-life wedding,” I say. Candy gets up and looks out my bedroom window. Her eyes are huge as she looks out over the people gathering.

“It is unbelievable. I cannot remember the last time there were this many wolves here. It is wild. Maybe I will meet someone tonight. I am old enough to find my mate,” Candy says.

“Mom would die if you left her too. Try to wait a little while, so she has at least one daughter still in the house,” I say.

Candy gives me a crazy look. “Fine,” she says.

“Okay, so stop trying to find your mate and help me get into this dress, please,” I say.

Candy unzips my dress bag. We both look at the dress and smile at each other. “I want to wear it when I get married,” Candy says.

“It is yours at the end of the night,” I say to her. We are both star-struck by the details that Hannah put into my dress.

Hannah, our mother’s oldest friend, took our mother’s wedding dress and made me a new wedding dress. She sewed the smallest stitches of our pack and Soran’s pack symbols onto the dress. The ivory dress looks like something for a beautiful fairy queen.

My mother comes into the bedroom to see the two of us looking at the dress. “It is unbelievable,” my mother says.

“Candy wants it for her wedding,” I say, still in awe looking at the beauty in front of me.

“Well, you cannot get married unless you put it on, Kayla,” my mother says.

“Right. Are you staying to help?” I ask her.

She smiles at me and shakes her head no. “ I have to entertain our guest. You will learn the ropes of a Luna soon enough, my sweet girl,” my mother says.

She is right. I will be married to Soran tonight. I will be his Luna.

“What is it?” Candy asks me.

“I am marrying an Alpha, and I am going to be a Luna. I am so happy,” I say.

“Well, first, we have to get you in this dress,” Candy says. I step into the dress, and Candy does the hard part. She pulls it up and ties it as I look in the mirror, watching as I become the Luna bride of Alpha Soran.

“This day could not be any more perfect,” I say. 

Chapter 2 – Alpha Ranon

Luna Kayla POV

I cannot believe how fast his Alpha Ceremony and our wedding went. It seems like it flew by as I was looking into his heavenly eyes. I hoped that I would feel the calling of my mate when we married and that he would be my mate after all. It did not happen, and I am okay with that. Alpha Soran is so kind toward me that I can live with being his wife no matter what.

The wolf council whisks him away from me. His mother and father take me to introduce me to everyone. It pains me that I will never remember all of these names. Cousins, uncles, aunts, inlaws, and more wolves are saying hi and congratulating me on my wedding. I am overwhelmed, to say the least, as I meet and greet each of them.

I look over my shoulder as the wolf council and Alpha Soran stands before us. They are shooting fireworks into the sky. Alpha Soran is smiling at me, and I feel the most fantastic feeling inside me. I am happy. Our eyes stay locked for a moment, and then I see him.


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