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The Daddy Deal

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Crystal is sick of her job as a stripper when a regular client, Jamie makes her the offer of a lifetime. He wants her to be his little miss. He offers her a nice salary and a place to stay. All she has to do is follow his rules. Jamie's rules are hard to follow, but she cannot help falling in love with him. Crystal finds herself in a world she knows little about and is unsure if she can cope with her new lifestyle. She has to decide if she really loves him and wants to live this new life or if she needs to leave.

Chapter 1

Crystal POV

It is impossible to work for this whinny b*st*rd, I don’t know how I manage, but I do. I have worked in this club for so long I cannot even remember what it was like before I started taking off my clothes for money.

Every night the same thing, some horny guy trying to touch me in off-limits places. I am thankful for security. My boss is a jackass. The other women are great except for that b*tch Mona. I wish I could leave here, but there are no jobs in the area.

The only other gig in town is hooking or private parties, and I am not trying to get into any of that. I will admit I have done a few private parties. I got the offer of a lifetime tonight for an intimate gig.

I stepped off the stage, hot, sweating, and covered in too much oil. Jamie, one of my regulars, calls me over. He slides a hundred-dollar bill into my g string. Jamie goes a little lower than I usually let men, but I give him a little extra special privilege. He is never rude and s*xy as hell.

“Hey, I need a private dance,” Jamie says.

“Sure thing, sugar,” I say.

I grab him by the hand and lead him to the back. We walk past the idiot I work for here. Jamie usually only wants to talk or drink; he hardly ever really wants a dance.

I take him into the VIP room. Jamie pays the idiot three hundred dollars.

“That gets me three hours with you,” Jamie says.

“Good, three hours with you will be heaven,” I say.

“Come sit in daddy’s lap,” Jamie says.

“Yes, sir,” I say.

Jamie begins stroking my naked leg. I am sitting in his lap with nothing on but my g string. He rubs me up my inner thigh.

“Listen, Crystal. I wanted to see if you would be interested in doing my birthday party tomorrow night. I already hired a few girls for the guys, but I thought you could come to the house and give me a private dance,” Jamie says.

“I do not usually do private gigs. To be honest with you, it is risky business,” I say.

He continues rubbing my inner thigh; he almost touches my p*ssy, but retreats.

“Oh, I understand; I am not asking you to come over and f*ck me. I will give you ten thousand dollars to come to my house and simply be mine for a few hours. Whatever happens, well it happens,” Jamie says.

I could use the money. If there are other girls there, I should be safe.

“Okay, I will do it,” I say.

“I have a bag in my car; it contains everything I want you to wear tomorrow night. I require you to wear everything in the bag. I will give you five thousand upfront. No other men will be touching you. As I said, you will be mine tomorrow night for a little role play,” Jamie says.

“Roleplay?” I ask.

“Yes, I have notes for you in the bag. My driver will pick you up at 7 pm,” Jamie says.

“Okay. I will be ready at 645; I will give you the address,” I say.

Jamie pulls me back. I am cradled in his arms. He continues to rub my inner thigh. He pulls my legs apart just a little.

“Can I touch you?” Jamie asks.

“Yes,” I say.

Never in all my years in this room have I ever let a client touch me in any way other than the t*ts or the leg. Why am I doing this? He has never asked before. What the hell?

Jamie runs his hand back up to my p*ssy. He slides his fingers inside my g string. He begins rubbing the outside of my lips then up to my cl*t. He swirls around my cl*t then slides two fingers inside me.

He leans into my ear. “I only wanted to see if I make you wet,” Jamie whispers.

Jamie’s fingers continue to dive in and out of me. It feels so good. “I bet you are a real bad girl,” Jamie says.

“I can be,” I say.

Jamie pulls his fingers out of me and smacks my p*ssy hard. “We will continue this tomorrow night,” Jamie says.

“Oh, I see, you are going to get me all worked up, then leave me hanging,” I say to him.

I get up from the cradling position he has me in. I straddle him. I begin rocking my hips back and forth, grinding on him. I want to see if I can make him hard. I feel him starting to grow beneath me.

“I knew you were naughty,” Jamie says.

“Well, you did start it,” I say.

“I would never f*ck you in this awful club,” Jamie says.

“Oh really,” I say.

“Have you ever f*ck*d a client?” Jamie asks.

“No, never,” I answer him as I continue to grind on his hardness beneath me.

“Then why are you trying to f*ck me?” Jamie asks.

“It has been a while, and you dipped your fingers in me, and now I am unbelievably horny,” I say.

“I am sorry, I did that,” Jamie says.

“I am not,” I say.

I do not know why but I have this urge to f*ck his brains out right here in this private room. I reach down to free him. I could slip his c*ck right in me from where I am on him.

I take my hand and begin rubbing his c*ck. I unzip his zipper. I reach into his pants. I am about to free the monster I feel beneath me.

“Not here,” Jamie says.

“You are turning me down?” I ask him.

He pulls me in close to him. “I don’t want to f*ck my girl here,” Jamie says.

“Okay then, you have me for three hours; what are we going to do?” I ask him.

“Let’s walk out to my car to get the bag you need for tomorrow night. How much do I need to pay for you to be off work for the rest of the night?” Jamie asks.

“You already paid enough to free me up for the rest of the night,” I say.

“Good, grab your things and meet me out front. You need to go home and get some sleep, so you are ready for tomorrow night,” Jamie says.

Jamie and I walk out of the private VIP room. He leaves to grab a beer while I put my clothes on.

I go into my dressing room. I try to wash the oil off, but d*mn I put too much on tonight. I will shower when I get home. I remove my g string and put it in with my laundry. I grab some yoga pants and a tee. I slip into my shoes and grab my purse.

Just as I am about to head out the door, Ward comes busting in.

“Where are you going?” Ward asks.

“I am done for the night. Jamie paid you for the remainder of my shift,” I say.

“That doesn’t mean you can leave,” Ward says.

“Yes, it does,” I yell at him. I push past him and go out the door.

“You wh*r*!” Ward yells at me as I exit through the back door. I miss when his dad ran the place. He was so much easier to work for here.

I walk across the parking lot to my car. As I am putting my things in, someone steps up behind me.

“Hey,” Jamie says.

“You scared me,” I say to him.

“Well, you should not be out here without someone now, should you,” Jamie says.

“Oh, I see. Are you my protector now?” I ask him.

“I can be,” Jamie says.

Jamie hands me a bag. “There is cash in here as well as everything for tomorrow night,” Jamie says.

“I will be ready,” I say.

I reach into my car to get a piece of paper and a pen. I write down the address for Jamie. I hand it to him.

“Do that again,” Jamie says.

“Do what?” I ask, puzzled.

Jamie gets closer to me. “Bend over into your car,” Jamie says.

I bend over into my car. As I am bent over, I feel him pull down my yoga pants. He smacks my bare *ss. His hands begin to wander all over my *ss until his fingers make their way to my p*ssy. He slides four fingers into me. He starts thrusting his fingers in and out of me. He takes his other hand and begins massaging my cl*t.

“I want you to c*m for daddy,” Jamie says.

It has been so long since a man touched my p*ssy; his fingers feel amazing going in and out of me. I begin to c*m on his fingers. He pulls his fingers out of me. He pulls up my pants. When I turn around, he licks his fingers.

“You taste wonderful,” Jamie says.

I really should run, but it turns me on. “I felt like I owed you after I got you all worked up in there,” Jamie says.

“Oh, was that like a pity f*ck?” I ask him.

“No, I have to admit I come here for you. I have wanted you for a long time,” Jamie says.

“You have never tried to f*ck me or ask me to come dance for you at your home,” I say.

“I guess I finally got up my nerve. Please don’t let what is in the bag freak you out,” Jamie says.

“Trust me, nothing freaks me out,” I say.

“I will see you tomorrow night,” Jamie says.

“Okay,” I say.

He watches me get in my car and lock the door. After I am safely driving away, he goes to his car.

Chapter 2

Crystal POV

I awake and look at the clock. It is 5 pm. I have to get ready for tonight. Jamie is sending a driver to pick me up at 7. I need to get ready. I have not even looked in the bag he sent with me. I took the cash out and laid the bag on the bar. I cannot believe he is paying me ten thousand dollars for one night of role play.

I crawl out of bed. I wonder what in the hell he has in mind. When I got home this morning, I was curious, but I decided to sleep instead of looking through the bag. I think I will shower first, and then I will look in the bag.

I come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel to look inside the bag. I guess I need to see what Jamie’s instructions are before putting on makeup or doing my hair.

I unzip the bag and begin to pull out the clothes and shoes. There is a small envelop inside. I open the envelope to see what is inside. It is a small piece of paper.

The note says *Tonight you are mine. You will refer to me as sir or


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