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My Enemy Mate

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Indigo is the daughter of Alpha Duke and Luna Opal. She works alongside her parents to keep her pack safe. She lives and breathes the pack life. On her twenty-first birthday, Luna Opal encourages Indigo to take some friends out for some fun away from the pack. Indigo takes her mother's advice and has a night to remember. Indigo meets Harris. She doesn't know he is the Alpha of the Timber pack. Indigo has a wild night with Harris and walks away from him. Indigo forgets about the Alpha, but he doesn't forget about her. What will Indigo do when she realizes Alpha Harris is her enemy and her mate?

Chapter 1


Angel, Nyx, and I leave the pack territory and head for a hotel in the next town. We are going to some wolf bars to celebrate my birthday. My mother, Luna Opal, thinks it would be good for me to get away and not think about the upcoming negotiations with the Timber Wolf Pack. Maybe she is right, but why a bar? Isn't there something else we could do? I would be happy hanging out at the hotel and just being with my friends for the night.

"Happy Birthday, Indigo. So Which bar should we start with? Just think the Alpha's daughter coming to celebrate her birthday; we will get a lot of perks and free drinks," Nyx says, laughing.

Angel looks over her shoulder at me, sitting in the back seat. I love them both, and they are exceptional warriors. We have been friends for as long as I can remember, but I hate bars.

"We can do something else, but don't you think seeing something tall, dark, and s*xy would put your mind at ease for the night? I mean, come on, Indigo, loosen up and have some fun, just for once, please." Angel says.

I smile at her. Okay, Maybe they are all right. Maybe I need this. "I am going to have fun and venture outside my comfort zone. Just don't let me do anything stupid," I say. Please don't let me embarrass my pack or my father.

"I booked us a room close to the bars. We can drink and then sleep it off. No one will know that you had fun, I promise," Nyx says.

The three of us laugh. Me, have fun. That is laughable. I work for my father. I train wolves to fight. I am there for every negotiation and all pack decisions. I live and breathe my pack. I love my pack. I don't have time for fun. Maybe tonight is something I need.

Nyx pulls into the hotel. Wolves run out to help us with our bags. Nyx told them I am the Alpha's daughter. They rush us into the hotel and straight up to a suite. The wolves tell me where everything is and what amenities they have prepared for me and my special celebration. Why did Nyx do this?

"Thank you, but we are planning something. There is no need to do anything for me. Please treat me like any other guest," I say to the concierge. This is the last thing I want. I do not want any special treatment, and I do not want anyone to know I am here.

When the concierge and her wolves leave us, I give Nyx and Angel a hard side-eye. "Was that necessary?" I ask.

Nyx smiles. He pulls Angel into his arms and kisses her on the cheek. "It got us a suite compliments of the house," Nyx says. He loves being my friend.

"Umm, Hmm," I say.

"Don't be mad. We never get to do anything either, and with the negotiations coming up, we have been training hard. We just want to have some fun, too," Angel says, defending Nyx. She loves him. I think Angel has loved Nyx since before she could walk. I was thrilled when they discovered they were mates.

"Fine, let's just get ready and find some food and maybe a few drinks," I say.

Nyx and Angel head toward their side of the suite, and I venture into my huge accommodations. I take out the dress and shoes I packed for the night. I cannot even remember the last time I wore a dress, but I am going to do this tonight. I will have fun.

I hear them giggling and talking. Their love reminds me of my mother and father. I am sure it is nice to have a mate, but that is not something I want. At least not now. I have too many responsibilities. Honestly, I haven't met a wolf that makes me want to let down my guard. Maybe there isn't a mate for me. Surely I would've found him by now.

I do light makeup. I leave my blonde hair down. I slip into my dress and shoes. I take a look at myself in the mirror. This isn't me, but just for tonight, I can do this. I step out of my room and into the main room of the suite.

"Holy Sh*t!" Nyx says. His mouth is hanging open.

"You look fabulous," Angel says.

"I don't think I have ever seen you like this," Nyx says.

"Thanks, I think," I say.

I grab the strange little purse I picked out to go with the bag. I put my phone, ID, and some cash in it. I turn to look at them, still staring at me. "Are we going out, or are we staying in?" I ask them.

"Out, we are going out. I am glad we have Nyx with us. I am not sure if I can keep the wolves fought off of you by myself," Angel teases me.

I smile. "I trained both of you, and I can take care of myself," I say.

"True," Angel says.

I shake off the overabundance of compliments. I am not used to it. No one comments on how I look. I don't know if they fear me because it isn't appropriate, or maybe they think I am ugly. Maybe it is all three. I don't try to fix myself up at home. I don't wear makeup, and I never dress up. I have things to do and warriors to train. I don't have time for makeup and dresses.

I must say this does feel nice. As we walk out of the hotel, everyone is looking at me. Maybe they are looking at Angel. She is gorgeous.

I see a bar across the street from the hotel. "Let's go there," I say. Angel and Nyx follow me across the street. They are arm in arm and so d*mn cute together.

We go inside and sit down at the bar. "Fireball shots for the three of us," I say. I mid as well get this party started. The bartender nods at me and begins pouring our shots.

"Shots usually come later in the night," a deep voice says from beside me. I turn to see a blonde wolf. He looks my age. Maybe if I talk to him, it will get Nyx and Angel off my *ss about meeting someone.

"Well, it's my birthday," I say.

The bartender sits the shots down, and the blonde wolf hands him money to cover my drinks. "Happy Birthday. I'm Harris," he says.

"Nice to meet you, Harris," I say. He didn't give me his title. No, I am Beta Harris or Alpha or anything, just Harris. I like that. Most wolves can't wait to spill out their title and position in the pack, but not this wolf. He is just Harris.

"You live around here?" Harris asks me.

I turn completely around on my bar stool to face him instead of looking over my shoulder at him. "No, it was my friend's idea to come here to celebrate my birthday. What about you?" I ask him.

He looks around for a moment. I notice he is watching some wolves. "I am passing through. I have a meeting," Harris says. He doesn't say what type of meeting. Maybe he doesn't belong to a pack.

I look behind me and realize Angel and Nyx are not there. Where in the hell did they go? "Your friends are dancing," Harris says when he sees me looking for my friends.

I smile at him. "Thanks," I say.

"You want another drink?" Harris asks.

"Sure," I say. I smile at him. Maybe tonight will be fun after all.

Harris buys me another drink. This time a long island iced tea. "I love these. I don't drink much, but these are my favorite," I say.

We continue to talk and drink for over an hour. Angel and Nyx finally reappear. "Do you want to go to another bar?" Nyx asks me.

I look at Harris. "I kinda like it here," I say.

Harris smiles at me in a way that makes me melt. I am for sure having some fun tonight. "There is a bar close to the beach. I can show you," Harris says.

"We would love that," I say.

Harris gets off his bar stool and extends his hand to me. "My lady," he says.

I take his hand. Harris leads my friends and me out of the bar. We walk down the street and make a left. I knew there was a beach, but did not know there was a beach bar.

We get on the boardwalk and walk a short distance to a small bar on the beach. "This is it. It's small, but I like it. They have good food and a nice band," Harris says.

"I need to eat," Angel says.

"Me too," Nyx says.

We go into the beach bar and find a table. Harris sits right next to me. We order food and talk like we have known each other forever. It is strange to me to have a conversation with a wolf, and it not be about training or the pack. This is nice.

"How long are you here?" Angel asks Harris.

"Just until tomorrow. I have an important meeting," Harris says.

"We are leaving tomorrow, too," Angel says.

"We brought Indigo to celebrate her birthday, and then it's back to work," Nyx says.

"I don't want to talk about home," I say. The last thing I want is for Nyx to spill that I am the Alpha's daughter and run Harris off. They drug me here to have fun, so I am going to have some fun.

"No wolf talk," Harris says.

"I agree," I say.

After we eat, Nyx and Angel head back to the bar. "Would you mind walking down to the beach with me?" I ask Harris.

"I would love to walk you to the beach," Harris says.

We walk over to the bar and let Nyx and Angel know where we are going. "Don't worry. I can handle myself. You two have fun. You earned it," I say.

Harris looks at me as we leave the beach bar. "Are you a Beta? Do you train wolves?" he asks.

"No wolf talk remember? I want tonight to be fun," I say.

"Agreed," Harris says.

We walk down to the beach. The moon is full and beautiful over the water. I stare out into the water. Harris pulls me close to him. "I have a feeling you can kick my *ss, so dont," he says as he leans down and kisses me.

His kiss is divine. His hands make their way down my body, and I feel overwhelmed by him. I will never see him again, so I can have some fun with him. Would that make me a bad girl?

Harris releases me from his grip, but I pull him back to me and lay my head on his chest. The wind blows around us. I feel so peaceful at this moment. I am with a wolf, and I am enjoying his company. This never happens to me.

"Would you mind walking me back to my hotel?" I ask him.

He looks disappointed, but I have no intention of cutting our night short. "It would be my pleasure," Harris says.

"Will you stay with me awhile, or do you have other plans?" I ask him.

Harris touches my chin and kisses my lips again. "You are my only plans for tonight," he says.

"Same," I say. I couldn't think of anything better to say than same. I am so lame sometimes.

We walk back to my hotel. I don't say anything. I am thinking. I am deciding as we walk back to my hotel. In my mind, I have already decided that I am going to f*ck his brains out. Happy Birthday to me.

Chapter 2


I open the door to my suite. Harris follows me inside. "I am going to send a quick text to let Nyx and Angel know where I am," I say.

I pull my phone out of my purse and text Angel telling her I am back at the hotel and that Harris is with me. I am not sure why I added the last part, but she responds with a smiling face. I shake my head and turn off my phone.

"Nice suite, You're no Beta," Harris says, smirking at me. Something about his smile and the way his eyes light up turns me on and makes me want him more.

"No wolf talk, remember," I say.

Harris pulls me close to him. We look into each other's eyes, and I can feel myself getting wet. His embrace is warm and feels so perfect.

"No wolf talk, I got it," Harris says.

He takes my mouth. His kiss is perfect. He invades my mouth, and his hands wander my body. He pulls me closer to him, firmly and hard. I let out a soft moan as he p


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