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The Lotus

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Jasmine works at the Bayou Blue Hotel. She loves her job. Her s*xy boss has always kept it professional until a hurricane and heartache come to town. Jasmine falls into bed with her boss after her husband asks for a divorce, but there's a lot more to sleeping with her boss than she expects. Her boss is an old God who uses his hotel to enslave women. Jasmine and her best friend are trapped in an ancient liar full of men looking for a good time, and a pet for their needs. How are they going to get away from the Lotus?

Chapter 1

Jasmine POV

I pull into the Bayou Blue. I love my job, and I love this hotel. I have met some unusual people working here. I have a great boss, and the pay is not bad. So why am I always late for work.

I jump out of my car, grabbing my purse. Walker is going to raise hell at me. I run through the door and quickly to the clerk's entrance.

“Sorry,” I say as I set down my purse on the desk in the back office.

Walker gives me his devilish grin. “I think you are earlier than I expected. Why can you not get here on time?” Walker asks.

I smile. “I honestly don’t know. I think I will be late for my own funeral,” I say.

“At least you are honest about it. We are booked. I already checked almost everyone into their rooms. There are just a few, so it should be an easy night,” he says.

“Okay. Anything you need me to do?” I ask.

Walker gathers his things. “I don’t think so. You could try to be on time tomorrow,” he says.

“Hot date?” I ask.

“I wish. If you need anything, call me. I will be in the area. Leave room 421 open. I might stay here tonight,” he says.

“We are expecting bad weather tonight,” I say.

“Yes, Winston is in room 216. If you want to block you a room, you can,” he says.

“Yeah, I think I will block me a room. I will get Chanel to bring me a bag,” I say.

“423 is open, and it has a hot tub,” he says.

“Thanks, Walker,” I say.

Walker leaves the hotel. He is something else. I bet he has a hot date. I wish my *ss. He might try to pretend with me, but d*mn I know. He is delicious. I would love to sink my teeth in him.

I log in to my computer and get ready for the night. We are pretty much booked. I block off rooms 421 and 423 before it gets booked. At least I know Winston will be here on time and probably early. I can go to the hotel bar for a few hours before going up to my room.

I pull out my phone to text Chanel.

*Go by my apartment and pack me a go-bag, please. I am going to stay at the hotel tonight. You can stay with me if you like.*

Hopefully, she is not busy. Who am I kidding? She is never busy and will probably jump at the chance to stay with me at the hotel.

She texts back.

*Hell Yes. I will be there before you get off. I will grab enough for a few days. The rain is going to be bad. We might be stuck a day or two. I will stop by the liquor store. Kisses*

I knew she would come through for me. Chanel has been my best friend my entire life. She has always been the more outgoing of the two of us. I wish I could be as free-spirited as her. Not me. I need everything perfectly normal.

I need stability. That is why I married the sweetest man on the planet. I married my high school sweetheart. We have the most predictable life. Other than the fact I am late for everything, we are normal. We eat the same things and go to the same places; we are normal.

I pull my phone and text my sweet husband.

*Jonah love. I am staying at the hotel with Chanel. The rain is going to be bad. I was worried about getting to and from work the next few days. Chanel is going to get my things. When will you be back?*

If he texts me back at all, I will be shocked. I grab some files from the cabinet. Walker is terrible at filing. I try to file as much as possible. At least it gives me something to do tonight.

The rain has started coming in. My husband still hasn’t texted me back. I am sure he is busy. He is always too busy for me. I shouldn’t think about it like that. He is working. He is always working. He is good to me. Jonah is the best husband. He can be cold, but he is also a loving, sweet man.

My phone dings finally.

*Hey, love. I got your things. I am on my way to you*

At least Chanel texts me back. I put the files away. I look upon the camera and see Walker’s car pulling back into the parking lot. I grab a key card and make him a key for 421.

“Hey. I got you a key made for 421. You sure you don’t want 423,” I ask.

“No, you take it. Is Chanel coming over to stay with you?” he asks.

He always asks about Chanel. She is beautiful.

“Of course, I don’t want to be alone,” I say.

“Well, let me know when you two head to the bar. I will go with you,” he says.

D*mn, I should not be thinking how s*xy he is. I am a married woman. I guess it doesn’t hurt to look. My phone dings again.

*okay, I will be in Arizona until next week. Be safe*

No, I love you. Okay, I will let it slide. I can drink about it later. I check the clock; it's almost time for Winston. I do my paperwork quickly. I see Winston walking up from his room.

Chanel is pulling up in the parking lot. Yes! We can get to the bar and party all night with Mr. S*xy. This should be fun. Who am I kidding she will party, and I will be the wallflower.

Chanel comes through the lobby door at full speed.

“Hey, boo thang. I got your bag, and I got booze,” she hollers.

“Girl, quiet,” I say.

“Sh*t, I am sorry,” she says.

She is always so loud.

Thank goodness Winston is coming in.

“Hey Chanel,” he says.

Chanel leans over the counter. “Hey, Winston,” she says.

She is such a d*mn flirt. “Winston, there is nothing to tell. Everyone is checked in, and I am out of here,” I say.

I grab my purse and the keys to our room.

“We go up to the room first,” Chanel asks.

“Yes. I want out of these clothes,” I say.

My phone dings.

*come to the bar after you change*

“Who is it?” Chanel asks.

I laugh. “The boss man,” I say.

“He is hot!” she says.

“That he is,” I say.

We get on the elevator, and I hit the button for 4. “What room did you get for us?” Chanel asks.

“423. We got a hot tub,” I say.

“Hell to the yes girl,” Chanel says.

We get off the elevator and start making our way to the room. I hand Chanel a key and I keep one for myself. She opens the door.

“Is Mr.S*xy staying close to us,” she asks.

I point to 421. “He is right there. So do not be sneaking out of the room and knocking on his door tonight,” I tease her.

“Oh, no, honey. I would never. I know you want some of that,” she teases me.

We giggle as we go into the room. I set my bag down and start to go through it. Chanel packed me enough clothes for a week.

“How bad do you think this rain is going to be?” I ask.

“Well, I doubt we will be able to get home for a few days. It is going to flood. Did you text Jonah?” she says.

I throw my clothes down on the bed that I picked out. “Yes, I did, and I got the typical okay from him. It is so frustrating. I am not going to let it get to me. Tonight we are going to drink and get in the hot tub and have fun,” I say.

“I hope the bar has some decent food. I am starved. I ran late at work then had to go to get your stuff, so I am starved,” Chanel says.

“The restaurant is open for another hour,” I say.

Chanel smiles big. She loves to eat. How can someone so skinny eat all the d*mn time? I have to work at it. She burns calories with her mouth, I guess.

“Hurry up. I am starved,” she fusses.

I let my hair down and fluff it up. I apply makeup and slip into my clothes.

“I brought your heels,” Chanel says.

“Great, maybe I won’t fall on my face after I drink,” I say.

I grab my purse and the key to our room. “Come on, hurry up. If you are that hungry, let’s go,” I say.

She bounces behind me. We go out the door and head to the restaurant to get the crazy woman some food.

“Are you going to invite Mr.S*xy to come to eat with us?” she asks.

“Maybe,” I answer her.

She reaches into my purse and gets my phone. She scrolls to Walker’s contact number.

*Meet us at the restaurant*

“Now, Let’s party,” she says.

Chapter 2

Walker POV

My phone buzzes. I pull it out of my pocket. It is from Jasmine. She and Chanel want me to meet them in the restaurant. I am sure it is Chanel. Jasmine would never be so bold and she never eats. Oh Jasmine sweet Jasmine she is never one to speak up or speak out. How I would love to have her in some way. I could think of a few ways I would love to have her and none of them nice.

I grab my drink off the bar. I cannot believe how many people have taken refuge in the hotel for the storm. It makes a good bottom line for the month. I hope they all behave tonight. With the weather getting bad there will be nothing to do but eat and drink, oh and fuck. Drunk tourists are always fun.

My phone buzzes again. Girls I am on my way damn. I look at my phone. It is my brother Bauer.

*Staying at the hotel tonight. I have no power. *

Well, that is odd. He never comes here.He doesn’t like to be near this place. He always stays at the five stars close to his


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