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Her Deadly Obsession

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A mature lawyer Tonya Russel develops a hot fling with boy toy Dakota Barrings. The two share a hot summer, but things get out of hand when Dakota develops another love interest and tries to push Tonya to the side.

Chapter 1

Tonya POV

It is over a hundred degrees in the shade on the beach today, but I have to go back and see if I see him again. He is young, s*xy, tanned, and his muscles are perfect. I enjoy watching him play volleyball on the beach with his friends.

I am not past my prime, but sometimes I feel it. At 40 now, it is difficult for me to want to be with men my own age. I want the young stud that can f*ck all night and please me how a man my age does not want to pleasure me. The fact I like to be the dominating one in the relationship is always a problem for men my age.

I slip into my bikini. I look at myself in the mirror. I am still slim and s*xy. I pull my long blonde hair up into a ponytail. I am ready. Maybe he will notice me, or I will be bold and talk to him. I asked the property manager about him. I know his name is Dakota, and he is working here at a resort just down the beach for the summer. I have something I would like him to work on for the summer. I am getting all wet thinking about him.

I grab my beach bag and blanket to head for the beach. I open the French doors of my beach house and walk right out onto the beach. I look for a spot so that I can have a good view of the volleyball game. I know he will be here soon to play with a few other guys. I settle on a place not too far from my beach house and put my blanket down. I get a book out of my bag and a bottle of water. I settle in and wait for him.

It doesn’t take long before I see him walking down the beach toward the volleyball nets. He is with a group of young studs, but he is the one I want. The guys talk back and forth and then begin to play. I cannot help but watch him. His s*xy body in the sun with the sweat glistening on him as he plays, I want to touch every part of him. I want to lick the sweet sweat off of his body. I want to have every part of him in my mouth and deep inside me. F*ck I need to stop starring at him before he thinks I am some creepy crazy woman.

He looks over and sees me watching him. He smiles, and I smile back. Yes, stud come to mama. I am going to talk to him after he finishes playing volleyball. I am going to do it today.

I decide to roll over and get some sun on my back. I continue pretending to read my book, but I am watching him. I think he might be watching me too. I hope so. Maybe he wants an older woman to show him a few things. Trust me, sweetie, I can show you things you won’t get from those young twenty-something sluts you have been f*ck*ng around with all summer. Come home with mama. I will take good care of you.

The guy on the other side of the net hits the ball, and it lands right in front of me. Here Dakota comes to retrieve it. I am going to speak to him. He stops in the sand in front of me and bends over to pick up the ball. D*mn, he has a nice *ss.

“Hello,” I say to him.

“Hello, sorry, I did not mean to disturb you,” Dakota says.

“You did not disturb me at all, sweetie,” I say to him.

“Good, I would hate to ruin your day in the sun,” Dakota says.

“Oh, I am only here to enjoy the scenery,” I say to him.

“The beach is beautiful, isn’t it,” Dakota says.

The guys start yelling for him to come back.

“My name is Dakota; I have seen you on the beach before but never at the bar at the resort,” he says.

“Should I come to the bar sometime?” I ask him.

“I will be there tonight; come by; I will buy you a drink,” Dakota says.

“I will be there tonight,” I say.

The guys continue to yell for him. He smiles at me and heads back to his game. I cannot wait to see you at the bar tonight, you hot stud muffin. You have everything mama likes in a man.

I continue watching him play. I daydream about having him between my legs. I am getting all wet thinking about the size of his c*ck. I bet he can go for hours. I would love to tie him to my bed and have my way with him. Oh, Dakota, you have no idea the things I am going to do to you once I get you alone. I will have you on your knees begging me to f*ck you.

I think I have gotten enough sun for the day. I pack it up as Dakota and his friends are leaving to go back to the resort. I walk back to my beach house. I turn to watch him walk back to the resort, and he is watching me walk into my beach house. I smile at him. He makes me feel naughty.

I go inside and put my bag down and throw my blanket in the washer. I grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator. I need to cool down in more ways than one right now. I think I will take a shower.

I go into the shower. I turn the water on lukewarm. I am so hot from the sun I just need a warm shower. I get in and begin to wash myself while thinking of his hot body. I find my hand wandering down between my legs. I need some relief after seeing him on the beach.

I think about his hot body as I begin to rub my cl*t. I want him in here with me sucking my cl*t. I wonder if he will talk dirty to me when he is f*ck*ng me. I insert two fingers inside myself and try to get myself off. This is not doing it. I grab my vibrator from the shelf outside the shower. I insert my vibrator as I think of him.

Oh, Dakota, mama needs your c*ck deep inside her. I bury the vibrator deep inside me and rub my cl*t. I thrust the vibrator in and out hard, imagining him forcing my legs open and barreling into my p*ssy hard and deep. I want to be bent over with his c*ck so far in me it hurts. I pound my p*ssy with the vibrator until I finally c*m. My sexual appetite for him is too big. I need to f*ck him tonight so that I can get over him. I finish my shower and get out. I towel off and wrap myself in the extra-large fluffy towel. I go into the kitchen and retrieve my bottle of water. I need to cool myself down before I go to the bar.

I think I will wear my white sundress tonight with my white high-heeled flip-flops. I think I look s*xy in that dress. Maybe he will think so too. I will wear my long hair down even though it is hot as hell here. I do not care; I want to look irresistible to him. I want him to want me bad. I want him to burn for me like I am for him. I will have him tonight.

As I sit on my couch drinking my cold water, there is a knock on my back door. I am still wrapped in only my towel. I turn to look out to see who it is. It is Dakota. I get up and go to the door with only my towel on my body.

I open the door.

“Sorry to disturb you, I did not get your name,” Dakota says. He looks me up and down.

“It is Tonya. Do you like what you see, Dakota?” I ask him.

He is taken back for a moment. “I am sorry I shouldn’t have been starring at you like that. You are beautiful,” Dakota says.

“Thank you. Did you come all the way back here to ask me my name?” I ask him.

“No, I was going to see if you were really coming to the bar tonight. I would like to see you,” Dakota says.

“What a coincidence, Dakota. I would like to see you too. I will be at the bar tonight waiting for you,” I say to him.

“You would?” Dakota asks.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there is no one I would rather spend tonight with than you, Dakota,” I say to him.

“Good, I cannot wait,” Dakota says.

I let my towel open a little to give him a sneak peek. His eyes are on me. Oh, Dakota, I got you now.

Chapter 2

Dakota POV

She has been at the beach every day watching me. Well, At least I feel like she has been watching me. She is much older than me. I bet she is the same age as my mother, but I do not care. She is smoking hot. I want to get to know her.

She seems to have some sort of interest in me. She comes out of her beach house every day at the same time and gets as close to the volleyball nets where all of the guys that work at the resort go to blow off steam after a hectic shift. The guys have been giving me hell about her. I finally got up the nerve to talk to her today.

I told Tony to throw the ball over her way on purpose. I wanted an excuse to go over to her without being too damn obvious. If she was not watching me, I did not want to seem like a creepy man trying to talk to her.

She was watching me today more intensely than usual. So I made my move. I talked to her. I even got the nerve to go to her beach house and ask her to come to the bar tonight. I


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