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My Alpha Daddy Dom

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Chloe Walker is starting over in a small town after a terrible breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Jackson Talen. She comes to Shadow Creek to stay with her brother, Cane, who works for bad boy billionaire Axel Arden. Axel Arden is a hot bachelor billionaire with a reputation for leaving women with broken hearts and the son of Vincent Arden, Alpha of the Shadow Creek Wolf Pack. Will Chloe be his mate and his little, or will she be the one to break this daddy dom billionaire's heart? Chloe faces many decisions after meeting Axel Arden. Not only is he the future Alpha and her boss, but he brings feelings alive in her that she shut off a long time ago. Chloe is a shape shifter, but she left that life behind her long ago. As Chloe Walker and Axel Arden work together in his office she begins to feel her wolf and a burning desire for him. She is not sure if this is something she should act on at first, but she decides one dinner could not hurt. Axel Arden shows her another side of him, a softer, loving side. Axel shows Chloe another world, a world of love, passion, and domination.

Chapter 1

Chloe POV

I hate moving and packing, especially since I am packing as fast as possible. I want to be gone before Jackson gets back from his business trip. I hate him. I cannot believe he laid hands on me again. I should have known better than to get involved with a womanizing jerk, but he was sweet and seemed to care so much for me. Until it became apparent, I was not the only woman in his life.

I thought Jackson was the one for me. I was stupid. I should have noticed all the red flags, but I did not. Jackson was manipulative and controlling. I should have run the first time he tried to control me, but I allowed it because I was stupid. I thought it was because he loved me.

I think I have everything packed. The movers will come after I am gone to get the furniture and boxes that will not fit into my car. Thank goodness for my brother, Cane. He arranged everything from a place to stay, a job, and the movers. He always looks out for his little sister. What would I do without Cane?

I grab the last few boxes I am taking with me and load them into the car. I look around to see if anyone is watching me or sees what I am doing. Surely no one would call Jackson and tell him that I am leaving. I do not want to be disturbed or followed. At this point, I have no idea exactly what he is capable of doing.

I walk up the stairs to my apartment to grab my purse and backpack. My landlord is waiting for me outside my apartment. Roger is the one who took me to the hospital after Jackson beat me this time.

"I am going to miss you, Chloe. You are one of my best tenants," Roger says.

I hand Roger my key. "The movers will be here in the morning to get my things around nine. Tell Mamine goodbye for me. I was hoping she would be home before I left. I am going to miss her and her apple pie," I say.

Roger touches my face, where the bruises are starting to heal. "That son of a b*tch. Will you be okay?" Roger asks.

"Yes, I am going to stay with my brother for a while. He got me a job with his company. If Jackson comes around, tell him I left in the middle of the night, and you have no idea where I went, please," I say.

"If Jackson comes around, I will call the police. I wish you did not have to go. You could press charges against him. He should not get away with doing this to you. It is not right," Roger says.

"That will not work. He has too many friends, and his father is a judge. Leaving is my best option. I miss my brother, and the change will be good for me. I only need to start over and get far away from Jackson and his hold on me," I say.

Roger pulls me to hug me. The burly old man is the best landlord I have ever had. He always fixes things and keeps an eye on everyone in his building. I will miss him and his wife, Mamine.

I go into the apartment and grab the last few things I need. Roger waits at the door. "I am going to wait with you if that is okay. I only want to make sure you get on the road," Roger says.

Roger is such a good man, always looking out for me. "Thanks, I appreciate everything you have done for me," I say with a smile. I look around the apartment I have called home for the last four years. I loved living here, but I know it is not safe for me anymore. Not with Jackson acting crazy. After the last time he broke into the building, I knew I was dead. I have to leave, and I have no choice. I could not live with myself if he hurt someone in the building trying to get to me.

Roger walks me to my car. I put my purse and backpack into the passenger seat. "Call us and let us know you made. We want updates on how you are doing, but do not tell us exactly where you are for your own safety. Chloe, do not tell anyone where you are, not even people you trust," Roger says.

"I will be fine. My brother arranged everything for me, so I do not even know where I am going," I say.

"That is best. Take care of yourself, Chloe. Do not let this jerk deter you from falling in love again. You will meet a good man when the time is right. I married Mamine late in life, and look how happy we are. It will happen for you," Roger says.

"Thanks. I hope you are right. I want a life and to be happy," I say. I give Roger another hug and get into the car.

Roger waits on the sidewalk as I drive away. I know he is concerned, but I will be fine. I hit the button on the car to make a call. "Call Cane," I say.

The phone begins to ring, and Cane picks up on the first ring. "Sister, you on your way," He says anxiously.

"Yes, I just left the apartment. I have no idea where I am going," I say.

"Shadow Creek Louisiana," Cane says.

"Okay, I need an address," I say.

"1822 Woodland Hills," Cane says.

"Got it. I will see you tonight," I say.

"Drive safe and try not to stop unless it is an emergency. I will check on you every few hours. I love you, sis," Can says.

"Love you," I say. I hang up the phone.

This is going to be a long drive with few stops, but I know Cane is right. I do not need to stop unless I need gas or something to eat. I have to drive straight there.

Chapter 2

Chloe POV

It is almost midnight when I pull into 1822 woodland hills. The house is secluded and far away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. I am used to city life, but this will be a welcomed change for me.

I park my car and get out. I see someone moving toward me. "Sister!" Cane yells as he comes off the front porch toward me. I run to him. He bear hugs me and picks me up off the ground. "You made it," Cane says.

"It was a long drive. You are way out here," I say.

Cane looks around at the vast nothing. "Yes, it is peaceful and quiet. I love it out here. You can stay here with me until you get on your feet. I know you like the city life, but living out like this is wonderful," Cane says.

I grab my backpack and purse off of the passenger seat. "I am exhausted and starving. I hope you have something good to eat. I did not stop for anything but some drive-thru chicken," I say.

Cane tak


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