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In a world of twisted fate, where the echoes of tragedy resonate, Xiao Qianyu finds herself burdened by a past stained with sorrow. In her previous life, her parents perished, her brother met a gruesome end in prison, and her sister succumbed to the shadows of a mental institution. Trapped as a mere pawn in the clutches of a nefarious organization, she yearned for a chance to rewrite destiny. Reborn into the tapestry of time, Xiao Qianyu, now known as Xiao Qianzhu, vows to alter the course of her tragic history. Determined to thwart the inception of every heart-wrenching misfortune, she embarks on a quest for redemption. However, destiny has a way of intertwining the threads of lives, and her path crosses with that of the enigmatic prodigy, Lu Yixiu. Lu Yixiu, a brilliant young mind, was the elusive confidant of the president in her past life. This time around, before Xiao Qianzhu could amend the wrongs of the past, fate throws her into the orbit of Lu Yixiu once again. As their worlds collide, she finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions. The genius, whom she had carefully approached in her previous life, now draws near before she can repay the debts owed. As Xiao Qianzhu navigates the intricacies of her dual existence, she must unravel the mysteries that bind her to Lu Yixiu. Will she be able to rewrite the script of tragedy, or will the past cast its long shadows over her newfound purpose? In a dance of destiny, love, and redemption, Xiao Qianzhu must confront the ghosts of her past while wrestling with the unforeseen challenges that lie ahead. In this tale of resilience and retribution, "Echoes of Redemption" beckons readers into a world where the resilience of the human spirit clashes with the unyielding forces of fate. Prepare for a journey where every choice has consequences, and the echoes of the past linger, threatening to shape the future.

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  • Author: V. Adams
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

The Jock: Paris Holmes, also known as Hermes. The most popular boy in all of Wystwood High who everyone hates to love. Pros: is an exceptional basketball player, but one of the top ranking students with excellent grades and a pretty face to top it. His Con? He's a narcissist with homophobic tendencies and seems to think everyone is beneath him. The Nerd: Alex Parker, also known as A. She once was the most popular girl in school when she was a freshman but suddenly stayed away from them, focusing only on her studies and herself. Pros: She knows everything about everyone. Is the go-to girl when you need some help with your assignments. She could also pretend to be your girlfriend if you ask and pay well. Cons: Most of the people who claim to have spoken to her once, seem terrified of talking about her again. The Geek: Marcos Gomez, also known as Eros. The most beautiful femboy in Wystwood and every boy and girls dream, even though he doesn't think he's as pretty as they seem to think. Pros: He's soft as a teddy bear, smells like cookies and is the most obedient puppy you'd ever meet. Is good with computers and you can help find out anything you need. Is the perfect person when you want a makeover. Cons: Don't touch his A. Don't look at his A. Don't talk to his A. ~ One day, Paris Holmes walked in on a session between Marcos and Alex and found himself hooked to the girl, even though she already has a boyfriend. Still, he doesn't care. He's ready to be anything as long as he can stay by her side. But is affection really genuine? Would Alex, who is proceeding with caution fall for him? Or would Marcos fight for what belongs to him? The three most important figures in Wystwood now playing a game with each other. What could possibly go wrong?

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  • 7.8

Ashton Johnson is a formidable presence, a person who refuses to be controlled. With a strong will, unwavering resilience, and complete accountability, this twenty-two-year-old billionaire alpha male navigates his extraordinary life with ease. Every day brings a flurry of adoring fans, transforming a simple lunch into a chaotic spectacle. By afternoon, his face is plastered all over the internet, capturing the attention of millions. From the moment he was born, Ashton's life was destined for fame and recognition, thanks to his prominent family. He is the epitome of American royalty, carrying the weight of his lineage on his shoulders. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned a new bodyguard, someone who will be with him around the clock. This is when Ashton comes face-to-face with his worst fear: being paired with a tattooed, MMA-trained professional who is notorious for disregarding rules within the security team. As if that weren't complicated enough, this bodyguard also happens to fulfill one-third of Ashton's deepest sexual desires. Lennox Burke, twenty-seven years old, has a singular duty: to protect Ashton Johnson at all costs. Anything beyond the realm of strict professionalism, such as flirting, dating, or engaging in intimate encounters, is strictly forbidden and could lead to Lennox's termination. However, when unexpected emotions begin to surface, the task of safeguarding this stubbornly alluring celebrity becomes increasingly complex for Lennox. As their paths intertwine, the boundaries that separate them start to blur, and the consequences of their growing connection could be catastrophic for both of them. The risk of exposure looms large, threatening to upend their lives in unimaginable ways.

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  • 7.0

When he looked in through the window, he was astounded to see her topless and braless. She was standing with her back to him, eliciting wild desires in him. He took his handkerchief from his pocket and crept into her room. He blindfolded her with his hankie before dragging her towards the bed. Her heartbeat accelerated. She could feel that he was her man. She asked, "is it you, baby?" He pushed her onto the bed and gazed at her perfect slender body with profound desires in his eyes. He hovered her and tied her wrists with his tie to the headboard. *** She could never stop her heart from beating for him since the day she saw him despite knowing that he would never retaliate to her feelings as for him she was only his best friend's sister. She was so innocent and pure like holy water, and he was messed up and a monster whom anybody definitely wouldn't like to come across. She had never dated anyone in her entire life because, for her, the love of her life was everything. On the other hand, he never believed in all this. For him, "love" didn't exist; it was all about physical needs. His mere presence was enough to relieve her pain; he was like oxygen to her, while on the other hand, he didn't even acknowledge her presence. Her love was so pure and selfless that it could make anyone fall for it because it's not easy to love someone who is forbidden. But will he ever witness her love? Will he ever love her as purely as she loves him? Will her one-sided love ever be fulfilled? If you want to know, then follow the journey of a tempting biker and his secret admirer.


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