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Sold To The Heartless Billionaire
  • Author: Babyauthor
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 17.6K
  • 6.2

Oh yeah baby keep riding on my dick so hard, I hope you like how huge it is baby, Reel hollered and it made her giggle as she increased her pace, she bounced harder as she ride on his cock.He grabbed her two boobs and squeezed them as he relax on the bed, moaning in pleasure.Her pussy was swollen and dripping white juicy that dampen his dick, it made that slapping and spurting sound as they fuck each other."Reel, I'm home!"Ethan couldn't take it anymore and yelled."Oh shit", Reel said in a whisper.He was in the middle of releasing and he couldn't stop.The blonde girl fell on his chest as he let go of her boobs and reach out for the blanket. He grabbed it and used it to cover their naked bodies"Can't you knock!?" Reel asked and it sounded like a moan.She was sold for debt by her father to a heartless billionaire. He took her virginity and trapped her to be with him until his brother came in, and everything changed...Read to find out how it turns out to be."


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