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In a world of twisted fate, where the echoes of tragedy resonate, Xiao Qianyu finds herself burdened by a past stained with sorrow. In her previous life, her parents perished, her brother met a gruesome end in prison, and her sister succumbed to the shadows of a mental institution. Trapped as a mere pawn in the clutches of a nefarious organization, she yearned for a chance to rewrite destiny. Reborn into the tapestry of time, Xiao Qianyu, now known as Xiao Qianzhu, vows to alter the course of her tragic history. Determined to thwart the inception of every heart-wrenching misfortune, she embarks on a quest for redemption. However, destiny has a way of intertwining the threads of lives, and her path crosses with that of the enigmatic prodigy, Lu Yixiu. Lu Yixiu, a brilliant young mind, was the elusive confidant of the president in her past life. This time around, before Xiao Qianzhu could amend the wrongs of the past, fate throws her into the orbit of Lu Yixiu once again. As their worlds collide, she finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions. The genius, whom she had carefully approached in her previous life, now draws near before she can repay the debts owed. As Xiao Qianzhu navigates the intricacies of her dual existence, she must unravel the mysteries that bind her to Lu Yixiu. Will she be able to rewrite the script of tragedy, or will the past cast its long shadows over her newfound purpose? In a dance of destiny, love, and redemption, Xiao Qianzhu must confront the ghosts of her past while wrestling with the unforeseen challenges that lie ahead. In this tale of resilience and retribution, "Echoes of Redemption" beckons readers into a world where the resilience of the human spirit clashes with the unyielding forces of fate. Prepare for a journey where every choice has consequences, and the echoes of the past linger, threatening to shape the future.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.01 - It's All Over

The final symbol appeared on the intangible screen, and the system instantly prompted whether to save the changes.

Xiao Qianzhu decisively clicked on save.

In an instant, she felt the entire underground city shake.

Then, a deafening explosion echoed in her ears.

Xiao Qianzhu raised the corners of her lips and smiled.

It was over. Everything was over, and she had finally been liberated.

Mom, Dad, older brother, older sister, Qianzhu is coming to find you.

As she closed her eyes, a tear rolled down Xiao Qianzhu's cheek.

After an unknown period, when she opened her eyes again, Xiao Qianzhu found herself being held by two fourteen or fifteen-year-old girls in school uniforms, who were pressing her head against a thick poplar tree.

The pain in her head, along with the overall weakness that left her powerless, made Xiao Qianzhu frown.

Before she could understand the situation, her head once again met the tree with a "bang," in an intimate collision with the tall poplar.

Dizzy, Xiao Qianzhu couldn't comprehend how she, with her skills, ended up in such a pitiful situation.

Warm liquid flowed down her forehead, and she also caught a familiar scent of blood.

Gritting her teeth, Xiao Qianzhu summoned the last ounce of strength in her body, broke free from the grip of the two girls, and then collapsed on the ground, unable to move.

"Ningning, she's bleeding from her head, and she looks really scary. Do you think we might have beaten her to death?"

The chubby girl, He Feifei, who had pressed down on Xiao Qianzhu before, stared at the girl lying on the ground, covered in blood, unable to get up for a long time, trembling with fear.

"Ningning, I'm scared. What if we killed her? Will we go to jail?" Liang Xiaoying, another tall, thin girl, pointed at Xiao Qianzhu on the ground with a look of terror.

Although they were used to bullying Xiao Qianzhu, they had never been so violent before.

It was early spring, with a slight chill in the air. The three girls standing in their school uniforms were wearing thick down jackets. In contrast, Xiao Qianzhu, lying on the ground, was only dressed in a faded cotton jacket.

In 2008, most families in the country were already living comfortably.

Xiao Qianzhu's family at this time was considered decent.

However, in the eyes of students like Wang Ningning, who had grown up in big cities, Xiao Qianzhu was undoubtedly a pauper.

Her father worked as a laborer carrying bricks on a construction site, and her mother was a supermarket stock clerk. They lived in the outskirts of the city, in a commoner's enclave.

Even in such a poor family, why should Xiao Qianzhu, a student with poor grades who always ranked last, attend the prestigious City First High School?

Xiao Qianzhu was not worthy of studying in such a good school, wasting not only money but also resources.

What infuriated Wang Ningning the most was that the money spent on Xiao Qianzhu's education could have bought her an A-country high-end computer.

Perhaps only when Xiao Qianzhu died would the care and attention given to her be transferred to Wang Ningning.

Therefore, if Xiao Qianzhu died today, it was her own fault for having a short life, and no one else could be blamed.

Even if the police came knocking, Wang Ningning would be innocent; she hadn't laid a hand on her.

"Go ahead, give her a kick and see if she's dead."

Wang Ningning's malicious gaze swept over Xiao Qianzhu before instructing He Feifei and Liang Xiaoying to check.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2.02 - She's Reborn

In the eyes of He Feifei and Liang Xiaoying, Wang Ningning's family not only resided in a luxurious apartment but also enjoyed the convenience of a chauffeured BMW for school commutes. Moreover, Wang Ningning's mother had close ties with the school principal. Due to these factors, the two girls had been Wang Ningning's entourage since the beginning of middle school, unquestioningly obeying her every command.

While He Feifei, the plump one, had a bolder spirit, both of them cautiously approached Xiao Qianzhu. He Feifei extended her foot to give a slight kick to Xiao Qianzhu's back.

At this moment, Xiao Qianzhu had already realized what was happening. Connecting the dots with the conversation just now, she suddenly realized that she seemed to have been reborn, returning to the age of thirteen.

If she recalled correctly, the tragedy for her family began when these people abandoned her, causing her to si


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