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Daringly Dating My Billionaire Wife

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Nathalie Lancaster married mysterious Lucas to inherit her rightful wealth. Whereas Lucas Petrakis, the bad boy yet doting husband has only one aim now. He wants her heart and desires to claim Nathalie's body! "Where did he touch you? I want a truthful answer, Nathalie. Did he touch you here?" Lucas traced his knuckles gently on her cheek with an assertive aura. How could he bear that his wife went to meet her ex for some reason!? "Or did he touch you here?" Nathalie gasped when he slipped his hand between her thighs. She bit her lip as tears crawled over her cheek.

Hunky wet husband

The whole hall became silent at once when the tea cup fell from her hands and crushed against the marbled floor.

"My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. My hand slipped."

Mrs. Jones gave a sinister smile which didn't go unnoticed from the woman standing at the corner of the hall.

"It's alright, sister."

An elderly man responded to her with a slight pat on her shoulder while the woman stayed sitting in the chair. The new year gathering had brought all the Lancaster family members together. No doubt the aristocratic family had a big bunch of members of all ages.

All were respected and well known in their particular streams of business, banking and shipping. While the noble ladies were occupied in conquering the fashion and entertainment industries.

In the midst of all rich sharks stood Nathalie Lancaster the youngest sole heiress who was supposed to inherit all the wealth. An illegitimate child born out of a maid who died during childbirth, she was not favoured by anyone nor her useless father.

"Haha, call that useless thing to clean this mess."

Saikus Lancaster, her uncle, spoke in a ridiculing tone while he objectified the person he intended to call.

Nathalie didn't say a word to avoid the unnecessary mess which wouldn't add anything good to her part. But she cast a look at her father Boris Lancaster who also didn't bother to stop or rebuke his elder brother from spouting those words.

'Tsk, these old farts!'

Nathalie pursed her lips and gulped down the wine while she stood in the right corner of the huge hall. All of the anxious eyes skimmed through the hall and landed on her with disgust and an insulting expression.

She knew what was coming and Nathalie didn't like it even a slightest bit. The wooden door parted its mouth and a handsome young man with a toned torso and muscular build entered the hall.

'Tsk there he comes without dignity and shame as usual.'

She eyed the man who had the tendency to make every woman fall on her knees. But Nathalie didn't have any slightest attraction towards his pretty face.

"You...come here immediately!"

Saikus yelled at him and gestured to the man to approach him. Lucas walked towards him with his head glued to the ground and in a calm posture. "Here, clean this mess!" Saikus gestured towards the spilled tea with his foot expecting Lucas to bent down to clean it. And up to his expectations the man hesitantly knelt and took out a small towel from his pocket and began to wipe off the floor.

No one in the hall pitied him or bothered to stop the man from doing such a humiliating task. After all he was the son in law of the Lancaster family, the husband of Nathalie. She was supposed to choose someone to marry immediately if she wanted to inherit the wealth of her father. Thus, the cunning woman picked up some random beggar from the street and married him. Well, what one would expect from a beggar!?

The elder man stared at him with a smirk but his ego wasn't satiated with that, he never liked the patience and 'do not say anything' attitude of Lucas. Saikus wanted to crush his hopes and to break the patience of that guy so he could finally get a reason to kick him out. Well, of course not only Lucas but Nathalie too because after they both were gone all the wealth will be his.

He was aware that Nathalie wasn't a weak target but her useless good for nothing husband was a puppet. Saikus intentionally titled his hand and spilled the hot tea which fell on his hand and burned the skin. Lucas flinched and immediately pulled his hand without causing a sound.

'Hah! Even pain can't make him behave like a human.'

Nathalie didn't care about him from the beginning but she looked forward to him standing up for his rights. Nathalie kept rooted in her place watching that Lucas was finally done with the cleaning. The man didn't seem professional in the task that the cloth unintentionally touched the expensive shoes of Mrs. Jones. The woman burst out infuriated as she threw the red wine over his face.

"Are you insane!?" The old woman shot up from the seat although her rash act satisfied Saikus (her younger brother's) ego.

"Do you even know how expensive these shoes were? Even your six months of salary cannot afford to buy it."

She turned towards the elderly man who was sitting in the middle of the hall on a rocking chair. Mr Lancaster, the old man of the family and father of Mrs Jones, Saikus and Boris….although the man was old but held the reins in his hands.

"Look father, he ruined my shoes...what kind of servants are you keeping?" She complained with a puppy expression which didn't suit her obese figure and extremely makeup caked face. "Enough!" Mr Lancaster lifted his cane and banged it against the floor to stop all the chattering and muffled laughter in the hall. "Lucas, go away if you are done." He ordered the man who was apparently drenched in the wine, Lucas stood up and bowed to the old master.

The useless son in law turned around and cast a brief look at Nathalie without even bothering to skim across the hall.

Lucas seemed to be sure as to where she would be standing and gave off a keen look at her disappointed face.

He let off a sinister smile and raked through his sleek black hair while the wine drops dripped down under his shirt. Nathalie could see the white shirt getting pink throughout his exposed torso. The sight made her nearly choke over the freshly poured wine as her sinful eyes trailed from his penetrating silver eyes towards the sharp jaw.

'Bruh, he's doing that good looks charm again.' Nathalie scoffed inwardly upon his annoying act although she didn't like him but something always stirred her heart whenever he saw her like that. Lucas walked out of the hall heading straight towards the back of the villa. The slanting sunlight greeted him to dry the shirt while Lucas fished out his cellphone from the pocket.

"Hey, Mark, make some arrangements to abduct somebody." A dark expression graced his handsome face as Lucas put the phone back and stared heaven wards with determination. "I will win over you Nathalie, just wait and watch how you will fall for my game." He sounded different from the aura he had just presented in the hall. Meanwhile Nathalie was standing behind him with a stunned expression and disbelief was in her eyes.

She stepped backwards to leave but the feeble sound of her heel against the stone snagged his attention. Lucas immediately turned around and saw her standing with a guilty expression which was mixed with disbelief.

'Gosh why did I even come out to steal a look from him!?' Nathalie scolded herself inwardly for showing her emotions in front of him but she immediately composed herself. 'I presume she didn't hear anything or she would have been holding my collar by now.'

Lucas had known her well by that time and was aware of her personality shifts. They both stood there in an awkward atmosphere while the sexual tension rose between them.

Lucas lunged towards her and within a jiffy her waist was embraced in his hands. He pushed her and Nathalie was tucked to the wall at the back of the villa.

'She smells wonderful.' His lips were just a few inches away from kissing her neck while found herself surrendering the temptation. "You! What are you doing?" She felt her heart racing faster and beating in the ears but she didn't want to share a bed or to love a poor guy without any status, money and name. Lucas stepped back instantly releasing her waist and without waiting there for any moment he dashed inside.

Sexual tension

Seeing Mr Rhodes' condition she gulped and typed something on the keypad. "Room number four, left from here, sir." The tension in the atmosphere grew even more. "Thank you." Mr. Rhodes wiped off the drops from his temples. It wasn't that hot anyway. Listening to that Nathalie headed towards the indicated direction leaving the girl dazed. Who let out a sigh and leaned on the desk to watch her going.

"She was giving me creeps, man!" Mr. Rhodes opened the door for her as Nathalie headed inside. Mr. Miller standing beside the bed with his arms folded back on butt and Bluetooth in his ear, dressed in a grey suit, he was also one of her human - robots!

"Nathalie, my child." A feeble voice fell into her ears as she looked towards the old handsome man who was laying there as a patient surrounded by tubes and an oxygen mask. The once arrogant austere power reduced to nothing but soft rasps of breath, well which of course was a pla


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