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Sold To The Heartless Billionaire

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Oh yeah baby keep riding on my d*ck so hard, I hope you like how huge it is baby, Reel hollered and it made her giggle as she increased her pace, she bounced harder as she ride on his c*ck.He grabbed her two boobs and squeezed them as he relax on the bed, moaning in pleasure.Her p*ssy was swollen and dripping white juicy that dampen his d*ck, it made that slapping and spurting sound as they f*ck each other."Reel, I'm home!"Ethan couldn't take it anymore and yelled."Oh sh*t", Reel said in a whisper.He was in the middle of releasing and he couldn't stop.The blonde girl fell on his chest as he let go of her boobs and reach out for the blanket. He grabbed it and used it to cover their naked bodies"Can't you knock!?" Reel asked and it sounded like a moan.She was sold for debt by her father to a heartless billionaire. He took her virginity and trapped her to be with him until his brother came in, and everything changed...Read to find out how it turns out to be."


"Dring.....", The phone rang from the night stand.

Conner who was laying between two women got up from the bed and walked to pick up he's phone, it was he's agent calling so he answered the call.

" Sir, good morning, just a reminder that you have a private meeting with Paul Marcus this morning", His agent, Simon said, he was calling from the office.

"Get the staffs to clean the office and makes sure you prepare everything for meeting before I get there", He said. " And remember I am willing to fired you and ruin your reputation if I get to the office to discover nothing is ready at all",Conner threatened and hung up the call immediately.

Conner is the ceo of Brandon company which was named after his dead father, he is a successful billionaire and had so many companies and enterprise working under him. As a successful business man he is, many companies are after signing a contract with him to work under his company so they could gain a lot and get their own business promoted since his company is best knowned to everyone. He has never loose in a bet or in a business so therefore every organizationes wants to work under him. His selective when it comes to business, so you must have what he wants in order to make him accept your company to work under his.

Apart from that, Conner has been every woman's dream, despite his arrogant attitudes women still fight to either be with him or spend the night with him.?

His looks is a killer, with his well tanned skinJet brown hair, his killer smile, bround shoulder, blue deep eyes, innocence handsome face, words are not even enough to explain the beauty he possesses.

He can get any woman he wants to spend the night with within a blink of ones eye.

He doesn't have time for women but yet they have time for him, women beg to be under his feet but he never called any woman his own, he just dump the lady like trash once he have done what he wants with them and that's s*x.

He is a s*x addict and couldn't control himself. Whenever his angry, drunk all he does is to fulfill his desire's by having s*x.

"You may dream all you want, but you can never have me as your own", Thats the word he said to any woman that drool over him.

Despite having all this power over men and women, he still felt like some part of him is missing but he doesn't have any idea what that is.

Conner heaved a sigh and sat on the bed, the women laying on his bed made a seductive moan as they both crawl to where he was to seduce his body.

He hates when women seduce his body, he always feel disgusted.

" Pack your things and leave", He ordered in a deep voice which made the two women shrug in fear.

They quickly jumped off from the bed, put on their clothes and ran out immediately.

Conner stood up from the bed and entered the bathroom to have his bath.

The maids in his masion came into he's luxurious room to clean off the mess he had made and arranged a black suit on the bed. They dropped his suit case on the table, as usual before they dismissed.

Few minutes later, Conner came out from the bathroom. He dryer his wet hot body before he put on his suit which was arranged properly for him on the bed.

He brushed his hair before he carried the brief case on the table and walks out of the room, he doesn't have to look at the mirror because he looks perfect.

He stroll out of his room and walk downstairs through the stair to sitting room and strode out of his masion.

"Sir", One of the maid called and he stopped. " Your breakfast is ready", She said.

"Throw it away", Conner said without looking back at her.

He strode out of the building till he got to his car. His driver, David Bowie who was waiting for him outside at the front of the car, quickly opened the door and he entered before he locked it.

Conner dropped his briefcase on the chair as David entered the driver's seat and started the car engine before it zoomed out of the masion.?

They reached the highway and David slowed down the car waiting for the traffic control to count down.

"Speed up, I have a meeting to attend to", Conner ordered.

"But sir..."

He cuts in,"I said speed up", Conner repeated not caring to hear what he had to say.

David obeyed and increased the speed of his car, He quickly stepped on the car brake and it stopped almost hitting a lady crossing the street,

The lady screamed and raised her hands up with her eyes closed when she noticed the car coming closer to her with full speed. The bag in her hand dropped down to the floor and the things inside the bag circulated on the ground.

"Didn't I tell you to speed up", Conner grip David's neck angrily from behind, almost choking him to death.

" Sir the lady",David tried to talk but he grip him more tighter that he began to choke.

"Hey!!,can't look properly when you are driving", The good looking lady rant out as she approached the car.

Conner quickly took his hand off David's neck and he breath out for air.

" Come on, talk, why are you just breathing", The lady yelled angrily glaring at David through the mirror.

Her name is Angelina, a twenty one years old lady, she was putting on a red dress that made her perfect skin glow. Her dark hair was parked up in a buns and a short hair was allowed to fall down, covering her forehead. Her lips were painted with red lipstick, making her look more beautiful and attractive.

Conner became annoyed and came out from the car,"And who gave you right to talk to my driver?", He asked in disgust.


Angelina raised up her head and stare up at Conner who was talking to her. She didn' mind to admire his attractive looks but instead she spoke back at him,"You should teach your driver a lesson since he doesn't knows how to drive", She retored. "Can't he wait for the countdown?"

People who were walking pass the street stood by and gasped for air as they watched what was happening. This was the first time that a girl has ever dare to challenges the powerful Conner so they don't want to miss out.

?Conner smirked seeing that it would be easy to get this lady off the street, he entered his car, opened his briefcase and brought out a huge amount of money, he locked it and came out from his car.

Angelina stroll back angrily to pick some of the things that fell out inside her bag.

Conner stroll towards her and threw the money at her and it fell to the ground.

"Take it and leave the street", Conner said with authority and turned to enter his car.



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