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Accidentally Slept With The CEO

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Valeria wanted nothing more than a good man who would treat her like she deserves. She really thought her boyfriend Sam was the man meant for her and always compared him with other guys even when it was really obvious he wasn't treating her right. Her life almost came to an end when he instantly broke up with her on a Valentine's day, which was also her birthday. This destroyed her career and left her heartbroken and Valerie thought the only way she could get over him was to drink, drink and drink down to stupor. Her life only became worst and it felt like the world was crashing on her when she discovered she was pregnant for an unknown stranger. If felt like everything was going on good when she found the picture of the man who she had spent the night with, and only then did she also find out her baby's daddy is a CEO, owner of an A1 tech company in new York and other companies in different countries. Valeria goes in search of him, but he bluntly denies ever having anything to do with her. Just like that, she leaves and months later meets a young, tall, handsome doctor who takes her in till she finally put to bed. Raising her kids alone with Ares was going on smoothly until the young CEO comes to claim his twins and is ready to do anything to have them back.

Chapter 1

Valerie crossed her legs against each other, sipping from her wine. It was really becoming late, and she was getting tired of waiting for Sam's arrival. She raised her hands and looked at her watch, "Jeez, where the hell is Sam?" She cursed, and took another sip from the drink.

The atmosphere was really awkward for her alone, when other ladies had their boyfriend, or finance with them all enjoying a blissful afternoon and here she was waiting for her boyfriend's arrival.

She wore a long white shirt, with tight red jeans that brought out her shape really well. At the back of her shirt, a red big heart shape was drawn with a word boldly screaming Valentine's day underneath it. Her long blonde almost white hair was packed neatly in a ponytail style. Valerie was a young lady gifted with round small lips, pointed nose which fitted her face well, long eyelashes which didn't need the artificial one again, and lovely deep blue eyes that fitted her round small face properly. Her hips were practically perfect, fitting her tall slim figure.

She adjusted her shirt properly, and cleared her throat a little trying not to stare at anyone.

For hell sake, it was Valentine's day and Sam was being a jerk, how could he not even care when it was also her birthday. Valerie sighed when she looked at the glass of wine. Just one more sip from it, and that would be all.

She decided to take just another glass and then leave if he still doesn't show up. Taking the last sip of her wine, Valerie poured a little more quantity inside the glass and dropped the bottle on the table.

As she raised the glass to sip from it, Sam rushed in tucking his shirt properly. The frown on Valerie's face deepened when she stared at him. He was dressed in a blue shirt, with long black jeans and it was obvious he looked way different from others.

Immediately he spotted Valerie, he rushed towards her and without uttering a word, he took a seat close to her and took her wine, gulping down the whole content at a go.

"What the hell is wrong with you Sam, first of all, you're 3 hours late. And second, what are you putting on?" Valerie asked, trying to be as calm as possible.

Sam ignored her words, pouring more wine into the glass, he raised his hands and immediately, he was being attended to by a young man putting on a white shirt and a red jeans in respect of the occasion.

"I'll have just steak" He ordered.

As soon as the young man turned to leave, he called him back, "Ohh, and please, another bottle of the same wine" He ordered again, after pouring the last content of the wine from the bottle into the glass.

Valerie could only stare at Sam, completely out of words. She heaved, "Babe, you still haven't replied to me, why the hell are you on this?" 

Sam half closed his eyes listening to her.. being a tall, handsome man with a dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes with dimples at both side of his cheeks and a killer smile, too many ladies flocked around him and Valerie found this really annoying, frustrating and mostly heartbreaking whenever he enjoys the company of other ladies right in her presence.

Sam still ignored her. He collected his phone from his pocket and began texting who knows who. Due to this, Valerie sighed. She could do nothing to him, she couldn't raise her voice at him, or probably just walk out on him.

As soon as the waiter brought his order and placed it right in front of him, Valerie called his attention.

"I'll have a burger please, and one cup of strawberry ice cream" She said, with a warm and beautiful smile that fitted her face and could melt the heart on any man alive.

Sam dropped his phone on the table close to him and dug into his food. As he took a bite, his phone immediately rang.

"Hey May" He greeted, with a big and happy smile.

Valerie's brows furrowed, and then she rolled her eyeballs. Sam was at it again, and she was really getting tired of him always doing the same thing over and over again.

She curled up her hands into fist trying not to let her anger get the better part of her while waiting for him to end the call.

The young waiter soon arrived, holding a burger and a cup of strawberry ice cream in a silver tray. As he looked at Valerie, he only wondered what had suddenly made her mood changed.

Sam chuckled, and then ended the call. His eyes were refusing to meet that of Valerie's and it was obviously an intentional act. He never cared about her feelings or about her either.

"What have I done to you Sam? Aren't you happy with me alone?" Valerie finally bursted out, her heart chocking almost to a level it was going to explode if she didn't say those words.

Her eyes was at the brim of tears, but she had to stop it from falling freely.

"What the heck are you talking about Val, is something wrong?" He questioned, with the same innocent face he would always give whenever he was done answering calls she was never comfortable with.

Valerie could only open her mouth a little, though she wasn't even shocked, "Are you unhappy with me? Tell me Sam" She said, trying hard not to let her tears fall. 

She had thought she was really taking things slow, nice and easy with him as she spoke. Trying to pour out her feelings to him, how she really felt with everything he was continuously doing to her.

For the love of Christ, she was madly in love with him, and maybe he knew that too well and as a result always treated her like trash.

He suddenly hit the table too hard, causing her to flinch in fear at his sudden violent behavior, "What exactly are you trying to say Valerie? What! Are you so stupid that you don't even know when you're being used or made a fool of?" He yelled, causing everyone present in the restaurant to stare at her alone.

She looked up at him, finally letting go of the tears that brimmed her eyes. "Sam, take it easy babe, I didn't mean to get you mad" 

He scoffed when she apologized, "You see! This is exactly the problem with you. What the hell are you apologizing for, did you do anything wrong? Answer me Val" He yelled again.

Sam took in a deep breathe and sat down back. "I'm breaking up with you Val" He spatted out, making her heart almost fall out from chest. "This relationship isn't taking us anywhere, for Christ sake you're forcing yourself on me, and I don't think it's possible to love you back". 

She couldn't utter a single word, but could only stare at him and apologize, "I'm sorry Sammy, forgive me. I didn't mean to raise my voice at you earlier" 

Her tears and apology really got him irritated the more as she spoke and cried at the same time, "It's over, this relationship is f*ck*ng over. Go to hell and go find another guy to take all your sh*t. You're way too clingy" He spatted out.

Valerie grabbed her purse from the table, holding it tight. In a rush, she opened it and brought out her drugs. Trying to breathe and control the fear in her heart, the racing of her heart, she opened it and took two pills out of it immediately, swallowing it with force at a go. 

It was a pill that helped her relax and control her anxiety, one she began using 3 months after she started her relationship with Sam.

Sam stared at her with contempt and hate in his eyes. "Don't you come looking for me else I'll have you arrested, I'm leaving the country and won't be coming back." He warned, and then brought out a few dollar bill. He dropped it on the table and turned to walk out of the restaurant.

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy please wait" Valerie yelled but before she could get to him, he zoomed out of the premise, without even turning to look back at her.

Frustrated and hurt, she went on her knees, crying profusely with her hair roughly covering her face as she bent her down facing the floor.

The staring eyes of passerbys wasn't enough reason for her to get up on her feet and leave. Hours later, when her feet were really becoming numb, she stood up and began walking to God knows where with new tears began falling down her eyes to her cheek.

Valerie halted hearing the loud noises around the club. Without thinking, she walked in as she was really sure she would find solace only in drinking herself to stupor and maybe forget Sam for some hours.

She walked past all the loud crowds and found her way to the counter. It was a place filled with noise and it made her forget Sam a little, just a little that it wasn't just enough.

She dropped her purse on the counter and rested her hands on it, "I'll have two glasses of the strongest alcohol you have here" Valerie requested, ignoring the bartender's shocked and curious look.

As she gulped down the whole content of one, she felt the hot burning liquid rush down her throat with full speed making her close her eyes. As she opened them, it was certain the effect of the alcohol was starting to feel great when she suddenly gulped down the whole content in the second glass.

She turned, noticing a man she didn't see when she first arrived at the counter.

He was tall with good broad shoulders, sharp jaws and deep round green eyes. His hair was neatly cut and styled properly resting at the left side of his face almost close to his eyes.

She tapped on his shoulders, "Hey handsome, guess what?" She asked. Without giving him a chance to say another word, she laughed out loud, "I just got dumped" and said tearfully, but in a playful manner.

Chapter 2

"He said it's over… and he vanished into thin hair just like that " Valerie continued, and drank yet another glass of the alcohol she was holding. She raised her eyes to look at the bartender again but the young man gave her the look that he wasn't going to release  more.

"Ma'am, seems you look really drunk" He suggested.

"Give her more if she needs more" The man seated beside Valerie ordered and immediately the bartender rushed to get Valerie as much drink as she needed.

Valerie looked back at the man seated beside her, and wondered why the bartender suddenly had such scary look on his face when the man had ordered him to get her what she wanted.

Well, it wasn't any of her business as she still had a lot to think about and not somebody else's. "He says I'm too clingy" Valerie stated, raising her hands above her head,  and roughing her hair.

The man dropped the full glass of Pina cola


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