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The Jock, The Nerd and The Geek

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The Jock: Paris Holmes, also known as Hermes. The most popular boy in all of Wystwood High who everyone hates to love. Pros: is an exceptional basketball player, but one of the top ranking students with excellent grades and a pretty face to top it. His Con? He's a narcissist with homophobic tendencies and seems to think everyone is beneath him. The Nerd: Alex Parker, also known as A. She once was the most popular girl in school when she was a freshman but suddenly stayed away from them, focusing only on her studies and herself. Pros: She knows everything about everyone. Is the go-to girl when you need some help with your assignments. She could also pretend to be your girlfriend if you ask and pay well. Cons: Most of the people who claim to have spoken to her once, seem terrified of talking about her again. The Geek: Marcos Gomez, also known as Eros. The most beautiful femboy in Wystwood and every boy and girls dream, even though he doesn't think he's as pretty as they seem to think. Pros: He's soft as a teddy bear, smells like cookies and is the most obedient puppy you'd ever meet. Is good with computers and you can help find out anything you need. Is the perfect person when you want a makeover. Cons: Don't touch his A. Don't look at his A. Don't talk to his A. ~ One day, Paris Holmes walked in on a session between Marcos and Alex and found himself hooked to the girl, even though she already has a boyfriend. Still, he doesn't care. He's ready to be anything as long as he can stay by her side. But is affection really genuine? Would Alex, who is proceeding with caution fall for him? Or would Marcos fight for what belongs to him? The three most important figures in Wystwood now playing a game with each other. What could possibly go wrong?


"Look how the mighty has fallen."

Alex Parker couldn't help the smile coming on her face as she stared at the raven haired male in front of her who had the stupidest look on his face.

"You're making it a bigger deal than it really is."

She heard herself snort as she pressed a finger on his sports jacket. "You're one to talk. I mean, you literally never talk to me, remember? And now you want to be my boyfriend? I'm not exactly sure that's how this works."

Paris Holmes heard an hiss leave his lips. "Why does it have to make sense?"

Alex rolled her eyes. God, boys were so stupid. "'Caaaaause, stupid Sherlock, I can't just date someone I don't know."

He folded his arms together. "You do know me. We have been in the same class since sophomore year."

She rolled her eyes and moved away, now playing with a stone on the ground with her feet. "Well, duh. But we don't like talk, you know, that sort of stuff. Besides, you were banging my ex best friend." Then she sighed and shrugged. "Not that I blame you, I'd bang her too."

She looked at him now, confusion on her face. "Besides, what the hell? You want to turn me to a martyr? Wystwood loves Alia. You want me to be bullied till graduation or something?"

He closed his eyes for a second as he hands began to form fists. "She cheated on me."

"Ha!" Alex exclaimed, delight showing in her eyes. "How the mighty have fallen." Then she got closer to him, her head tilted. "Who? Greg Stevenson? Abel Holland?"

God, he couldn't believe he was about to admit this. "It was Elle."

"Ha!" She couldn't help it. This was getting better and better. "It was a girl!"

The words came out faster than he could stop them. "I know, like, couldn't she have, like, self respect or something?" Irritation showed clearly on his face as he scoffed. "Have some f*ck*ng dignity, for f*ck's sake."

"Hey." She grabbed his jackets collars and made him bend down to look at her. "I'm pansexual, you son of a b*tch."

His eyes flared in frustration. "You think I don't know that?! It's why it's so confusing I'm doing this. I broke up with her for the same reason and yet I... I still want to date you."

Is he on drugs? "So you won't stop texting me?"

His eyes showed unwavering determination. "Just give me a chance."

"I see." Alex nodded and let go of his collar, moving back and sticking her hands into her jean trouser pockets. "Fine, let's see if this would shake you up."

Why was she so stubborn? "What?"

"I'm into BDSM." When he blinked twice, she added with a happy look. "I like f*ck*ng boys."

He raised an eyebrow. "Well- ."

"With a strap on." She completed.

Immediately, he covered his face with his palm and turned away. "Jesus."

Yes! I've finally broken the spell. "I know, right?" Then with a dead voice, she said, "Now f*ck off."

He turned back to her, his hands still on his face before he said, "It wasn't a bad Jesus. It was a- Sh*t, I've been into femdom for a while now."

Alex stared back and blinked. "Jesus."

"Yeah, no kidding." He let out another sigh and said in the smallest possible voice he could muster. "I'm not sure about the strap on part, but- But I'd think about it. If you'd like, give me a chance. I swear, I'd make it up to you. What do you say?"

I say this is fuckery at it's best attempt to f*ck me up.

But it was Alex Parker. The idea of anything f*ck*ng her or the idea of the word 'f*ck' in general pleased her immensely. "Paris Holmes?"

"Yes, Parker?"

She suddenly pinned him to the wall and watched his eyes widen in shock, which she took as a good sign as she said, "Run now while you have the chance cause I swear, I'd make you f*ck*ng miserable. I'd be so toxic, so mean, you'd wish you'd never met me."

"That's..." His chest was rising and falling as he stared down at her. "That's exactly what I want."

I got myself another masochist, f*ck.

She let him go now and moved back, her hands up in the air as she began to walk backwards. "Fine then, meet me on the school rooftop at five am tomorrow."

"What? Why?"

Alex turned around so he wouldn't see the smile on her face as she walked out of the hall. "Sluts don't question their Masters. Be prompt pretty boy, or Mama's gonna make it impossible for you to walk again."

Chapter 1

Alex Parker couldn't sleep.

Not like it was the first time that this was happening. She barely ever was able to sleep at night, and when she eventually did, she found herself awake in the early hours of the day.

Her head would pound like hell, and she knew she could stop it. Could make the pain go away.

All she had to do, was finish the book she was reading.

It sounded so easy, didn't it? Except it really wasn't. What she had to read were unnecessary because she had read them time and time again. She could barely take anymore.

Yet her anxiety kicked in. Telling her 'just one more page. It'd be fine. Everything would be fine.'

But she knew giving into that voice was pointless. She'd never feel safe, and everything wouldn't be fine, so Alex did what she always did every night when this happened. She took her pills and sat beside her bed, head buried into her hands while she waited for her alarm clock to ring.


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