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The King's obsession

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" Let me go " " Never " " I don't want any of this I have someone my heart beats for please let me go " She wept uncontrollably ,nonstop it felt as if her world was coming to an end ,how on earth was she suppose to leave with this monster ,how was she suppose to accept the fate that zeus( Father of all gods ) had placed on her No she's not going to accept this infact she needs to escape from this hell hole . " I will never marry you infact I refused to be subjected to a life of mockery ,my sister loves you why don't you go for her instead " " I don't want anyone else it's you I want ,when a king makes a declaration he doesn't go back on his word ,so listen careful you will be my wife, the mother of my children ,And my queen " Valerie parker ,A twenty two years old girl living her life in a peaceful environment ,not minding what people think about her , Until king Edward theodore came into her life ,she tried all her best to resist the monster but it since the monster wouldn't want to.let her go for any reason ,she had no option but to accept how fate . find out what happened in this mind blowing Romance .

Chapter 1

Edward pov :

" Long live the king "

" Long live the king "

The crowd kept singing my praises immediately I walked into the court room, just then Samuel walked up to me .

" Congratulations your majesty on your victory today ,you made us proud today am sure your enemies will bow their head in shame "

" Samuel I never asked you for your compliments tell me what happened in the palace at absence "

" Nothing much your majesty ,it's just that your mother has been asking about you for a while now "

" So what ,speaking about my mother what is she still doing in the palace "

" Well your majesty with all due respect I think you should ask her that yourself, because she has been feisty of late "

" I think you are forgetting your position in this palace or should I remind you "

" No My king please forgive my stupidity ,I thought that the victory you achieved today will lighten up your mood please forgive me I wasn't thinking straight "

" Good to know that you where not thinking straight because the next time you talk to me like that again I will have your head for dinner "

I could see fear in his eyes because he knows that I always kept to my word .

" Your majesty it's time to meet with the elders "

I turned and walked straight to the court room without giving him a second glance . Immediately the court room was opened ,I heard them whispering among themselves but when they noticed my presence the room became so quite as that of a grave yard .

They all stood up to welcome me .

" Long live the king Edward III "

I kept a straight face but in my heart I know they were all traitors waiting for a good opportunity to take over my throne but I think I will have to use some of them as a scapegoat today .

I sat down on my throne feeling like a God ,I looked down at them like animals that could be crushed at any moment .I simply waved my hand at them to have their sit .

Just then Samuel bought in a scroll to me .

" My lord this is the scroll you asked for".

I took it from him and opened it ,I could see fear in there eyes when I held that paper in my hand they where scared because they know something was not right today of all days just then one of them summoned the courage to speak up .

" Your majesty , congratulations on your victory ,We were thinking that we could hold a great feast to celebrate the down fall of our enemies ,We the elders of is proud of you and We say congratulations "

All the while he was speaking I was busy searching for his name on the list but lucky enough I found it ,I averted my eyes from the sheet of paper I was hold and looked at him , I could see fear in his eyes .

" Congratulations !! I didn't expect my enemy to congratulate me elder Thomas "

" What do you mean by that your majesty ,You know we are not your enemy ,I can never plot the down fall of this great city AtlantisThose people giving you this information are wrong your majesty infact they need to be beheaded for trying to create a rift between the king and his cabinet "

" I think you are right elder Thomas ,you know I was thinking of the best way to punish my enemies but I ran out of ideas thanks for this wonderful suggestions "

" No Your majesty I never said does who are your enemies, I mean those who carried out this false information please your majesty don't try to twist my words I only mean well for Atlantis don't get me wrong "

A smile appeared on my face ,but the more my smile brightened the most they became scared

" Tell me elder Thomas can you explain to this court how you wanted to deliver your king into the hands of the enemy simple because you wanted to be the next king "

" I Really don't know what your talking about king Edward "

"'Okay I think it's time to cut to the chase uncle "

" king Edward ,I can explain I never wished you bad where is all this coming from please just try and understand me I beg of you "

" Hmm you are right you know ,let's look at it this way if you succeed in killing me you will become the next king of Atlantis so you wanted it to look like an accident by delivery the goat to the loins for slaughter ,but unfortunately the reverse was the case "

" At this time he couldn't defend him self any more he fell down on his knees "

" Please my son forgive me I was driven by greed and quest to get the Throne "

" You forgot that am not someone you can mess with "

" Am sorry My son please forgive me please "

" I forgive you uncle because you are my blood I can't do something bad to you anyways "

Just then the door of the court room was opened and a chopping board and axe was brought into the room .every one gaps in fear I could see horror in there eyes ,elder Thomas was the first the react to what he just saw .

" king Edward what's going on here "

" I believe you know what this is right "

" I..I ...but...I told you I was sorry "

" I know and I forgive you too uncle but you see I will have to use someone as a scapegoat to teach orders a lesson "

" Please son forgive me "

I signalled the executors .

" Place him on the chop board "

" Please Edward please am begging you "

The two executors quickly grabbed him and placed his head on the chop board , his hands was tide to his back .and his head was place on the chopping board .

They where waiting for my signal .

" proceed"

Immediately I said those words his head was seperated from his neck ,blood was spilling out of his body ,the court room was silent everyone held their breath .

" I believe this will serve as a lesson to the rest of you "

I turned to Samuel , kill his wife's and children ,I don't want a future reoccurrence off this event .

" Yes your majesty "

I stood up and walked out of the court room "

Chapter 2

Edwards pov

I Retired back to my chambers after a long trip ,I was tried and stressed out at the same time ,Just then Samuel came with a message .

" Long live your majesty "

" What the problem Samuel "

" Your soon to be wife is here to see you "

" Samuel am tired and I need to rest tell her to go and come back a day after tomorrow "

" I already told her that My Lord but she insist on seeing you infact she has been causing unnecessary chaos outside your chambers "

At that point I was really sick and tired of that lady but how did I get myself into this mess at first .

" Okay Samuel send her in "

" As you wish your majesty "

When Samuel left the room ,I decided to pour my self a glass of wine to cool my head a little, Just then the door was burst opened .

" Edward why are you stopping me from seeing you ,I have been wa

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