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Celine has an identical twin sister named Brylee, who separated from her when they were only four years old because their parents got divorced and the court awarded her mother her custody while Brylee was taken by her father, in which he married a rich, and sophisticated woman, and soon forget about Celine and her mother, and built a new family. One day, however, their father Julio Lauren decided to have a connection with her again, but only to offer Celine a task to sleep with Brylee's boyfriend, Sebastian Anderson, in return for a huge amount of money. Her father needed a clean woman to do it--- a virgin one to be exact, so that Sebastian, the richest man in the country, will finally marry his favorite daughter, Brylee. But that would only happen if Sebastian was assured that Brylee was still not touched by any man. Julio saw Celine as the only candidate because she wasn’t only virgin, but also looked exactly like Brylee. Celine accepted the offer without hesitation. She needed the money for her critically ill mother. She completed the mission successfully, but they had no idea that Sebastian, the billionaire whom she had slept with, had doubts if the woman he had sex with that night was really his girlfriend, Brylee. He decided to conduct an investigation and the things he discovered really shocked him.



''You smell so, so fucking good…'' I heard Sebastian whisper into my ear, his nose nuzzling into my hair, and his hands were everywhere on my body. My hands automatically wrapped around his neck when he started kissing my lips and he let out a gasp and then a low, guttural moan.

I didn't mind the thick snowfall covered the entire city, turning an already freezing night into one that was much more solemn and cold. However… in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, the heat was on full blast the moment I allowed Sebastian Anderson to kiss me. I wasn't drunk. I was completely sober, but I didn't know this man on top of me. All I knew was that, he was the richest man in the country.

Even though it took me some time to get used to having him in my mouth and established a rhythm… his squeals of unadulterated delight served as a motivation for me to keep going. I had never experienced anything like this before, and I can't quite put my finger on why I find it so appealing.

He kissed me in a manner that was intended to subdue me… and his fingers slowly removed from around his neck, before he interlaced them with mine over my head while he did so. I was giving my all to someone who didn’t know the real me, but the way he was making me feel made me realize that I didn’t need to be scared.

He moved on to my jaw, tickling me with his tiny stubble as he pressed kisses down my neck and collarbone. Back when I was in high school… I accidentally heard my neighbor talking with her friends about her first time and she said that the first one always hurt. Like hell.

I felt him pull away from me and as if sensing my worry, he cupped my face and gave me a slow but passionate kiss. After that, he gave me a deep stare that caused my heart rate to accelerate significantly.

He began sucking the skin off of my neck, which caused me to grimace in agony; yet, the pleasure he was giving me overpowered the discomfort. Then, in one rapid motion, he tugged my dress down, exposing my breasts and stomach. The moment he looked at me, heat began to spread across my face. I've never exposed these parts of me to anybody else before.

"God, Brylee… You’re so fucking beautiful…" he growled and I blushed even more. A gasp left my lips when he bent down and captured my pink crown in his mouth.

"Sebastian…" I whimpered. The feeling was so raw and the rarity caused me to tremble with the new sensations consuming me. His tongue played with my nipple, flicking, sucking, trailing it in a circular motion. Without stopping, he kneaded my other breast which fitted perfectly under his enormous hand, his palm felt so warm on my skin.

I closed my eyes tightly as I weaved my fingers through his thick, chocolate locks, tugging and pulling at it as I began to chant his name silently. He pinched my pink nub, causing me to let out a muffled cry in response. The next few moments were spent with him licking one of my breasts while simultaneously giving the other peak the same level of pleasure as the other.

I had already begun to laboredly pant by the time he stopped what he was doing to glance up at me. If this was some kind of foreplay, I don’t know how I was going to survive the next one. But then, as I stared into those crystals with a cobalt blue hue, I realized that we’re not even close to being done yet. There’s no way for me to quell the fire of want that was blazing in his eyes.

He pulled up his shirt and took it off… and I couldn’t help but feel envious of my sister Brylee. Her boyfriend looked dashing with his perfectly built body, with broad shoulders, chest, and toned six-pack abs. He looked so magnificently breathtaking. So sexy…

Sebastian once more lowered himself to my level and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. "Shit!" he cursed, his breath hot and sweet as he spoke in my mouth. "Tell me to stop, baby..."

My heartbeat quickened in response to his hoarse voice, which gave the impression that he was attempting to exert control over himself but failing miserably. It was at this point that I should've put a stop to whatever we were doing if I wanted to.

My thoughts went back to the moments when I was younger and wondered how I was going to experience all of the firsts that were waiting for me in life. My first time... my first kiss... my first love...

I was considering reserving all of my first experiences for a single gentleman. Would it be for the person whom I would eventually marry?

I couldn't help but look at the guy in front of me, who was staring at me with such ferocity that it was making me physically nauseous. He's my first kiss… and would be my first time… but not my first love… because he’s my twin sister's boyfriend. And he thought that I was her. He thought that it was Brylee he was kissing, and he was about to make love with.

"Fuck, Brylee… Tell me to stop!" He growled impatiently but I shook my head.

"No…" I whispered which almost sounded like a cry. I needed this. I needed the money for my sick mother. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I drew him in closer to me and buried my face in his shoulder. "Don’t stop…" I pleaded. "I need you, please…"

And those sentences were just what he needed to pour his craving for me because, after that... he ravaged my mouth again before his lips trailed down to my neck, the area between my breasts, and down to my stomach. He stopped when he reached below my belly button, where the dress stopped.

When he dragged my dress even lower and took it off of my feet… it caused a violent pounding in my chest. I was at this point virtually naked in front of him, save for the fact that I was still wearing my underwear. His attention was drawn to it… and then he smiled gently, which gave me the impression that I was about to faint. It seemed like an eternity to me as he tugged my underwear down… so, so slowly using his teeth, and the way his nose grazed my skin had me whimpering.

Once I was completely naked, I can’t help but cover the most intimate part of my body with my hands, tearing my gaze away from him.

Is this the right thing to do? Is it right to have sex with my sister's boyfriend?



This was the very right thing to do. I know it was because I needed money. I needed him right now so I could get my money. This money that I woul used to my mom's medication. I don't know what to do if something ba hapened to her. It is better to sacrifice myself than seeing her in pain.

"Don’t…" Sebastian took both of my hands and moved them out of the way so that he could get a better view of my wet folds. "You're beautiful…" Because the devotion that he exuded in his speech was so palpable, I can't help but direct my attention back to him.

I shrieked when he pulled me by my legs to the edge of the bed and knelt down on the floor. "You’re so fucking wet for me, Brylee. I can't wait to taste you." he murmured, and then without warning, he lifted my ass and spread my legs wide before burying his face between them, giving my puffy lips one good lick that made me cry out instantaneously as I thr


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