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Isabella needs a huge sum of money for her aged grandmother's surgery. She has nowhere to go for help and she decides to seek help from her Billionaire boss, Jayden. Jayden doesn't believe in marriage and happily ever after but he needs a wife so his mother would stop pestering him when he eventually proves to her that marriage isn't for him by getting divorced after a year. Isabella comes to him for help at the right time; a contract is signed and there will be no strings attached. After a year, they will both go their separate ways. What will happen after a night of drunken passion between them? Will Isabella be able to endure his cruelty for just one year or leave before the stipulated time for their marriage to end? Will Jayden find Isabella or let her go with his seed growing inside her?

Chapter 1

Isabella's POV

Biting my lower lips softly and watching the image of my boss on my laptop and other details about him, I twirl my chair around my little office with a sigh of frustration.

As much as I want to give Juliet's advice a try, I am d*mn scared.

Scared of my boss.

Scared of what he would think of me.

Scared that he would insult me again today like he did yesterday when he scolded me for being clumsy.

But I need to give it a try. I need his help. I want my grandmother to live, I want her to witness my white wedding and see me have kids who will keep her company while I am at work.

If I don't talk to my boss about the supposed help that I need, how can I make sure that grandma survives? Where will I get the money the doctor requested of us? Will grandma still be alive when I am eventually married four or five years from now?

I close my eyes, twirling my black straight hair and murmuring to myself in remembrance of the hot guy I met at the club Juliet and I went to last week. I thought I had eventually succeeded in landing myself a rich hot boyfriend until he asked me to give him a blowjob in the club.

Gosh! I was so embarrassed.

I thought that was all and I was excited about having my first s*x but when he told me about how he enjoys s*x, I knew I had to escape.

He is a f*ck*ng s*x maniac and he derives pleasure from beating a woman.

The ringing sound of the intercom jerks me out of my reverie. I twirl the swivel chair back and grab the intercom with a tone of professionalism.

With Jayden Alex Russell as my boss, I have learned to push back all my problems out of my mind whenever work is at hand.

He hates unprofessionalism.

He hates clumsy employees and sometimes, I used to wonder why I haven't been sacked yet.

"Ms. Romano", his deep husky voice booms into the intercom, making me self-conscious of what I have been thinking.

"Yes, sir", I sit upright and listen with rapt attention. I won't want to miss anything.

"Come to my office now", he instructs sharply.

Before I can reply, he drops the phone and I do the same, taking in sharp breaths to calm my nerves and make me summon up the courage to bring up my problems when I am eventually inside his office.

I just hope he is in a good mood. I will put Juliet's advice to good use today and that will determine the next line of action. If he doesn't help me, then I will have no choice but to go look for Frederick Alberto, the man who derives pleasure from hurting a woman.

I exit my office, striding at a fast pace towards my boss's office. I had gone to serve his coffee an hour ago and he didn't even spare me a glance.

I wonder why he is requesting my presence now. He always tells me all that I need to do on the phone unless it is important.

I knock softly on the door, waiting with my heart thumping hard.

He echoes a "Yes" and I go in.

I see him writing on a plain sheet of paper and his laptop is open in front of him. He looks busy. I know him to be someone who doesn't like to be disturbed when busy.

What does he want?

"I'm here, sir", I tell him, making him raise his head to look at me.

"Sit!" He commands and I flop to the chair opposite his large desk filled with numerous paperwork.

"Adrian Peterson has sent an email and you didn't inform me about it", he stares at me deeply with a harsh glare.

I swallow a lump, scolding myself mentally for wasting my time looking at his information on the internet instead of starting work. I have missed the emails.

"I checked the mails before leaving work on Saturday, I guess it just came in this morning", I reply with my hands shaking on my laps. They are sweaty as a result of my nervousness.

He doesn't look convinced. "Haven't you been in your office?"

"I have."

"What have you been doing, then?" He asks calmly.

I am surprised he isn't shouting at me today like the rest of the days.

Is this a good sign? Should I go on with letting him know about my problems?

"Take this", he pushes a file towards me and I take it. "Check the mail, before you work on this file. I want you to arrange them alphabetically, then reply to his mail before returning this file. I will need them before noon."

"Ok, sir," I say obediently, taking the file from him.

"Good", he nods. "You can go."

I nod my head and stand up, biting my lips and debating within me on whether to tell him about my problem or leave it till later when I am done with my first task for the day.

"What? Why are you still here?" He has the pen in his hands already while he gazes up at me.

I shake my head, losing my confidence. "I'm sorry."

"Wait", he orders with implacable authority, making me halt in my step and close my eyes. I am trying to build my confidence and courage.

I need to do this. Grandma needs this.

I turn back and bow my head. "There is something I need to tell you, sir."

Silence falls.

He isn't saying anything and it makes me look up. Why is he silent? He is just watching me with his two hands below his jaw.

I decided to continue. "Hmmm…I need a favor sir", I stammer, fidgeting with my fingers. My grandma needs to be operated on because of her legs. The doctor wants me to deposit some money…."

"What do you want?" He cut me short in impatience.

I exhale deeply and mutter a prayer under my breath before saying. "We need $20,000 for the surgery. I want to request a loan from the company and I will pay it back with my salary."

He looks surprised and I wonder if he will help. "You want us to pay you a year's salary in advance?"

Reality crashes on me. I didn't even calculate it. My grandma's salary will cost me a year's salary?


I nod meekly.

He leans back on the chair, looking thoughtful for a while and watching me intensely.

His gaze pierces deep into me and I look away, scared that interlocking eyes with him will make him not to help me.

My heartbeat increased in anticipation.

The silence is killing me.

Is he going to help or not? He should just say something, is it a yes or a no?

Whatever it is that he will say, I am going to take it the good way, it is not the end of the world. I am just going to resort to the last option.

Becoming Frederick's sl*t.

"I will help you", he announce, making my heart skip a beat and my mouth drop open in surprise.

Relief washes through me suddenly and I almost kneel in sincere appreciation.

God bless you! I pray within myself.

"Thank you, sir", I cry out in excitement as my face breaks into a smile. "Thank you so much, sir. God bless…."

"But there is a condition attached", he interrupts me with a face devoid of emotions.

A condition? What condition? I ask within me as a frown touches my lips.

My heart begins to race again. Pounding wildly in my chest as if it will soon burst out.

"I want you to become my wife", he blurts out, without a change in his countenance.

It takes a while before his statement sinks deeply into my system in understanding.

When it is fully absorbed, I exclaim loudly in disbelief and with mouth agape. "What?!"

"Yes", he nods intermittently. "But it is going to be for just a year."


Chapter 2

Jayden's POV

It's been two years already.

Two f***ing years of torture. Two years since she died with my baby.

I have been through the phase of remembering the memories of the night we spent together and what led to our quarrel before death took her away. It's been nothing but pure torture and hatred for myself and what I represent.

I still blame myself for her death.

If only I had listened to her, if only I had given up on the dangerous family business like she used to call it, maybe this wouldn't have happened and we would still be together with our child.

But I didn't. I was too stubborn to let go of the life I have been brought up into. My Father was the Mafia Leader. I was trained to become one too but Helena was in the way.

She hated what we do with passion. She wanted me to cut ties with anything that will make me go into it. It was hard for me. I loved what we did. I loved being in control. I loved punishing

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