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Tainted desires

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Take off your clothes Brie! You can't run from me! I'll always catch you, little mouse." His menacing voice rang out. I was already caged between him and the wall, there was nowhere left to run. He caught my wrists in a strong grip until I cried out from the pain. "Please I'm not ready! I need some more time" I sobbed, my whole body shaking badly. I was willing to do anything to reach out to whatever little humanity he left. His eyes were cold. Merciless. He was going to hurt me, I knew it. "But you were ready to run away with that b*st*rd, weren't you? "The smirk on his face as he taunted me betrayed the icy rage that simmered in his eyes. "You belong to me, Brie! I'm your husband! And I won't be denied of my rights, Refuse me again, I dare you to Brie!" He hissed, his grey eyes simmering with hot fury. What happens when Gabriella Thorne gets forced into an arranged marriage with Lucian Castiel. He is Cold. Brutal. He gets anything he wants. What happens when he's determined to TAINT Gabrielle's innocence with his darkness. Is there a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, or would she be forever tainted by his Psychotic Obsession?Trigger Warning!! This book is very dark, containing torture and abuse, read at your own risk!!



"Gabby! Are you done with the preparation! The guests are arriving any time from now!" Mother busted inside my room, her voice sounded panicked.

I was frightened too, her mention of the guests only made it more severe.

Her eyes searched around until they found me, where I stood opposite the mirror, it held a hint of approval as she approached where I stood.

My blond hair had been brushed until it shone under the bright lights in my large room, I was dressed in an expensive royal blue evening gown which complimented the color of my eyes.

The bright red lipstick made my lips seem fuller than it was.

"Oh my goodness! You look so beautiful" She complimented softly.

Her eyes which were the same shade as mine watered as she suddenly engulfed me into an embrace.

"You are strong, I know you can go through with this" She squeezed my shoulders.

I wanted to yell that I couldn't.

I was scared shitless about everything, in the end, I couldn't voice out a word. It was because I knew it wouldn't change anything.

My fate was already sealed.

Phoebe entered through the door the next moment. Like me, she was also dressed up in expensive attires and make-up.

There was a lot of difference between the both of us though, while she bore a closer resemblance to our father, I took after our mother.

"Ma'am, They are here " A uniformed maid approached, her head slightly bowed in respect.

I was seared with a renewed surge of panic.

I couldn't do this. My legs were threatening to give way any moment.

I wished I could flee out of this house, I also knew it was impossible, not with my father's men scattered everywhere around the mansion. I would be caught before I even managed to reach the gates.

Mom appeared to understand my situation, the sadness in her eyes told me that there was nothing she could do to help me out, she squeezed my shoulders one last time.

"I'll go welcome them, you both can come downstairs after a little while "

The panic she couldn't hide was dripping in her voice, she exited the room, leaving me and Phoebe alone, shutting the door closed behind her.

I was trapped in my thoughts until I felt a rap on my shoulders, I jerked reflexively.

"What is it! " My voice was high pitched, the terror I've been feeling since father had made that announcement slipping through.

Phoebe shook her head at me in disapproval as though I was no more than a little child, when in fact we were twins, not identical though, and she was senior to me by only the space of a few hours.


"You are so nervous! Hope when you go downstairs, you won't shame our entire family with your behavior!" She admonished and I glared at her which she equally glowered right back.

"You have to be on your best behavior, don't allow your little romance to ruin anything for us! "

I was shocked by her statement.

I never thought she knew about Derek, he was my little secret, or he had been.

She smirked at my stunned look and walked over to the mirror to retouch her makeup.

Derek, my heart squeezed tightly in my chest, I thought I would get to spend forever with him, but right now, my marriage was probably being decided downstairs, my consent or my feelings, none of it matters.

It was a pure business deal, beneficial to both families.

Lucian Castiel.

I've heard the name a few times from my father's mouth but I've never met or seen him, except the few of his photos that I came across on the internet.

If those dreadful rumors I've heard about him turned out to be true, or if he was even half as cruel-hearted as father, then my life would be over before it would even get started.

Their family was one of the oldest and strongest in the underworld, they own the largest weapon and shipping business in the world.

For the past decades, our family and theirs have always rivaled, that was until now. Both families had agreed to end their years of enmity.


My marriage with Lucian Castiel would ensure peace, it was also a guarantee that none of both families would break the pact. It was a good deal, at least not to me.

I still couldn't see myself marrying him!

Derek and I had made plans, He loves me just as I love him.

He had always been of father's special men, nice and easy-going towards everyone and a perfect smile that just melts the heart.

Our family was very old-fashioned, father had always been strict with us and mom had never questioned any of his decisions. The women in our family had never participated in the business, according to father, we needed to be sheltered while the men did all the rough work which I knew must be involved in the kind of business.

For some safety reasons, I and my sister were homeschooled, I never made friends around father and mother's circle. I was the kind of person that could find joy being by myself. That was until I met Derek, we met by circumstance and he became my first ever friend, our friendship blossomed for the past three years, it wasn't until a month ago that he confessed that he was in love with me. I had never been so joyful as I was that day, I also had fallen for him along our friendship path.

I didn't think father would approve of our relationship, so we met each other in secret.

We still had been searching for a way to break the news to my father when he'd given me the shock of my life. I was going to be married to the man whose very name spreads dread amongst even powerful men.

I suddenly realized Derek might be downstairs as well.

Oh, God!

He would be so heartbroken when he gets to know.

A knock sounded on the door and I instinctively took a step backward.

"Miss, both your presence are required downstairs" a familiar maid's voice sounded from the opposite side of the door.

I met Phoebe's gaze, wiping my sweaty palms on my dress.

"I don't want to go downstairs, I don't want to get married either!" The words squeezed out of my throat, my eyes wide open in fear.

It had always been known that father loved sister more than me, perhaps it was because she favored him in looks, she was also my senior, more beautiful and elegant than I would ever be.

There were so many things to count.

Then, why me?

Why was I the one getting married?

"You need to stop behaving like a baby! You should consider yourself very lucky! Why am I not the one getting married? "

Until she spoke her last statement, I never realized that I had said those words aloud.

"I should tell you that it's because Lucian Castiel particularly wants you and not me!"

For the second time since tonight, she managed to shock the hell out of me.

He wants me?

A cold tremor swept through my whole body.

We've never met each other, how could he particularly have chosen me?






There were voices engaged in discussions as I walked behind Phoebe, all too soon we reached the dining room.

I kept my eyes cast downwards, my legs feeling like molten plastic.

"These are both my daughters, this is your betrothed Lucian "

My head snapped upwards the moment father uttered those words, he was also the first person my eyes located. If anything, he looked nervous which I've never seen him ever before.

There were at least more than ten people sitting over the large wooden dining table, but my eyes found him.

My heart jerked hard against my chest. The burning grey eyes continued to hold mine and I couldn't tear my eyes away, those eyes held power that threatened to consume me. The heat simmering in those orbs was making me uneasy.

His coal-colored hair was kept long, almost brushing against his shoulders, his jawline cut shaper than any I have ever seen, his arms were bunched with muscles


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