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The Goofy One

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  • 8.4
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About me

I am just a hopeless romantic....


The Unwanted Matrimonial
  • 👁 28.8K
  • 9.4

Layla Jones, a 22-year-old, gets the shock of her life when her grandfather tells her she has to get married due to a business deal her grandfather made with his old friend. Feeling obligated, she agrees to marry the 24-year-old Damon Kingsley, who wasn't exactly thrilled about the marriage either but had to abide because it was either that or he would have been disinherited entirely from his families’ wealth. The union proved to be a rollercoaster ride, especially when the two clashed heads almost every time. Will they be willing to endure each other's proximity on a daily basis or will their relationship take a drastic turn?

Matters of the Heart
  • 👁 12.4K
  • 7.5

High school sweethearts, Abigail and Austin, are willing to fight for their undying love for each other, no matter what. However, their happiness is short-lived as they are met with two opposing powers; their parents who are not in favor of their prodigious relationship and an unborn baby Abigail soon finds herself at the deep end - homeless and without any identity. Austin, on the other hand, gives true meaning to the classic vow; "through thick and thin" and takes the love of his life out of her misery However, the universe proves to have other plans for sweet Abigail - threatened by the mighty Angie Jenkins, Austin's mother , the only thing she leaves behind for Austin is a letter Four years later, Abigail not only loses the hope of ever being with the 'now' married Austin, but loses hope in love itself, that's until Ian Parker comes along Is he Prince Charming or just another one of those? ♡♡♡


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