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I laugh, and he glares at me. “God, if you were f*ck*ng mine!” “Let me guess, my *ss would be getting spanked. It wouldn’t work. I like it.” Please note - The books in the series are stand-alone; they do not need to be read in order. They are simply all forbidden love books. Harley often refuses private dances but finally agrees. She steps into the private room, expecting the usual clientele, only to be shocked by the man waiting. She dances and taunts him, keeping their masks firmly in place, hiding their identities. This man has her craving him and pleasure, and she doesn't stop him when his fingers do far more than touch. Pleasure follows and teases her after that night, and she decides to go home to her family after years of hiding her secrets from them. Harley has missed her father and his biker club, but she knows that her secrets will cause him to murder people. Her secrets are nothing, especially when her uncle Jasper tells her that she shouldn't call him uncle, and he tells her a story of a club he visited a few nights before, where a beautiful dancer found pleasure around his fingers. That dancer is her. While Jasper tries to keep his distance, the lure of forbidden love becomes too much. He knows touching his best friend's daughter, who had called him uncle growing up, is a death sentence, yet he can't stop himself. Soon, Harley finds herself calling her Uncle Jasper, Daddy, and becoming his submissive. A few close calls make them think her dad really is about to find out the truth. Only Harley forgets about her past, which shows up at her family home and threatens everyone she loves if she doesn't leave. The books in this series are all standalone, not connected to each other, but are all forbidden love.

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"Stay away, stay away from me, stay away!" she shouted repeatedly. Despite having nothing left to throw, she kept yelling. Zane was more than a little curious about what was happening, but the woman's ruckus made it hard to concentrate. "Will you shut the fck up!" he roared at her. She fell silent, and he saw tears filling her eyes, her lips trembling. Oh fck, he thought. Like most men, a crying woman scared him shitless. He'd rather face a hundred of his worst enemies in a gunfight than deal with a crying woman. "And your name is?" he asked. "Ava," she replied in a thin voice. "Ava Cobler?" he inquired. Her name had never sounded so beautiful before, surprising her. She almost forgot to nod. "My name is Zane Velky," he introduced himself, extending a hand. Ava’s eyes widened when she heard the name. Oh no, not that, anything but that, she thought. "You've heard of me," he smiled, sounding satisfied. Ava nodded. Everyone in the city knew the name Velky; it was the largest mafia group in the state, based in the city. And Zane Velky was the head of the family—the don, the big boss, the Al Capone of the modern world. Ava felt her panicked mind spinning out of control. Ava is kidnapped and forced to realize her uncle has sold her to the Velky family to settle his gambling debts. Zane, the head of the Velky family cartel, is hard, brutal, dangerous, and deadly. His life has no room for love or relationships, but he has needs like any hot-blooded man.


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