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The Billionaire Mafia's Obsession

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_Perhaps love is not as easy as it seems..._ Ariel's father was a debtor and a gambler. After his sudden demise, his daughter, Ariel, was hunted down and captured by one of the ruthless mafia lords in Las Vegas; Lorenzo Smith. When she couldn't pay her father's debts, Lorenzo enslaved her and forced her to become his mistress. Ariel was caught up in a whirlwind as Lorenzo battled with his own darkness and inner turmoil. However, her heart betrayed her as she couldn't help herself falling exuberantly in love with him. What happens when Ariel begins to discover secrets about her lover's past? Will Lorenzo make the necessary sacrifices to protect their love?

Chapter 1

A burning sensation spread across Ariel's chest as her foot hit the ground in succession. She coughed painfully but she did not dare to stop or look back.

She had burst into full speed a few minutes ago after she had escaped the grips of some unfamiliar men who had seized her up. She thought she had escaped until she saw them behind her again. They were coming for her.

Without thinking, she ran into a crowd of people thinking it would dissuade her pursuers but she was wrong. The crowd impeded her speed and her pursuers were relentless, they were closing in.

Taking a sharp turn, she burst into a less busy road, and without looking back she continued to run.

One of her pursuers outran others and when he was just a few steps away from her, he bludgeoned her with a blunt wood from behind.

Ariel let out a cry, her legs wobbled and she stopped in her tracks. She staggered around as she tried to find her footing.

Blood dripped from the gash at the back of her head and she raised her hand to feel it.

Her vision became blurry and she shook her head vigorously, trying to stay focused. Her eyes fluttered rapidly and slowly. Darkness closed in and her eyes clamped shut

She began to fall. Strong arms grabbed her roughly as her knees hit the ground.

"What a pain in the *ss!" One of the guys said and smote her unconscious body. He flipped her over his shoulders making her arms and legs dangle as he carried her towards a black sedan.

The car advanced towards them and came to a screeching halt. Ariel was thrown into the car and the car revved into the dusty road, jeering her body here and there.


Slowly, Ariel's eyes flung open. Her hand went to the back of her head which seemed extremely painful.

There was a wound and it was moist. She brought her hands before her eyes but she couldn't see a thing, the room was utterly dark.

Her head ached badly and her muscles felt sore. She grunted as she tried to sit up.

Slowly, the events of the previous hours came rushing through her head and she realized that she was in the custody of her pursuers.

She sprang up from the bed but groaned in pain as her feet hit the ground. Her knees ache and pain sizzled through her sore feet.

She rested her hand on the bed for support and tried to regain her balance. The room was dark and she couldn't see a thing. She groped around the room and cussed under her breath.

As she opened her mouth to speak, A cold baritone voice boomed into her ears.

"I can see that you have come around," the voice echoed through the almost empty room.

"Who are you!?" Ariel yelled but held her head as an excruciating pain shot through it.

There was a click and the bulbs came on. Ariel panicked as she saw her bloody hand. She realized her head must have been bleeding.

"Who are you!? What did you want from me!?" She asked in panic and launched forward.

She stuck out her hand to pull at the sleeve of the man standing by her bed but just as the tips of her fingers touched the hem of his sleeve, she cautioned herself and drew back shakily.

Slowly, the lone figure turned around to face her.

Ariel breathed unevenly. She clutched her fingers tightly as she stared at the man revealed before her.

He was tall and lanky. His eyes were like pools of blue seas, they shimmered brightly in a way that made Ariel look longer than she had intended.

His jaws were perfectly chiseled to fit his almond-shaped cheeks. His lips were thin and pink, giving his face perfect shape and color.

The man's tuxedo rustled as he slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants, making Ariel jump.

She closed her mouth and staggered backward as cold shivers ran down her spine. Despite the man's fine features, his eyes and stance bespoke danger.

"He had me locked up after all, he must be a dangerous man," she said to herself cautiously.

"Who are you and why did you have me locked up?" She asked, putting up a bold front.

"Where is my money?" The man asked coldly.

"What? Money? You must have gotten the wrong person. I owe no one." Ariel spat and the man chuckled.

"Seems you ain't aware… Your father owes me a huge sum of money. Since he is dead…accept my condolence, but you will have to pay in his stead," he responded in a casual demeanor.

"How did you expect me to pay when I know nothing about it," Ariel sneered and

her captor chuckled.

"Seems you have a sharp mouth," he said and tapped his fingers.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Three rough-looking men walked in, they dragged someone with them as they did.

Ariel yelled in horror as her gaze fell on the woman behind them, it was her nanny.

"Nanny!" She panicked.

"Don't bring her into this!" She surged forward but one of the men stopped her, holding her down.

"Get me the file," Lorenzo ordered and walked back to the lone seat in the room.

One of his men brought out a file and opened it before him. He crossed his legs lazily as he searched out the details of Ariel's father's debt.

"It turns out that your father owes me millions of dollars and he is no more. I don't joke with my money… You have to pay in his stead," Lorenzo said like he was singing his favorite song.

"It seems you are well versed in this. The likes of you rid people of their hard-earned money. I am not paying a dime!" Ariel spat and the guy who was holding her down smote her across the face.

"What right did you have to kidnap me!? I won't…" she blabbered but stopped as a loud gunshot rocked the room.

Ariel panicked and checked her body, she was in one piece. Shakily, she opened her eyes, looking around.

Her eyes shone in horror as her Nanny screamed. Blood spilled from the hole in her leg and Ariel shivered as she watched her writhe in pain.

"No! Nanny!" Ariel shrieked and tried to struggle free but she was held down.

"I will pay! I will pay for it all. Please spare her… She knows nothing," she fell on her knees, shivering.

Chapter 2

Lorenzo broke into a fit of derisive laughter. He laughed so hard as he rose to his feet.

Curving his ring finger upward, he signaled the guy who was holding Ariel down.

The guy dragged Ariel up and made her stand on her feet.

Ariel was still shivering, she could barely stand on her feet. "Please, please…" she murmured repeatedly, knotting and avoiding Lorenzo's gaze.

Lorenzo walked up to her. He tilted her chin roughly, forcing her to look at him.

"You're gonna pay me?" He asked with a lopsided grin. Ariel nodded vigorously but Lorenzo held her chin tightly making her stop.

"Stop the act, you have no dime to pay. Your father sold all that he has, including you!" He said coldly with a deadly scowl.

Jerking her chin roughly out of his grip, he turned his back against her.

"Become my mistress and I will cancel your debt." He said calmly.

Ariel blinked repeatedly. She stammered, but

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