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The Black Daisy

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“Do you, Alex Snow, take Jennifer Walker, to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Soon to be husband looks at me with the eyes of a beast, ready to rip me apart at any second as he says tightly “I do” Although he just vowed to take me as his wife, to hold, love, and cherish, his ‘I do’ vowed something else entirely. It was an oath to make me suffer horribly at his hands. As soon as the words “I do” left my mouth I was certain, I just sealed my fate by marrying Alex Snow. And my fate was crystal clear, death is coming for me sooner rather than later. In a small town called “Snow”, known in all of Alaska for its huge illegal smuggling business on the border of America and Canada, Alex Snow; the new leader of the Snow clan that controls and dominates the smuggling territory, forces Jennifer Walker into marrying him against her will. After his father gets murdered at the hands of Jenny’s father, Patrick Walker, the Snow clan vows to take their revenge on the whole Walker bloodline. But killing the responsible man sends both families into a blood feud as both clans vow to make the other one pay. The only way to stop that bloodbath from turning into a m******e, and claiming more innocent lives was a peace offering in the form of marriage from both families. Jennifer’s world turns upside down as she turns out to be the one Alex Snow asked to marry specifically to stop that war. Her only thought at that moment was “He is going to make my life a living hell” *The town Snow and everything it illegally represents is real inside the world I created in this book. It’s as real as you make it to be, but It doesn’t exist in real life*


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