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Owned by the Dragons

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Dragon king, Lucian didn't want a mate, but to secure things for himself and his brothers he will take one. He just has to make sure that she can handle all of them. Bash, Lucian's second has always wanted a mate. When he meets Cass, he knows that she'll be able to test him just like he craves. Youngest of the brothers, Oliver just wants to fuck and fight. In no particular order. He's not afraid to take a mate and embraces Cass and her fears with open arms. William doesn't want a mate. At least, that's what he's told everyone. Yet when he meets Cass for the first time, he can't help the pull he feels to claim her as his own. Will he be able to help her or will the need to claim her be too powerful to resist? After being kidnapped and offered up as tribute to the dragon king. Cass finds herself forced into mate bond that she didn't want with not just one dragon, but four. Cass knows that she has no other choice if she wants to keep herself and her sister alive. She will be forced to please the dragons.

Trigger Warning/Chapter 1

Trigger Warning

Hello Lovely Readers,

This book may contain content that might be triggering for some. It is a dark romance with degradation, BDSM that doesn’t contain consent within the dynamic (I know, not something I typically have in my book). There are many instances where consent is very dubious and there is kidnapping. Because what fun is writing dark romance without hitting those tropes? I will add to anyone worried, this one does have a HEA because I’m a sucker for that happily ever after and I couldn’t imagine not giving Cass her happy ending.

If any of these things are not something you want to read, that is okay. I have plenty of other books where consent is key because that’s sexy too. But sometimes you just need something dark and smutty. 

I hope you enjoy Cass’ story.



Chapter One


“Over here,” I hissed, pulling my sister into the darkened alleyway behind me. The night was cold and quiet but I knew that they were still out there. Those things were hunting us.


“Shhh.” I pulled her against the wall behind the dumpster, her grey eyes were wide as she looked up at me. I wanted to tell her that I would get us out of this, but I didn’t know how I’d do that this time. 

Our breathing was ragged, I tried to keep mine as shallow as possible. I didn’t know what those things were with their glowing eyes. Just that there was no way that they were human.

“Cass, what were those-”

“Found you, pretty thing.” The deep voice chuckled, cutting off my sister’s words. Pulling her away from me. My breath caught in my throat as I pushed forward off the damp brick wall. A hand gripped my wrist and I realized that this man-shaped creature wasn’t alone.

“Ah, ah. You’ll make a fine offering.” His blue wolf-like eyes moved over my body making me feel naked even though I had jeans and an oversized hoodie. He looked over at Cora and I was glad that it wasn’t the same hungry look that he’d given me. “That one’s a little young, but I’m sure he’ll have a use for her.”

“No, just take me. Let her go.” 

“Bravery will get you nowhere.” The first one leered at me, “The King will like breaking that spirit.”

The man’s hand moved up my arm and I jerked away barreling towards my sister and her captive in the hopes that he would let her go and she could escape. It wasn’t to be as an arm wrapped around my waist. Pulling me back against his firm chest, he squeezed me tight making my ribs ache.

 “We’ve got your scent, you can’t escape from a wolf.” He growled, his warm breath fanning over my skin. Fear ran through me, there were so many horrors that we had avoided just for something like this to happen. I stopped moving, at the feel of something hard pressing against my bottom. “Wolves enjoy the hunt more than you can imagine. The only thing saving you right now is we need a tribute.”

“A, a, a tribute? I stuttered out.

Tires screeched behind me and I turned to look at the opening of the alley. Hope filling me that maybe we would be rescued. It was short-lived as a black van pulled up and the door slid open.

“There’s your ride.” His grip tightened around my waist as he made me shuffle walk towards the van. Groaning in my ear as he pressed his cock against me, “Too bad I can’t finish off my hunt with you. Maybe when the king is done with you?”

“Fuck you.” 

He shoved me through the open door and my palms scraped against the metal flooring, I turned to glare up at him, pushing my reddish-blonde hair out of my eyes. 

“You’ll have wished it was me.” His blue eyes twinkled in the darkness as he smiled at me. My sister was shoved into the van and the door was slammed behind her. 

“Cass, what’s going on?” Cora asked.

“I, I, I don’t know.” I shook my head as the van started moving. I crawled to the doors, my hands moving over the door searching for the handle in the darkness. The metal was smooth and cold under my hands. I looked towards the partition that separated us from the drivers before moving back to my sister. “I’ll keep you safe Cora. I promise.

She nodded up at me and I felt my throat tighten. She was so trusting, I wrapped my arms around her. Stroking her soft, dark hair. I didn’t know how I was going to get us out of this. I’d find a way, Cora was my responsibility and I couldn’t let anything happen to her.

We didn’t speak for the remainder of the drive, I wanted to fill the silence to give her some comfort but my words failed me. Instead, I held her close trying to stave off the chill in the air that seemed to seep into our bones from the metal that surrounded us. My eyes burned and I wanted to cry, I knew that I couldn’t. 

That would scare Cora and I had the feeling that the little these creatures knew about us the better. I wished once again, that our parents hadn’t died. That we had someone to save us. 

The van stopped and the door slid open, making me squint at the bright light. A man stepped up to the opening as my eyes adjusted to the light. 

“Get out.” He ordered and I loosened my grip on Cora, helping her out of the van before climbing out behind her. The man stepped around us, slamming the door shut before he stormed off. I looked around the room, my eyes settling on another man. 

He dragged a hand through his bleached hair, his dark roots peeking through the mess strands. Jade green eyes studied my sister and I with a look that I didn’t have words for. His face was smooth, almost boyish and I would have found him handsome if I wasn’t so terrified. 

He brought his hands down, hooking his thumbs into the belt loops of his black leather pants. His white button-up shirt stretched across his chest as he leaned back. 

“Come with me.”

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

“Come with me.” His voice was deep, commanding as he spun around on his heels.

I grabbed Cora’s hand, squeezing it before pulling her forward. I didn’t know where he was taking us, but I had a feeling we weren’t going to like it. 

Our footsteps were loud down the cold industrial-looking hallway. It reminded me of when I’d gotten a job at a department store in the mall and Cora and I had stayed in the maze of hallways. That had been nice, I hadn’t worried as much about her when I worked there. She could pretend for a little while that things were normal. 

That she was just a teenager hanging out, waiting for her friends. Not that we’d lost our parents and we’re barely keeping it together. It hadn’t lasted. Before long we were kicked out by security and I’d lost my job. 

Cora’s hand was cold as she gripped my hand tight, her body pressing into my side

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