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The Mafia's Pet

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I hum, stroking my chin thoughtfully. "There's only one way to get out of that." My attention is strictly on my feisty mama now. She swallows hard, jutting her chin out in defiance. "What the f*ck do you want from me?" she bites out. Mmm, I can't wait to punish that bratty mouth of hers. "Be my pet. I'll be allowed to do whatever I want to you for the duration of the six months." ***** Diego Reyes is the Mexican mafia lord in Las Vegas running a s*x club. After finding out one of his most trusted men, Antonio Davis, stole money from him, he kills him and plans to do the same to his entire family. That is until he meets Vanessa, Antonio’s youngest daughter. He makes a deal with her that if she and her sister work for him for six months, he’ll let them go, but he wants her all to himself. He’s determined to make her his little pet and consume her mind, body, and spirit. As disgusted as Vanessa should be that she belongs to her father’s murderer, she finds herself enjoying the lifestyle and wanting more.

Chapter 1


Bullets fly from my gun, ricocheting through the chest of the bastard who betrayed me. "What a fucking waste," I sigh, watching blood pool onto the floor. I shove the gun back into my waistband holster, inhaling the addictive scent of gun powder and revenge.

Turning to my second-in-command, Leonardo stands near the door, gazing down at the body with a stoic expression. "Leo, get somebody to clean this up!" I bark.

With a curt nod, he's on the phone with the "cleaning" crew. They'll have this piece of shit in a body bag within the hour, ensuring there's no trace of him left behind.

I storm back into the club, where loud music fills the building, drowning out the sounds of sex. I head straight to the bar and order a shot of tequila. Axel places it in front of me, worry etched on his countenance.

"Is it done, Jefe (Boss)?" he asks, his voice tight with emotion.

This has deeply affected each of my men, whether they admit it or not. We're supposed to be a familia, loyal to each other and protect one another at all costs. Or at least that's what I used to believe until I was viciously stabbed in the back.

My jaw tenses. "Yeah, that backstabbing motherfucker is dead," I mutter. As I down the drink, there's a welcoming burn that sears my throat. "Fuck!" I roar, launching the glass at the wall. Axel swiftly steps aside, avoiding the flying glass.

My temper has been out of control lately. But who can blame me? Antonio was one of my best men, and I found out too late that he was stealing from me. Besides the men I've already tortured and killed for information, I don't know who else could have been working with him besides the Russians. Any of my men could be traitors, and I fucking hate traitors. Nobody steals from me. NOBODY!

My blood is boiling, threatening to explode. Killing him wasn't enough. Once you join the mafia, your family automatically becomes collateral. He took from me, and I'm going to take everything from him even if he's already rotting away in hell.

Leo emerges from the back room, locking the door behind him so nobody happens to walk in on the dead body lying on the floor. "Are you okay, Diego?" he asks, his Italian accent thick seasoning his words.

"No!" I snarl, grinding my molars together. "I don't feel any better after killing him. I know he did well to hide his family from us. Find them. I'm going to make sure his lineage is destroyed."

My voice is calm, but the fury boiling beneath my skin is anything but.

He quickly exits the room, his phone pressed to his ear once again.

Time for my revenge, Antonio.My driver, Charlie, pulls in front of a house. It's small and worn-down for a man that was stealing millions from me. For a moment, I wonder if Leo didn't send me the right address, but I know him too well. He doesn't make mistakes; he prefers to keep my wrath aimed away from him.

My crew steps out of the black SUV as I do. We silently approach the lawn, the grass withered and dotted with brown patches and dandelions. "I want everyone inside tied up. I will kill them myself," I say into my earpiece.

They all nod silently. We stop near the porch and wait, taking a few minutes to listen for any sounds. The night remains calm, indicating that everyone inside must be asleep.

""¡Rompe la puerta ahora (Break the door now)!" I motion with my finger, and they burst into the house, their loaded guns pointed and shouting Spanish obscenities.

I follow behind them lazily, waiting for the task to be completed. There's a loud bang followed by high-pitched screams that carry outside, but luckily, no other homes are nearby. When I kill them, no one will know, and even if anyone were to call the police, they wouldn't do shit about it. The LVMPD is on my payroll. I own those motherfuckers.

"¡Jefe, los tenemos todos amarrados (Boss, we have them all tied up)!" Danny shouts.

Great, the job is done.

Entering the house, I find two women in their pajamas tied to their own dining room chairs. My men ransacked the place, but it was done intentionally. It will appear as though a break-in went wrong very fast.

"¡Revisa to' la casa, asegúrate de que Antonio no dejó ni un billete por ahí. ¡Todo lo que le queda es mío (Check the whole house, make sure Antonio didn't leave any bills lying around. Everything he has left is mine)!" I snarl fiercely.

Approaching my victims, I feel a twinge of pity. These women are technically innocent, but Antonio roped them into his bullshit. He knew the consequences for betraying me, yet he obviously didn't give a fuck if it endangered his family.

I could easily shoot them in the head and be done with it, but a pair of grey eyes halt me in my tracks. I stand before her, mesmerized by her beauty. Her hazelnut skin is flawlessly smooth, and her ash-brown hair pulled into a big, poufy puff on top of her head.

She glares at me with furious eyes, while the woman beside her (I assume her mother) sobs loudly.

Interesting. I've only had women look at me with fear or desire, not like they want to rip my dick off and beat me with it.

Ripping the tape from her mouth, she winces. "It looks like you want to say something, Mama. What is it?" I ask, abandoning my native tongue, as I doubt they speak Spanish. She spits in my face, and I chuckle as I wipe it away. "A feisty one, I like that. What's your name?"

"Fuck you!" she seethes, "where is my father? What did you do to him, you monster!"

A dark chuckle escapes my lips. "He's maggot food, and you and the rest of your family are going to join him shortly."

I'm actually considering another idea, but I say that just to see her reaction. Is she truly as tough as she presents herself, or is she just another weak, sheltered princess crying for her daddy?

Her eyes widen, but she doesn't dissolve into tears like her mother, whose wailing has become obnoxiously louder. I grit my teeth, the sound grating against my skull. "Shut the fuck up before I send you to hell with your husband!" I growl. She sobs even harder, and I'm two seconds from actually considering putting a bullet in her head.

"That's my older sister, you dickweed. Our mom died years ago!" the feisty mama retorts.

That's news to me. Perhaps I never truly knew Antonio at all. I'm sure that's exactly how he wanted it, considering he spent the last ten years earning my trust only to steal from me. He knew my father even longer than that.

Just thinking about him has rage flooding my veins again. I seize the girl's ponytail, forcing her to meet my gaze. "Don't disrespect me again, or I'll shove my cock down that pretty little throat of yours," I threaten, venom lacing my words.

She shudders, but her eyes never leave mine. "What do you want from us? I-I'll give you anything, just leave us alone." Her voice trembles slightly, fueling my desire.

I can't even remember the last time I desired sex this badly. Perhaps it's her beauty. Or the hatred in her eyes. Or the need to push my dick past those pouty lips of hers. But I want her.

I need to possess her.

I smirk, edging closer until our faces are only inches apart. "Five million dollars. Tell me, Mama, do you have that stashed away somewhere?"

"Five million?" she gasps incredulously. "Are you fucking joking right now? How would we have that kind of money?"

"Would I have emptied my gun into your father's chest if I were in a joking mood?"

A blend of anger and fear flickers in her eyes. She gnaws on her bottom lip, and I can't help but watch. The things I could use that mouth for...

"L-Look, maybe we can work out a deal," she stammers. "We both can get jobs, and we can pay you monthly...or like every two weeks if you prefer."

I laugh bitterly. "You think a minimal wage job will repay what you owe me?"

It will take a whole lifetime in this fucked up economy.

"N-No, but-"

"I'll tell you what," I interject. "You and your sister will work in my club for six months, and I'll consider the debt paid off."

Both sisters stare at me in confusion. "What club?"

"Does it matter? You work, or I can kill you now."

She scowls. "Can I at least discuss this with my sister first?"

I smile sarcastically as I tear the tape from the other sister's mouth. "Sure, talk it over. We'll wait."

Danny moves beside me, while Luis and Leroy watch from the door. "Jefe, no estoy tratando de cuestionarte, pero... ¿las hijas de Antonio (Boss, I'm not trying to question you...but Antonio's daughters)?" Danny asks, choosing his words carefully.

It damn sure sounds like he's questioning my decision, but I won't punish him...this time. He's right; we can't trust them. However, they're young and attractive, and they could make me a shit load of money. I wonder why Antonio never thought of this instead of fucking stealing from me.

I smirk to myself. "Actually, I think it's the perfect revenge. Antonio can watch from the grave as his little girls dance and whore themselves out for my money. He did this to them, after all."

I say it loud enough for them to hear it. They fall silent for a moment, digesting my words before continuing their discussion.

Danny nods in agreement. "I'll just keep a close eye on these putas (bitches)."

"Good, they'll stay at the estate until their debt is paid."

Danny might become a glorified babysitter for the next six months, but he knows he'll be well-compensated for it. I always take care of my familia (family).

"Okay, we've decided," the feisty Mama interjects.

I turn to her. "Perfect. Which is it? Getting your brains blown out or working for me?"

"The latter, but if this involves prostitution, go ahead and kill me. I'm not...fucking anyone."

She says "fucking" like it's a foreign word she's never used before. I wonder if she's ever been touched by a man before. We'll have plenty of time to find out.

I cock my head to the side. "And you think you have a say in that? Once we make this deal, I'll own you."

Chapter 2

Fuck. The idea of owning her ignites a fire in me that I've never felt before. Who gives a fuck about her sister, she's just coming along because I can tell she cares for her, and I'll use that to my advantage.

"S-Sir, please don't pimp us out," the sister whimpers.

Ah, she speaks. I was starting to wonder if the only thing she can do is cry and get on my fucking nerves.

They both look at me, but only one pair of eyes does anything for me.

I hum, stroking my chin thoughtfully. "There's only one way to get out of that."

My attention is strictly on my feisty mama now.

She swallows hard, jutting her chin out in defiance. "What the fuck do you want from me?" she bites out.

Mmm, I can't wait to punish that bratty mouth of hers.

"Be my pet. I'll be allowed to do whatever I want to you for the duration of the six months."

Their expressions twist in shock, but I keep my gaze fixed on her, patiently awaiting her answer.

"What the fu


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