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My Daddy's Best Friend

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I laugh, and he glares at me. “God, if you were f*ck*ng mine!” “Let me guess, my *ss would be getting spanked. It wouldn’t work. I like it.” Please note - The books in the series are stand-alone; they do not need to be read in order. They are simply all forbidden love books. Harley often refuses private dances but finally agrees. She steps into the private room, expecting the usual clientele, only to be shocked by the man waiting. She dances and taunts him, keeping their masks firmly in place, hiding their identities. This man has her craving him and pleasure, and she doesn't stop him when his fingers do far more than touch. Pleasure follows and teases her after that night, and she decides to go home to her family after years of hiding her secrets from them. Harley has missed her father and his biker club, but she knows that her secrets will cause him to murder people. Her secrets are nothing, especially when her uncle Jasper tells her that she shouldn't call him uncle, and he tells her a story of a club he visited a few nights before, where a beautiful dancer found pleasure around his fingers. That dancer is her. While Jasper tries to keep his distance, the lure of forbidden love becomes too much. He knows touching his best friend's daughter, who had called him uncle growing up, is a death sentence, yet he can't stop himself. Soon, Harley finds herself calling her Uncle Jasper, Daddy, and becoming his submissive. A few close calls make them think her dad really is about to find out the truth. Only Harley forgets about her past, which shows up at her family home and threatens everyone she loves if she doesn't leave. The books in this series are all standalone, not connected to each other, but are all forbidden love.


I sway to the music. The hands that are on my hips make me smile. “You, James, are a fool.”

Laughing, he shrugs. “No risk, no fun, honey. Your dad wouldn’t kill me.” He says it, but I know he would. Once my dad warns him in person to stay away from me, if James comes near me again. He’s dead. I watch as he holds out the shot, and I take it, knocking it back while he does his own.

He moves, pulling out the small container. “Want some honey?” He winks, and I can’t stop the laughter from escaping.

“James, you really want to be a dead man, don’t you? Is you f*ck*ng his princess not enough, you want to tempt me to do drugs as well?” He’s lucky my dad won’t find out. I watch him walk out of the crowded room, no doubt to take a line or two.

“Babes, you know he is a dead man if your dad knows.” I laugh upon hearing Amy. Turning, I throw my arms around her.

“He seems to think I’m worth it.” We dance together.

“Can you not pick a nice guy that’s your age to use as a f*ck buddy?” She tilts her head, waiting for my reply.

“Amy, where is the fun in that?” We both laugh. James knows what we are. I know what he is, a wh*r*; nothing will change that. The s*x though is amazing, I smile as I consider what tonight will bring.

“He’s bad, though; let’s be honest, he’s one of the worst.” She looks at me with a warning look, but that has p*ss*d me off.

“No, James isn’t. Sure, he might f*ck women like they are merely toys, but he has morals. He was the only one to stop that *ssh*l* dragging me out when I was unconscious.” My words are loud and harsh, and everyone is looking at me. Me and James have a weird friendship, but I will stick up for him. He was the only one to protect me that night. James could easily have used me that night, but he didn’t. He took me back to his and let me sleep the booze off.

“Okay! I’m sorry.” She holds her hands up, and we begin dancing again. I feel the hands grasp my hips and smile. Amy rolls her eyes and walks off. Turning, I look at him.

“Honey, I owe you. All you need to do is call or text for repayment.” Kissing me, he winks.

“You owe me for what?” I push my body closer to his.

“Sticking up for me. Everyone heard you, honey. I mean, I’m hurt you think I f*ck women and use them as a toy. I will let that slip, though.” He chuckles in my ear.

I punch him in the stomach. “What would you call it when you f*ck a woman and dump her?” He pulls me into him, and I feel his c*ck against me as I grind against his body, dancing.

“I haven’t just dumped you, have I? I like wild s*x, which you can give me, but you refuse to date me.” Great, back to this. He wanted us to date, but I was the one who refused.

“Why would I agree? We have something amazing, so why settle down? The s*x is wild for a reason, James, because we’re f*ck buddies, nothing more. Plus, like hell, my daddy will let this be more.”

He nods and smiles at me. “So, just f*ck buddies, honey? Until you decide you have found a man who can give you everything?” I nod, and his lips brush against mine. I’m a fool, and I know I am. I like my freedom and James, well, he’s freedom, the freedom I need. I feel someone next to us, looking up Wayne stands with his hand on James’ shoulder.

“Surely you two have had enough of each other by now and need a new f*ck buddy?” He licks his lips while looking at me. “I never get a taste.” His eyes stay on me, and I laugh.

“And you never will, Wayne.” He’s too young for me anyway.

He laughs, looking at me confused. “I’m a year older than you, Harls.” I groan, not wanting to explain, and James smiles.

“Don’t Wayne. Ask all the guys here; they try, and they fail. They go home heartbroken and wanting her.” I roll my eyes at him, and Wayne stands even more confused than before.

“Look, Wayne, you’re a nice guy and everything, but I don’t want nice. I mostly date and f*ck guys at least six years older than me. Plus, I avoid anyone who knows my friends and family.” That makes it messy.

“The exception to that rule is me, f*ck*ng me is a risk she enjoys.” James laughs.

“That is different. Shh, you.” I move and knee him between the legs. He falls back, and his eyes widen.

“F*ck, honey! At least wait until we’re alone to start the foreplay.” James wheezes, and I laugh. Wayne stares at us, shocked. “She likes to make it hurt, so you need to be ready for that, Wayne.” James smiles, and I laugh. We play fight. That’s what makes it wild. He stands with his hand between his legs, trying to give himself some comfort.

“Did you really just do that?” Wayne stares at me, shocked, and we both burst out laughing.

“Oh, Wayne, you have no idea what she does to me. We hurt each other for fun. If you’re shocked and ready to cry seeing this, I wouldn’t even try to get her in bed. She’s more wild in it than out of it.” James winks, and I hit him.

“Shut the f*ck up, and stop talking about me in bed.” I laugh and he has a smug look.

“I’m getting a drink.” Wayne rushes off, and we both laugh. I glare at James, and he winks.

“Honey, tonight will be f*ck*ng epic if you keep looking at me like that.” He’s not wrong.

I’m p*ss*d off, though. “We f*ck James; stop telling people about me in bed, please.”

“Honey, it’s been three months since he started chasing you. You kneeing me in the balls made him realise he can’t handle you. Parties will be peaceful now.” He’s grinning like he knows he’s right, and he is.

“F*ck this, I need a drink.” I walk to the kitchen, and he follows. As I grab the bottle, his hand grips mine.

“You’re leaving early. I have better ideas.” I laugh at his words. “Everyone, get the f*ck out. Take the booze with you.” I watch everyone rush out, and James slams the door. “I miss having you in here.” To be fair, it has been a while since we f*ck*d in his kitchen.

I move and push him against the wall, my lips connect with his and his hands slide down my body before grasping my *ss.

“You and leather, f*ck…” he groans, pulling me flush against him. Turning with me in his hands, he lifts me, and I anchor my legs around him. His mouth kisses my neck, and my hands move along his body.

I hear the bike and groan. I push him back, and he looks at me, amused.

“It might not be daddy, honey.” His eyes are seductive, but I know it is. Especially when the sound of more bikes is heard. “Fine, one more kiss to remind me of everything.” He grips the back of my head and pulls me to him; his mouth captures mine, and I get lost in the pleasure. His hips grind against mine, and his lips curve into a smile as we hear my dad. The kitchen door swings open, and he stands there with everyone behind him. Well, there goes my f*ck buddy.


I watch my dad pull James away from me, and Uncle Jasper grabs me and steadies me. James is looking far too pleased right now, considering my dad has him by the throat.

“Touch her, or look at her again, and I will kill you. I don’t care if she crying on your doorstep, you fucking stay away!” My dad hits him, and James laughs.

“Daddy!” What the hell? I go to tell him this is wrong, and he stops me.

“Don’t say fuck all here, princess! Wait.” People are watching and listening. I nod, and he drags me out; I look at all the bikes. My dad wanted to make a statement tonight to James, and he did, with too many members of the club behind him. Sitting on the back of the bike, I hold onto my dad.

The bike turns a corner, and I look around, confused. We’re not going home? I wait and watch the bike stop at the club, fuck. I climb off the bike and stand. My dad points to the building.

“Princess, get your ass in there now.” He’s doing it here at the club, so if anyone

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