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Trapped by the Badboy Billionaire

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Anya loves weddings. Everything about it is just so...magical. When her brother Ansel decided to get engaged to the love of his life, she knew his wedding day would be perfect. And when the day came, no one was more overjoyed than Anya. There was only one obstacle that could ruin the seemingly perfect day. Connor Williams, an arrogant nightmare who may be after the bride and Anya needs to stop him no matter what! But she finds out something else about Connor. He actually secretly wants her! Now she has no choice but to protect herself from this ruthless man.

1. Meeting the Villain

I woke up with a sound of alar...just kidding.

We are not doing this. I'm not starring inside a cliché novel. In fact, I'm not even the heroine of this story!

Who is the heroine, you might ask? A beautiful creature named Jessica. Pure, lovely Jessica. With her long brown tresses, dark brown eyes, voluptuous body, and big pouty lips. Everything that is required of the main girl in a romance novel. And just like every romance novel, the female protagonist deserves a dashing male protagonist so that she can fall in love with him and they live happily ever after. In this case, it was my twin brother Ansel Adams. He was the perfect gentleman and the best fiancé Jessica could ask for. I was quite proud of my brother.

And I, Anya Adams, would consider myself merely a side character. The snarky, lovable best friend or the sister of the main characters every reader grows to love.

Yep, that's me. I was both.

And this story is about to end with a happy ending as every romance novel should. My brother Ansel was getting married!

I've always loved weddings, you see? To me, everything about it was beautiful. The flowers, the theme, bright and beautiful colors, every little detail brought joy to my heart. So it was no surprise that I was extremely excited about it, especially since I was the maid of honor.

"What do you think of this dress?" Jessica held up a brown dress. We were at the bridal shop, alongside two other bridesmaids, Mira and Erica.

"Ehh...brown makes me look washed out," Mira remarked.

"It's not your day, Mira. It's Jessica's!" I exclaimed.

"I get it, but still," Mira looked annoyed. She didn't share the same enthusiasm as me.

"How about red?" Jessica asked.

"Red is good," Mira said. Erica also nodded in approval.

"Anya?" Jessica looked at me expectantly.

"Excellent choice," I smiled.

"That's decided then," Jessica clapped her hands together. "Since you are the maid of honor, I will let you wear something extraordinary. How about that dress over there?"

My eyes followed her finger to see what dress she referred to, and I almost tripped on my feet. It was extraordinary, alright!

Calling it a dress would be an insult. It was more like a ball gown. It had a long luxurious skirt. The fabric looked delicate and sparkly. The top was corset style with beaded shoulder straps. It was a dress fit for a princess.

"Excuse me, Jessica. I appreciate your sentiment, but there's no way I can pull that off," I said.

"Don't be ridiculous. You are gorgeous, and this dress is perfect for you," Jessica insisted.

I sighed but supported her decision. She was the bride, after all.

Next up, cake tasting. The others went home, but Jessica asked me to join her and Ansel. According to her, I had an excellent taste bud when it comes to desserts. And she was right. I couldn't pass up the opportunity either, because cake!

Jessica and I went to the bakery and waited for the groom. Ansel was late as always, but I didn't mind because the bakery's nice lady handed me a cake pop to munch on.

"There you guys are!" Jessica exclaimed and looked at the door. I followed her gaze and almost choked on my cake pop.

There stood my brother, Ansel Adams, with a ginormous smile on his face. Behind him was a man. A man whose mere existence irked me.

Connor Williams.

What the hell was he doing here?

Have you ever read those cliched romance books where the male lead is a hot billionaire with perfectly chiseled abs and a sharp jaw? That was Connor in a nutshell.

Oh, and don't forget about the piercing eyes and devilish smirk that melted the hearts of innocent and naive women despite him being the biggest asshat on the planet.

Yup, also Connor. Gross.

He was also the biggest jerk in high school and not to mention Jessica's ex-boyfriend. This is why his being at the wedding was a bad idea.

"I see you already started to stuff your face with cake. Leave some for us," Ansel grinned as I flipped him off in front of everyone. I would've said something, but my face was, indeed, full of cake.

"Congratulations, Jessica. You look stunning," Connor said and kissed her on the cheek. I hope she scrubs her face with steel wool later. "And you, Anya. Good to see you again," he looked at me and said. He narrowed his eyes then looked me up and down. BARF, I need a shower now.

"Hey...Connor..." I said. My voice practically dripping poison as I glared at him. Connor sensed my hostility but pretended like it was nothing. He kept smiling at me, which pissed me off even more.

"Nice jacket. Where did you get it from? Douche R' Us?" I barked.

"Good one. You've always been a funny girl Anya. I particularly remember the face you used to make when I teased you in middle school and high school. Like a sweet little blushing doll," Connor smirked.

"Fuck you!" I roared. A kid nearby gasped. Her mother quickly covered her ears and stared at me with disappointment in her eyes. Oops!

"Guys, please. Let's behave like adults. We aren't in high school anymore, okay?" Ansel stepped in. "Anya, please try to get along with Connor. He is my best friend. I know you don't see eye to eye with him but do it for Jessica and me," he said.

"Fine," I sighed.

"I have no issue with Anya. In fact, I find her quite adorable," Connor smirked.

That bastard. He is purposely trying to rile me up! I thought and tried to keep my rage under control.

Calm down, Anya, do it for your brother. I tried to give myself a mini pep talk in my head. I'd only have to deal with Connor until the wedding. After that, I'd never had to see his stupid face of his.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. I am too harsh on the guy. What did he possibly do to me to hate him this much?

As I said, he was horrible.

If Jessica is the female protagonist and Ansel the male protagonist of this story, that would make Connor an antagonist. Otherwise known as, A DAMN VILLAIN!

How about we go back and elaborate?

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2. The Thorn on My Side

2011, Senior year in high school ...

I looked at my twin brother Ansel whose eyes were fixated on Jessica as she bounced around in the football game, cheering for our team.

"If you like her so much, why don't you ask her out?" I managed to say between crunching on popcorn.

"I think you forgot the most important thing. Jessica already has a boyfriend," Ansel said. His eyes were full of sadness.

"Connor? He is barely important. Soon Jessica will see that he is a humongous douche and leave him," I waved my hands in dismissal.

"You know are too hard on the guy. Connor is my friend, and he is really not that bad," Ansel said, then chuckled as I made a face.

"I think there's something wrong with your brain, dear bother. Not that bad? That guy is a nightmare! Don't you remember what he did to me when we were 13?" I said.

Oh, did I mention how he mi

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