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Charlotte had always seen herself as a disappointment to her family. Lots of money was spent on her when she got into an accident at a young age, in order to send Charlotte and her siblings to school, her dad's shoe making company went bankrupt. Charlotte was never Interested in a relationship, she had a best friend when she was young, Brandon which she so much love. Brandon's parents lost their lives in an accident and so he had to live with his uncle, Charlotte and Brandon lost contacts due to that. Charlotte never had a friend or a relationship, she was on the search for her first love, Brandon. Due to his company situation, Charlotte's dad, Ray started going to his friends for partnership. Ray met his friend, Paxton Bennett and he accepted to the partnership but only if Ray would accept a marriage between his son, Dirk Bennett and Charlotte for 2 years, which Ray did accept and Charlotte was sold in exchange for Paxton's partnership. She was sold to Dirk Bennett, a possessive and arrogant Billionaire, the CEO of Bennett's Enterprises. He had a bitter childhood and so he never wanted to be with anyone except his best friend and first love, Daisy whom he was on the search for after losing contact with her at a very young age. Dirk believed life was cruel to him, from losing his parents at 7 and getting maltreated by his uncle for his parents properties, to being taken to an orphanage home where he was adopted by Paxton and Sarah Bennett. A contract marriage with both having someone they love. What do you think will happen?


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