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Handsome Huit

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Synopsis:- Handsome Huit. Blossom Chuks was an introverted teenager who became neighbors with eight popular boys from her school, popularly known as ‘The Handsome Huit'. Handsome, Rich, Smart and having daring personalities, the boys easily got girls falling at their feet but where surprised when Blossom didn’t seem to care about their popularity and deemed them picky. Unlike her sister, Dana, that was ready to throw herself at their feet, Blossom was honestly excited of the chance but knew bad rich boys didn’t bother with nerdy calm girls like her. But she was wrong! The boys had different persona out of school and within the neighborhood and easily won Blossom’s likeness for them. Soon she found herself being friends and maybe too close with them. But being friends with the popular boys had lots of disadvantages. The divas that wanted them, the boys who hated them and she trying to share her attention amongst all of them. Could she keep her friendship with all of them without making any feel left out? Could they all remain friends without love squabbles coming in? Could they really be genuinely friends with her? Or are they really bad boys that were dared to make her like them? Oh and what if she and her sister gets entangled in an awkward love-decagon! Let the reading begin!

Chapter 1

Chapter One – The Relocation.

The duplex. They got it. The dream duplex of many billionaires, with a pent house on top, no doubt her dad’s new office. There had been a huge contests for the house and her father was lucky to have bought it.

A classic three bedroom duplex at the Sun Bloom Estate. The last one there was.

Costing him a whooping one million dollars. But he looked like he didn’t mind.

The real estate firm that had sold it to him had even taken pictures and made videos as they congratulated him.

Blossom wished she could use some of those money to upgrade her accessories and gadgets.

She smiled as her little brother jumped to the sofa and began bouncing. Yeah, he would be having his own room. Finally.

She went upstairs as she could no longer stand her mother’s continuous singing of joy. With her high pitch, one would think she’s the main vocalist of some K-Pop band.

On getting to her room, Blossom collapsed on her bed and glanced around her room for a while.

She would be moving out soon. She had stayed there since she struck three, so many memories were there. She was seventeen currently.

Her elder sister, Dana, flung her door opened and Blossom nearly laughed when she saw her sister’s sagging eyes.

“One, knock next time” Blossom said. “Two, yes, your prayer wasn’t answered” she let out a chuckle.

Dana grunted and fell on the bed with her sister. She had been so busy playing devil. She had prayed all night that their father lost the house.

So the money could be used for something, as she said, more productive.

“The worst part is, they are all older than me” Dana punched the air in frustration.

Blossom laughed at her cute expressions but stopped. “Who though? Who is the “they”?” she asked.

Dana sat up and gave her a suspicious look, “You mean you don’t know them?”.

Her younger sister nodded. She stood up straight as she knew she was in for some of Dana's major gossips.

Dana scoffed before starting her story of the “Handsome Huit”.

In other words, about eight good-looking boys. Blossom guessed they had French origins. Dana said they lived in the same new estate.

The estate had five duplexes and their dad bought the fifth one. Those boys were top school crushes of their school.

According to Dana, who once told her sister nine sons of different presidents' asked her out once on the same night.

“Like seriously, and I haven’t heard of any?” Blossom quickly shut her sister up. Yeah, she was a big time storyteller.

“Well, you don’t even know our country’s President's name. What do you know?” Dana retorted and continued her story.

Blossom rolled her eyes and tried to force herself to sleep, anything to show Dana she wasn’t interested in her fangirling.

Somehow, her sister’s perfect description of one of the boys with blonde mullet styled hair, cute freckles and light blue eyes began forming in her head.

She wondered why one of the “Handsome Huit” boys appearing in her head, she hadn’t even met him before and was only imagining. Dana should be a writer or something.

“I thought Chris was older but no, I’m like months older. And I doubt he dates older girls” Dana sulked.

Blossom rolled her eyes. Months older wasn’t bored but whatever. Their little brother, Tim, ran inside the room and jumped right on Blossom's stomach.

“Mom said I’d have my own room!!” he squeezed her stomach hard.

Blossom folded in pain. Like it was a given he would. Why’d he have to wreck her stomach?

When she looked up to see his cute smiling face, her anger and pain just died.

“Well, guess we’d just be friends with them cos… wait, they’re all older than you. All except Jacob. He’s younger!” Dana announced, she didn’t know but Blossom barely knew who that Jacob was.

“Oh, I'd would play with him then” Tim answered, smiling wider. If he left here, he’d need new playmates.

Dana shook her head, “Jacob is sixteen. I doubt he’d want to play with a six year old”.

Blossom kicked her out of her bed so she wouldn’t hurt Tim’s feelings but it was too late.

“Then who'll I play with?” Tim frowned. He stomped out of the room later.

“Good job!” Blossom scolded Dana and tried her best to push her out of her room as well.

“Why? Why? Why isn’t Chris older than me. And Jackson and Charles. Why are they all younger than me!” She was literally putting all her weight on her younger sister as she complained.

Blossom successfully shut her door behind her and breath in for a while. Dana was a year older than her but she was so childish and dramatic.

If not she was taller, one would think Blossom was the older one.

Blossom had to start packing. Their father had said they’d have finished moving within the next two days. It was impossible but she’d try her best in her own part.

She didn’t have much friends to tell about her relocation so she just told a couple of old people she visited from time to time and gave extra milk to the stray cats across the streets.

Their dad was so eager to get into the new house that he asked help from some company to help them move out.

“D*mn, my body is going to break” Dana moaned as she and Blossom lifted Tim’s toys bag to the booth.

Blossom laughed, another episode of dramatic Dana. Tim had thrown away lots of his old toys so the bag would be light. Dana was just lazy.

“You are just lazy” she said aloud before she knew it. Dana frowned and began making punches on the air again.

It was her thing so Blossom quietly got into the backseat waiting for her dad. Dana slipped in with her later.

The miraculous journey to the new apartment was beginning.

“My body is so going to break” Dana said again. Her younger sister had to ask why she was saying that and her answer made Blossom regret.

“Well, I’m going to be meeting face to face with the Handsome Huit. Dad said they’d be giving us a tour around the estate. Their parents or them. I know it will be them. My body would soon break when I see Sam's eyes” she began fake crying on Blossom’s shoulders.

Blossom just shrugged, she didn’t even know one of them was Sam. She was so bad with names so she didn’t bother try.

Didn’t her elder sister say she was going to be just friends with the boys? What’s with the body breaking?

Their dad got into the car and started the engine. Blossom slipped comfortably into her seatbelt and rested her head.

She could use some minutes of sleep before they got there. Cos Dana's body breaking event would surely involve her somehow. It always does.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two – Saving their squirrel.

The estate was wonderful. More like some grandeur palace, from the gate to the courtyard. Dana saw her sister, Blossom, looking around so intently.

She was surprised to see disappointment on her face. What was disappointing about this place?

“What’s with you?” she nudged her.

Blossom shrugged and said, “There are no cats here. I doubt the boys would have cats as pets too, right? I wish dad just let me have my own pet” she began another search for a dog sign.

Dana rolled her eyes. Her typical nerdish and boring sister. Who cared about pets when you are living in the same neighborhood as eight princes.

Their car stopped in front of a mansion-duplex. Tim scrambled from their middle out of the door. Blossom was rather slow as she was loosing the excitement.

“Oh my goodness!” Blossom nearly shouted but held her mouth in her hands. Her elder sister traced her eyes to the source of her surprise and was qu


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