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Princess-Treasure Chuks

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  • 7.1
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  • 7.5

Synopsis:- Handsome Huit. Blossom Chuks was an introverted teenager who became neighbors with eight popular boys from her school, popularly known as ‘The Handsome Huit'. Handsome, Rich, Smart and having daring personalities, the boys easily got girls falling at their feet but where surprised when Blossom didn’t seem to care about their popularity and deemed them picky. Unlike her sister, Dana, that was ready to throw herself at their feet, Blossom was honestly excited of the chance but knew bad rich boys didn’t bother with nerdy calm girls like her. But she was wrong! The boys had different persona out of school and within the neighborhood and easily won Blossom’s likeness for them. Soon she found herself being friends and maybe too close with them. But being friends with the popular boys had lots of disadvantages. The divas that wanted them, the boys who hated them and she trying to share her attention amongst all of them. Could she keep her friendship with all of them without making any feel left out? Could they all remain friends without love squabbles coming in? Could they really be genuinely friends with her? Or are they really bad boys that were dared to make her like them? Oh and what if she and her sister gets entangled in an awkward love-decagon! Let the reading begin!

The Alpha's Triple Lunas
  • 👁 19.9K
  • 7.5

Synopsis Abused by their Uncle, emotionally and physically, for fifteen years, three sisters blindly accept to be the wife of a Lone True Alpha Werewolf. The goal was to escape their Uncle’s torture and live in peace with their newfound brother but tide changes when they grow attached to the lone wolf. Scott never expected to have three Lunas in one day and accepted it as luck but his luck runs out when the evil Dragon Queen puts a bounty on the head of his three Lunas. The sisters never expect to become entangled with magic and dragons but as Lunas, they took their place besides the Alpha’s side. Which sister would finally get the title of Luna Queen? And is there really no secret of their Alpha husband and the Dragon Queen. Read to find out how the outrageous adventure and love story rolled in.

You Rejected A Silver Wolf
  • 👁 32.7K
  • 7.8

Synopsis: Lady Rihanna, as she was usually called. The next Beta of the Black Hills Pack and the eldest child of Beta Sam, right hand of the Alpha King. But she was never accorded those respect and was rather hated, humiliated and ostracized from her pack for offending the Princess when she was a nine year old. Many times she tried to show that she can be a good backbone to the future of Black Hills Pack, many times she had been suppressed. No one believed she could, she was just a weak wolf and disgrace to her father. And that was the best part; no one remembered her Silver Wolf, if they did, they’d have realized she was the key to a prophecy made years ago. A prophecy that made her the greatest wolf in the land, a prophecy not even the Alpha King could prevent. All the bad things could happen to her, get rejected, leave her pack, separate from her twin brother, be hunted for being a rogue BUT she had a damn silver wolf to protect her and that’s what they all forgot about, the power of a silver wolf.

Sir Damien's Contracted Wife
  • 👁 16.7K
  • 7.5

Title: Sir Damien’s Contracted Wife. Synopsis: Arya was all Damien wanted in a woman. Neat, smart, passionate and responded to worries like they were hers. The only problem was, her only memory of him was as a boy who stalked her, diagnosed with yandere syndrome that made her life a living hell. He had a chance to her, when the father asked for the girl to be in an arranged marriage with a rich man as a way to gain money to pay her dead mother’s debts. Arya had no choice so collaborated with Sir Damien, a man she assumed was her sister’s boyfriend, to be his arranged wife. Being the CEO of three powerful companies, her father quickly picked him. But Sir Damien lied, he lied to Arya that their marriage was only a formality and she could leave once she found true love. He didn’t mean a word. He’d make sure that he was her end. Her true love. His beautiful plans of having her as his became faulty when Arya’s long time crush, the son of his governor, began reciprocating Arya’s feelings. And his contracted wife might not be the only thing his rival was after.

Painful Smiles
  • 👁 10.3K
  • 7.5

When twin sisters are exact opposite but somehow gets entangled with the same guy. Michael Louis was a twelve year old young CEO who after the death of his mother lost interest in this world. He was tired of living hence attempted suicide. Claudia Larabee, the opposite twin of Clara Larabee, had suffered much unfairness by her family. For the twelve years of her life, her sister had been a thorn in her flesh. Amidst the wickedness her sister had shown her was forcing a nurse to suck blood from her as donation to some young heir. The consequence of that action, Claudia didn’t really recover from. Claudia, unknown to her, had become a reason a young boy had to live. Yearning to meet her for once in his life, Michael stumbles upon her wrong twin, Clara. Years later, he returns to find her again. The journey he makes to establish a lasting relationship proves dangerous to Claudia, as her wicked twin gets a rich and dangerous friend. Would Michael realize he’s falling for the wrong twin? Or would fate forever give Claudia painful smiles?

The Were CEO's Secret
  • 👁 44K
  • 7.5

Synopsis: Nathan Squeal was a mysterious CEO who hardly came for meetings nor attended social gatherings and pack meetings. But his colleagues noticed things changing after he appointed a young miss to be his secretary. Even the Alpha saw it. All Stephanie needed was a job, not to become a best friend or babysitter for a grown annoying man and be involved with werewolves. The way other workers talked about Nathan was so different from the way he acted around her. She was yet to understand how he even ran the company with his level of stupidity. Still, in her dreams, she still kept on seeing a little boy in need of help, her help. The more she tried to ignore it, the more CEO Nathan kept on being the boy who always needed her help. They were more dark secrets of both the company and CEO Nathan. Was Nathan really the person who everyone talked about? Or were there sinister secrets hidden under his deceiving smiles?

  • 👁 16
  • 5.0

Synopsis: Young master Dominic Thales was once a respected figure in his family’s wealthy empire but he fell into a coma after a mysterious accident that left him incapacitated for three years. During his coma, his newly wedded wife Brielle, who was six months pregnant at the time of the accident, received unwavering support from Dominic’s family. However, tragedy struck the Thales group, sending their fortunes into doom. With the financial crisis, Brielle was forcefully separated from her husband and her newly borns were taken under by her family. Seven long years later, Dominic awakens, but he is no longer the revered young master. His beloved wife is gone, and his kids are under a different name. Determined to reclaim his family, wealth, and the love he lost, Dominic fights back at his in-laws.


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