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Authoress faith

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About me

Authoress faith writes book about Romance, Billionaire with of course, a mixture of crime and revenge as the twists She has written a lot of books with good views and reviews and has been writing for two years now. She believes that writing is an indelible way of finger printing her soul. Before she started writing, she was a reader who loves the genres she writes now and she makes sure there are moral lessons attached to her books. You can contact her on her email; [email protected]. Keep reading and stay tuned for more updates as your absence would make her less a writer. Your reviews are also appreciated!.


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"I don't view anything less than a C cup as a woman. So you should be happy that I considered you as one of my servants," Xander replied as Layla's eyes dropped. This was the worst kind of insult she had ever received in a while, and from someone who wants to take advantage of her against her wish. " You shouldn't consider it then, and go look for your type!" Layla replied as she made to walk away from him but was soon dragged down on the bed as Xander climbed on top of her. " Say that again and to my face right now!!!!!" Xander demanded from her as Layla quietly shut her mouth. For some time, Xander just laid on top of her as he scanned her. He loved the way the lingerie wrapped on her curvy body as that alone made him stop at his tracks. And just by looking at her, he was already turned on. He quickly clasped her two hands and tied it with a rope that was already laying at one corner of the bed, and then he moved over to her lips and started to plant kisses on them. He started with light and soft kisses into a more intense and steady one as he swallowed all her lips with his mouth and licked them intensely And that was how Layla became entitled to Xander, a mysterious Billionaire shortly after her abduction and was selected to serve him in his bed. At a point, she wanted more than just what they shared. But unknown to her, Xander had a secret that wouldn't allow him to love And for someone with enemies compassed around him, he dares not to love. As that will become his weakness and eventually lead to his death. Join me as we take a ride in unraveling this great tale.


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