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Kelvin Iwuchukwu

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Love in Thorns, Guns and Shackles
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  • 7.5

Under the shackles of a Mafia Family, there are two or more people who open their hearts to receive it. This is love amidst thorns, guns, and shackles, this is bloodshed, this is violence, and this is war!! A cold-hearted Mafia Boss and his hot-headed psycho captive. They say as poles repel, but what if that stipulation was wrong? A fearless female reporter is determined to expose the criminal activities of one of the most dominant Mafia families in Italy, even at the cost of her own life. Things get even more complicated when a super cop determined to put an end to the Mafia family gets involved in their bittersweet love story, creating a love triangle that leads to deaths and regrets, tears and tragedy, wins and losses… a battle for Supremacy, Power and Dominance!! Find out!!

The Alpha's  Luna Is A Sex  Freak
  • 👁 1.7K
  • 7.5

Meet Alpha Logan Smith; Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack.Logan is a young, successful businessman in the human world with his true identity hidden from non-creatures. He believes he has everything he needs in his life until he encounters his mate. She turns out to be a crazy Nymphomaniac, a werewolf obsessed with sexual desires. But he is determined to have her in his life. How will he handle this sex freak who wants no commitment to any man? How can he get her to stay loyal to him? A lady whose only desire in men is a good hump. Find out in this romantic adventure!!

My chubby lover
  • 👁 3.9K
  • 7.5

"Here comes chubby.” “Fatty.” “Ugly.” “She’s waddling.” “You’re going to break the chair. You’re so fat.” Nearly everyone in Elsa Quinn’s life had judged her because of her weight. Her fellow students at school, her parents—even though they tried to be nicer about it, no matter how many times a person suggested a diet, it still hurt. No, that was wrong. It was her mother, not her father, who cared about her weight. But what happens when the school's most handsome boy falls helplessly in love with her? Is he going to put his reputation at stake for the sake of his feelings? Find out!!


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