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Billionaire Sons In Love

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Kyle Wilson fell in love with his maid Bella, when he met her for the first time upon his arrival in his country. His friend Theo Walcott was against the idea of him loving a maid and helping her gain admission into college, but the table turned when he fell in love with Bella's Best Friend, who also belongs to a lower-class family-like Bella. ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜

Chapter 1


Kyle Wilson fell in love with his maid Bella, when he met her for the first time upon his arrival into his country.

His friend Theo Walcott was against the whole idea of him loving a maid and helping her gain admission into college, but the table turned when he fell in love with Bella's Best Friend, who also belongs to a lower class family like Bella.


"I can't hide my feelings anymore, when I first saw you, you stole my heart. When you call my name, my heartbeats for you. The first time we kissed, I felt your presence always. When I close my eyes I think of you, when I open them I see you, when I speak, I speak only of you. You might be poor to my parents but my heart is rich because of you. Don't tell me no, Alisha, for this heart beats for you alone my queen."

Tears dropped from my eyes, "Gosh this movie is so romantic, I wish I can be in her shoes, I love you too Desmond." I said cleaning my eyes but I got my eyes glued to the screen as they were about kissing.

My mother interrupted me by pouring cold water on my body and I jumped up immediately from the chair.

"Stupid girl, how dare you sit in my living room with your disgusting self to watch a movie?" Mom yelled at me.

"I'm so sorry mom, I got bored after all my house chores." I pleaded with her.

"Will you shut that trash you call a mouth? Oh! I don't know we have a machine in the house that can finish her work very fast maybe I need to double your work and you will never be bored."

I know I am finished already, "No ma, I'm sorry, I take back my words, I never meant it that way, I'm very okay with the previous housework that I'm doing." The next thing, I received a sounding slap from my mom.

"How dare you talk back at me? Did you wash your sister's clothes? Have you prepared the food we are supposed to eat? I will make sure you don't taste food throughout today." She continued beating me like I was trash to her.

"I will tell your father you are now watching p*rn videos, you learning how to kiss so you get to school and useless yourself right."

"Mommy no, please I am sorry." She beats me up leaving serious marks on my skin and sending me out to wash my sister's clothes who is not yet back from school.

I don't know why my parents hate me so much especially my mother, she treats me like a slave, my sister Joanna gets everything and she is as lazy as hell. She doesn't do anything at home, I am the one doing the house chores and I even wash her undies.

I am her senior but I'm been treated like the last born in the house, she insults me and if I hit her, I will be ready to face my mom's wrath.

Mom has threatened to stop me from going to college because she feels it's all a waste of money and now she has the perfect opportunity to do so, my life is just ruined." I cried as I was washing Joanna's clothes.

I finished working and I was starving as hell right now, I need food, I just hope she forgives me.

Dad, mom, and Joanna were eating at the dining table and I salivated.

"Mom I am done with everything you asked me to do." I got no response from them.

" Mom I...", Joanna quickly shut me up, "Bella I guess you lack home training. Can't you see are eating? Yes you have finished working, we are not deaf."

" I'm sorry, I just wanted to take permission before taking food from the kitchen", I said.

"Oh you silly girl! Do you want me to choke on my food just because you are hungry? Sorry to disappoint you the food is finished but there is still some canned food I kept in the kitchen for you." She said.

My mood brightens up a bit hearing from my mother she kept some canned food for me in the kitchen.

Father didn't even look at me, and I am use to it already. I rushed to the kitchen so happy.

I saw the nylon she stored the canned food in and immediately I brought them out, I noticed they are all expired food.

Hot tears rolled down my cheek.

I went to them and said, "Mom, dad this isn't fair, I do almost everything in the house, I try my very best to be your perfect daughter but yet Joanna gets everything, I didn't go to school today because I don't have a reasonable outfit to put on, but you shop for Joanna latest clothes, I said I was starving, you all ate a healthy meal and gave me expired food, what did I do to deserve such from my family." I cried out loud.

Dad stood up and gave me a hot slap that made blood gush out of my nose, "You ungrateful child because I didn't give you leftover, in your life don't ever talk to me in that manner or to your mother, Joanna will always be my best child, you are just a second option in this family." Father's words hurts me so deeply, I cried holding my face he slapped.

Joanna poured her remaining food on me and said, "You can eat from your rags you call clothes, now I know how jealous you are." She said pushing my head before heading to her room.

Mom shouted at me to clear the dining at once.

I remained on the floor crying seriously, I have no option than to accept what life has given to me.

After clearing the dining table, I washed the plates they used in eating.

I microwave the expired food and had no option but to eat from it, I only ate once yesterday and now I'm seriously starving.

I regret ever been born to this family.



I took a walk to see my friend Lisa who is also suffering like me but hers is good, she is not maltreated at all.

Her parents are late, she lives with her grandmother in an old house that no one will ever think of living.

"Bella what happened to you, your face is so red and you are bleeding as well."

"I am fine Lisa, just came to check up on you, how is grandma?"

"Sleeping already. I'm so sorry my friend, you don't deserve such treatment from your parents." She said.

"I'm okay, I doubt if I can continue college again."

"What happened? Why the change of mind?" she asked.

"My parents will be discussing it today with me, I don't think they will want to further my studies because I overheard mom talking about me working maybe as a maid and also as a senior to support the family and also assist my sister in her studies."

"What the hell? I am going to beat up your sister one day, I promise you that."


Now let's discuss this chapter.

Will they stop Bella from going to school?

Chapter 2


Guess what, my room is the storeroom in the house, it's so small but I have to manage for I don't have a choice.

I'm the only one not using a bed in the house, I sleep on the floor.

The best clothes I have are my high school graduation outfits and others are rags.

I love reading romantic stories and always wish I can be Cinderella because my story is kind of related to it.

I started reading a book titled "Damian admit you love me." I so much love this book and I fell in love with the character already.

Then I heard my mom calling my name and I rushed out because I didn't wish to be beaten at this moment.

" Mom you called me." I said.

"We have something important to discuss with you, you can sit." Mom instructed and I obeyed.

"I think you are okay with your high school grades. I can't be sponsoring you and your sister in college, moreover you are the eldest so it's wise your sister continue schooling." Dad said.



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