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My baby‘s Daddy is Mr CEO

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It was Valentine's day; the day of love. Arianna had gone out for a date with her boyfriend, she was expecting him to pop the question tonight but instead, he did the exact opposite. He announced that the relationship was not working and he couldn’t push on anymore. So he walked out of her life and out of the country as well. She was broken, and ended up in a bar where she intended to drink away her sorrows. She got tipsy and that’s when Mr. handsome stranger showed up. They both ended up in a hotel room and the next morning before she could wake up, he was gone. Only if she knew that the one night stand would lead to an unexpected pregnancy. She was pregnant for someone whose name she didn’t even know, a complete stranger. Six months later, she bumps into a magazine with his picture “Oliver Gomez; Businessman of the year” That’s when she realizes that her Baby's Daddy Is Mr. CEO!! She confronts him but the billionaire CEO denies it, however she is not going to give up, not without a fight.

Chapter 1

It was the day of love, the 14th day of February 2014. Arianna was seated patiently, waiting for her boyfriend. She had not received any special gifts, flowers, cards or letters today but she was still happy because she would spend time with her boyfriend.

She arranged for a romantic meal in a restaurant tonight and everything was set. Oh! Apart from him. Who knows why he is taking so long, it should have been him waiting for her here but now it’s the other way round.

She kept tapping her fingers on the table and continuously checking the time on her wrist watch.

The restaurant was blinking with red lights, and couples were walking in and out, with matching outfits of red and white color, some were with their kids dressed like little adorable angels.

Of course, the representation of Eros; the Greek god of love with his bow and arrow. She had thought of getting one of those cupid symbols but let it go on a second thought.

On her round table were red roses which she had ordered to make the moment more special. Her red strapless gown screamed “valentine`s day!”


Arianna was an orphan freshly out of college; she had studied creative arts and design. Hopefully, one day she can achieve her dreams of becoming a Model.


Just then, she saw her long awaited walk into the restaurant and she crumpled her face. Not only was he late for their date, but he was dressed in black. Why can’t he try to be romantic for once in his life? It was the day of love for the sake of Christ!

Dave Simons, her boyfriend for the past eight months. For her, they had something serious going on there. He was tall, handsome with an undercut hairstyle that looked real good. Just like her, he was not rich but at least you can’t count him in as a broke ass nigga.

He found her with no difficulty and took a seat at the table, directly opposite her. He was not even smiling.

“Dave… you promised me you won’t be late this time,” she whined and pouted her lips.

Arianna was a very beautiful young lady, the type that looks gorgeous without makeup. Her skin was pale as the moon, completely flawless. She possessed black, curly, silky hair and it was damn natural, she didn’t need to use a curling tool like most ladies would. She had emerald green beautiful eyes that fit just perfectly in their sockets.

She was blessed with long eyelashes and brows that she didn’t need an extra artificial one to look beautiful, her long nose hung perfectly at the right spot and her lips were glossy even without wetting them. She was like the U.S version of the goddess Aphrodite.

“Aria, I was buried with work,” he responded plainly, like it wasn’t much of a big deal.

Arianna was disappointed with his response. Like really? So his work was more important than their valentine's date? He wasn’t even sorry about it, and her looks, she had dressed up all for him but he hadn't even complimented her looks.

She decided to let it go anyway; at least he was here now.

“Okay it`s fine, so what gift did you get me?” She queried with a look of excitement.

She wasn’t expecting much from him but she would be happy if he finally popped the question tonight.

She has been dreaming of this day for a while now, she believed what was holding him back in the past few months was her schooling, but now college is done and dusted, it was time to move forward.

“Um… I was actually in a hurry so I couldn’t get something for you; also I have another reason for…”

“Oh come on Dave” she interrupted him feeling disappointed again.

He showed up late, he was on black and he didn’t get a gift either, what’s going on in his head?

“This is not fair at all Dave, you didn’t get me anything at all. As a rule of thumb, you should get me something on valentine's day,” she grumbled in that angelic voice.

“It's fine anyway, I got you something I am sure you would love,” she said, trying to brighten her face and hide her disappointment.

She took her Satchel handbag from the other chair and placed it on the table, and then she started to search for something in it.

“Um Aria, there is something I need to tell you.” He said, with a poker face.

“One minute Dave, I am coming,” she cut him short. She finally found what she was looking for and smiled.

“Look what I got you!” she exclaimed and brought out a beautiful SD1970 Stelldive brand wrist watch.

That had cost her a hundred dollars but she had since December to start saving. For a girl who had no job, it was really something.

The smile on Arianna`s face faded away when she saw that her boyfriend wasn’t excited about her present, he just had that faint doleful expression on his face.

“Dave? Is everything alright?” she asked with a quizzical expression on her face. “Is it the watch? Don’t you like it? I could return it if you don’t.”

“Just let me speak Aria!” he half-yelled at her in frustration and she went quiet.

Dave sighed, and then he looked downwards. “Pardon me Aria, but this is not working” he confessed.

Arianna was confused. What was not working? The watch or the date?

“What do you mean Dave, if you don’t like the watch then I can return it and if you are not in the mood for this tonight then we can always do this another night.”

“That’s not what I mean Aria, I mean that this relationship is not working, I can’t push on anymore.”

She felt her whole world collapse that instant. This is Feb. 14th not April 1st, what was Dave saying?

“This is a joke right? Is that your big valentine surprise for me because you are busted already.” She forced a smile, hoping that her suspicions were true, that this was just a big prank.

“Please forgive me Aria, but our journey ends here. We can’t do this anymore, I have tried my best to take you as a lover but I have found out that I only like you as a friend.’

“No… No Dave this has to be a joke, you can’t break up with me. I love you Dave and everything has been going just fine so why are you saying this?”

Tears were already pooling in her eyes. Was this really happening? He was breaking up with her after eight months of giving her false hope.

“Tell me Aria, what exactly has been going just fine?” he asked with a glazed expression etched on his face.

“I thought we had plans of getting married, we had planned to go shopping for the baby stuff during the summer period, we planned to move into a new house and start a brand new life. Didn’t we say we would have a beautiful daughter? And that she…”

“That was all you Aria, it was all your idea not mine, I know you are trying to push us on but this is simply not working, we have come to a dead end and the best decision is to split up, we have to break up,” Dave announced.

“No, please don’t do this to me Dave, it's fine if you only like me as a friend, we could still get married. I am not complaining, just don’t abandon me,” she pleaded, while fighting to hold back her tears.

“Listen Aria, you deserve better than this, you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met, you are also nice and lovable, but I just can’t love you as a life partner.

You still have your whole life in front of you. I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship; I will be leaving this city tomorrow. Please take care of yourself and have a nice life.”

With that he stood up and took his leave. Arianna was dumbfounded, this was the worst valentine in the history of valentine days and that very moment, she swore never to celebrate that day again.

She was still seated on the chair as her lover gradually faded into the dark streets, never to be seen again. At least that’s what she thought. Just when she thought things were about to heat up between them.

After the heartbreak she had just received on valentine's day, there was only one place she could go now…..


That’s right, alcohol was her own way of dealing with grief, and it was a bad habit she had formed after the death of her parents.

To be continued!!

Chapter 2

“One more bottle,” the already tipsy Arianna ordered. She was feeling drowsy but that didn’t bother her.

The young, male bartender looked at her and scratched his head. He had already given her four bottles and yet she was requesting another, the alcohol had already gotten to her.

“Ma`am, are you sure about that? You look pretty drunk to me”

Even though it was his duty to serve drinks here, he kind of hated it when people got too intoxicated, especially when they were young frustrated girls like Arianna.

“Give her what she wants, you are not the one paying for it,” a good looking man in black suit instructed the Bartender, he appeared to be drunk too.

The bartender sighed, he could have easily refused this young lady but now that this Mr. is involved, it is impossible, only a fool would go against him.

He quickly got another drink for Arianna which she accepted with her unstable hands.

“Thank you.” Arianna smiled and opened the drink almost


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