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His Saved Slave Book 2

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Leila came far away from her past. Yes, it was for the best. She might have lived a few beautiful moments in that house. It reminded her of the time she spent with her family. The happy times, but she has to leave. And she has her own struggles towards a successful life. Damien was not good for her. She decided it after thinking alot about it. But was her descion right? Or she did something wrong breaking a heart and creating a life for her!!! The story continues... "Why don't you understand? Why do you think, I will ho back to him? I will never forget what he has done with me." She shouted. But it felt as she was assuring herself more than anyone else...

CH:1 Vanished

The rush hours in the office began an hour ago. The typing on the keypads of the keyboards, the sound of xerox and photocopy machines. The papers are out from the fax machines. The files are being carried from one workstation to the other. The work attire of the people discussing the matter of the business. All of them are indicating, it's Monday. The busiest day of the week.In between all of them, an odd thing is also happening. It doesn't fit in the office environment but it is happening anyway.

The people turned around to look at the bouquet of red velvet roses carried by a man towards an office. The bouquet is so big that it is covering a handsome face. They all know the person, so it is not unusual for the people of this office. The man stopped in front of the receptionist's desk. A smile came upon the girl's face.

"Good Morning, Boss." She greeted with a grin on her face.

"Good Morning, Andrea. 1 to 10, what is the graph of anger in there?" He asked. Andrea can not see his face but only the beautiful flowers.

"Boss, I think, in between 7 and 8..." She gave him the required information.

"Oh, oops. So, It means, I am in trouble." He said. Andrea nodded her head.

"Good Luck, Boss." She said and laughed. The man took a deep breath, he stopped at the door of an office. The words on the door plate shinning in silver.

"Leila James!!!" He cleared his throat then entered inside the office.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday, dear Leila. Happy Birthday to you. May you have many more, may you have many more... Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you..." He sing the song for her, Leila turned around and saw him in surprise.

"Leo... What is this?" She scolded. "It's your birthday, surprise!" Leo said then came towards her and gave her the flowers.

"Leo, I am calling you for hours... Why haven't you picked up? I was so worried." Leila said. Leo was standing in front of her with a smile on his face.

"If I would have picked up your call. How would I have given you the surprise?" He said looking at the frown on her face.

"How can you be so annoying and cute at the same time?" Leila asked smelling the beautiful scent of the flowers.

"That's an art, Miss Leila." He nodded his head.

"Thank you for the flowers, Leo. They are beautiful. AND I hate you!" Leila said. All her anger vanished away.

"Haha, your welcome. AND I know that you hate me." Leo replied.

"Happy Birthday..." He said then kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. AND Thank God for blessing her with this man as her best friend.

"Okay, that's enough for the birthday, we have to work. Today, we have to attend four meetings..." Leila was going to complete her sentence. He put a finger over her lips that stopped her rant.

"Shhh, I have postponed all the meetings, we are going for a picnic. I am the boss here and I have given myself and you... Miss Leila. An off day from work. So, pack up your stuff. We are going..." Leo gave her another surprise. It came out more like a shock than a surprise to Leila.

"No way, you haven't..." She moved his hand away, he hissed.

"Ahh, how rude." Leo twitched his mouth.

"Leo, you know, I don't celebrate my birthday. Why did you do that?" She protested.

"Because I can do it. Now, come on. Stop wailing like a babay. Pack up. I am waiting for you in the car. Come on, hurry..." He said then left her in the office. Leila took a deep breath. Leila put her laptop and files in her bag. She was picking up a pen when her eyes caught something, the newspaper. A headline captured her eyes.

"Daniel Paul. The son of Mr Smith Paul and the younger brother of the multi-billionaire, Mr Damien Paul tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony."

Leila read the headline then saw the photo of Daniel in a suit with a beautiful girl standing by his side in a gown. He looks so happy. Mr and Mrs Paul were also standing in the picture beside them, but he was not there like always there is not any picture of him. His name is all around her, but he is not there... He vanished from everywhere but he is still present around her in so many ways. The question again collided on the surface of her brain.

"Where is he?" Leila placed the newspaper back on the table then took her phone and keys. She left the office locking the door behind her...

CH:2 Strings

Leila was sitting in the car quietly. She was looking out of the window. The car window slid open, so the wind is playing with her hair. Her eyes were static on passing by scenes, which means she is in deep thought. Leo is driving the car staring at her from time to time. She doesn't keep quiet when she is with him, so it means something is bothering Leila.

"Ahm, Ahm..." Leo cleared his throat to grab her attention. Leila came out from the bubble of her thoughts-filled world.

"Hi, earth to Leila!" Leo said. Her face lit up with a smile.

"Are you fine?" He asked. Leila can see the look of worry in his eyes. AND she can not lie to him.

"Yes, I am fine. Just thinking about something..." She said. Now she is looking at her fingers.

"Something is bothering you?" Leo asked, his eyes fixed on the road. But all of his senses towards Leila.

"I saw something in the newspaper." Leila's ha


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