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Ivy who happens to be from a wealthy family unlike Ann who is from a very poor family came in contact with each other and in the most unconventional way which actually led to the hatred between the two especially Ivy who hated the very breath of her and sought to bring her down at all cost. Things became more complicated and worse between the both of them when Ivy's brother micheal, who is a billionaire, met and fell in love with Ann and decided to share his world with her. This further provoked Ivy and she vowed to stop that from happening. Will she succeed? Join me as we take a ride in unfolding this great tale.

Chapter 1 The argument

" Mum, I don't want to go to Landmark university" Ivy told her mother as they were having dinner.

" And may I know why?" Her mother, whose name is Casey, asked.

" That's because Ann is also going," Ivy replied.

" Shouldn't you be happy then? Don't you want to be friends with her?" Mrs Casey asked.

" We were never friends, and can't be one" Ivy replied.

" Wow! How come I am just hearing that from you now?" Mrs Casey asked with a smirk on her face.

" Why will you not know about that now since all you were busy doing is bringing the both of us together in every possible means?" Ivy asked.

" I'm the one that you are talking to like that? Ann would never talk to her mother that way no matter what" Mrs Casey replied.

" Just as I was saying, you are always about her. Now you are bringing her up again just like you do every time" Ivy replied clenching her fist.

" Does it make you mad that I always bring her up all the time? Well, that's because she is very much better than you and if it annoys you, you should change and become better than her" Mrs Casey replied.

" Which other better than her do you want me to become? I'm already richer than her. She's merely a poor little brat whose family is only feeding off our family" Ivy replied.

" Did you just say that you are rich? In case you don't know, let me tell you now. The money that you think you have is not yours but that of your father and I. You haven't even made your own money and you are already like this? What will happen if you should make yours? I bet that no one would breathe the same air as yours" Mrs Casey replied.

" Sometimes, I wonder if you are really my mum," Ivy replied as she stopped the food she was eating and stood up to face her mother squarely.

" Why?" Mrs Casey asked looking up at her as well.

" You don't ever support me in anything I do or say. You are always supporting and comparing me with that Ann of a girl. You should take her as your daughter and forget about me then" Ivy replied.

" Do you think that I wouldn't do that if it were that simple? Why do you feel threatened by her existence?" Mrs Casey replied.

" Very well then, you can do whatever you want, but just know that I won't be going to that school if she's also going there, moreover, that school was never one of my choices" Ivy replied.

" You should stop getting overly bittered about her and try to buckle up in where you are lacking and about that school, you've already been registered there and you will be staying in the same loudge with her when you get there by tomorrow. There is no going back and my decision is final here" Mrs Casey replied.

" So you are really going to force me to go to that school against my wish?" Ivy asked.

" Yes, that's because your reason for not wanting the school is unreasonable" Mrs Casey replied.

She has just finished eating her food and the maids have come around to clear the table only to find out that Ivy is yet to finish her own and so they paused.

"You can pack it all! I've lost my appetite" Ivy said as she beckoned on the maids to clear the table.

Then after glaring at her mum for some time, she left the dining room.

She so much loved the reaction of her daughter. She had wanted to badly to send her to a school that is far from home and knowing that she wouldn't agree to go to such schools like that and would love to go to the same university with those her three high school friends, she decided to come through this means since it was the only way to even force her to the school.

She is in her mid forties, and was married to Mr Rogers who after their marriage had taken over her family's company and has been Manning it since then. They were a rich and well known family. She has only two children, one of them was Ivy and then Micheal who was presently overseas and studying medicine. Ivy is her only daughter and Micheal who is called Mike for short, her only son.

Ann on the other hand, is the daughter of one of her employees Mrs julian, who works as a cleaner in their company, and whose daughter she's had decided to use to force Ivy to go to that school And because of this, she had made sure to bring the both of them together as friends but Instead of her daughter to become friends with Ann, she had rather hated her so much and doesn't wish to be around her although Mrs Casey still believes that she would come around and that they would one-day, become best friends. Since most friendships don't start up on a good note. There might be some hate which finally develops into love.

Yesterday at the office, Mrs Casey had found out from Ann's mother that her daughter has successfully passed a scholarship exam to landmark university school. which is one of the best schools in the country and she decided immediately to have Ivy enrolled in the same school although it wouldn't be through scholarship and due to her connections, she was able to get her registered in the school early this morning, and would be going over to the school by tomorrow alongside with Ann whom all that she needed for the schooling has already been made ready by the school scholarship fund.

This whole conversation and arguments with ivy started when she had told her about the school. But no matter what, she would still have her go to that school. Her decision is final.

Chapter 2 Her favorite food

Ivy was so embittered as she thought of how to escape from going to that school.

Should she form sickness, or should she just run away? She probably won't be able to put up with that Ann of a girl. She bet that if she gets to set her eyes on her again, she might do something that all of them would regret and because of that, it is better for her to just avoid her.

She couldn't sleep that night as she kept rolling around the bed with a thought filled heart.

If she didn't find a solution, it means that she is really going to go to that school tomorrow and that will mean that she would also have to put up with that girl.

" Gosh, I'm so happy for you, my daughter. You have never failed to make me and your father proud. Sometimes, I think that life is kind of unfair to you for bringing such a genius daughter like you to poor parents like us who can't even Carter for you" Mrs Julian lamented.

" Omg! Mum, how could you s


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