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Hanna Nordh

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  • 7.5

This is book 1 of the Lycan Series. "The time will come when this vibrant and happy look on your face will turn into a gloomy expression filled with self-hatred." "I will turn you against your mate and make him hate you for the rest of your life; do you dare me?" Camilla Rasort was asked by the Alpha Killan's girlfriend, Alina Mellow, but she remained silent. "I am giving you a month, Camilla, and I'll make sure you suffer at your mate's hands." "I'll make him despise you, turn you into a slave, and your mere presence will disgust him." "Not only that, I'll have him banish you, and you'll forever forget if he was once your mate when he'll be in my arms!"  Well, she meant it...                                                         * * * In this mind-gripping novel, join Camilla Rasort, an eighteen-year-old girl who is sold to a cruel alpha as his mistress who turns out to be her mate but later banished from the pack by him under the accusations that she poisoned the alpha's ex-girlfriend, who was now carrying his child, out of jealousy. She roams the city, doing any kind of job she can find, until her wolf comes out. After discovering she wasn't a werewolf at all but a Lycan who matures at the age of twenty, she returns to her pack for vengeance with the help of her childhood best friend, Ash Moon. The only thing holding her back is the little boy in her arms. He is the exact photocopy of the man she once called a mate and a husband. Will this little blessing hinder or speed her vengeful plans? Find out!

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  • 7.5

The Lupercalia Full Moon festival is in full swing. A fertility event where the males go wild to hunt and mate. Alpha Jasper, my mate, leads Storm Forest to the sacred cave to start it all, but I'm left behind. Despite our three years of mating, I haven't shifted into my wolf, nor have I produced the coveted heir. The pack is furious and my in-laws despise me. The Moon Goddess has not favored me; I have failed not only my mate but also my pack. Jasper adores me, but the feeling of being a burden to him gnaws at me. Then one day I set him free. With another Luna at his side, Jasper can have the successor he needs and the pack craves. In Human Town, I find what I long for: acceptance, respect, love. I am successful and now filthy rich. I have also stolen the heart of the most elusive bachelor in the state; we are the perfect human couple. But my happiness didn't last. I lose my memory in a boating accident and later discover that I am pregnant. My boyfriend claims to be the father and I have no choice but to believe him. Years went by, but the Alpha didn't give up and kept looking for me. Until he finds me, on the side of the King of the Royal Kingdom. And then Jasper faces a dilemma: courting the King's woman is fatal. And when the mate bond between us reactivated, I suddenly find myself between two mates. I have to choose. Only when the Moon Goddess reveals her plan and Lupercalia must bow to me....

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  • Author: Hemme-E
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.6K
  • 8.8

(Mature) His lips crashed down on mine in a hungry kiss, and I found myself pulling him closer to me. By now his hot body was firmly close to me and I swear i could feel his hardness bulging against me he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him and d*mn he was huge from there there. ........... Sierra Lane was out for a fresh start. After finding her fiance in bed with a close friend she'd packed up and moved out of the city, promising herself she was going on a break from men. She'd endured one too many heartbreaks and she was finally done. Or so she thought. Her plans blurred in no time. The last person she could possibly be with turned out to be the one she wanted the most. He was way out of her league. Apart from being a billionaire CEO and single dad, he was also her boss. She would have been content hiding in the shadows and denying her attraction to him. If he hadn't made it his mission to have her. *** Jayden Grey could not remember the last time he'd felt the burning desire to be with a woman. Until her. He wasn't sure why he wanted her so much that everything else came second. He figured it could be the fact that his son seemed to have formed a special bond with her. Or maybe it was because she had showed up in his life at a point in his life where he needed her the most. Or maybe it was the fact that just the thought of her made him hard. He wanted her. Badly. And even though she was determined to resist him, he was even more determined to have her. Mind, body and soul. He loved a good chase after all. It was only a matter of time before he had her exactly as he wanted. Permanently his.


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