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My Stone-Hearted Billionaire Husband

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"I own you now, so you don't get to call the shots.” He leaned in closer, his hot breath fanning against her ear. “You're mine, and you will do as I say, Wifey.” *********** A few weeks before her wedding, Kourtney Allen’s perfect world comes crashing down when she discovers her fiancé cheating with her biological sister, Kathlyn. She rushes home to seek support, only to get slapped by her father. She then realized her parents approved of the affair because Kathlyn was their favorite child. Sebastian, the strikingly handsome city’s most powerful billionaire who suffers from an unusual allergy to females is surprised and intrigued to find he feels no adverse effects with Kourtney. He crafts a cunning scheme that ends in a flash marriage. But, how will Kourtney come to terms with being his wife when he was the exact kind of man she despised the most? An arrogant, domineering, and unfeeling psychopath with an ego the size of Mount Everest! He was dubbed by the media as “The Stone-Hearted CEO” due to his terrible personality. To HIM, marriage meant control, dominance, and ownership of his possession - HER. Yet, Kourtney swore to break free from his obsessive clutches. When the secret behind her birth is revealed to the world, and when his first love returns to claim his heart, would he finally let HER go?

Chapter 1: Betrayal Unveiled

Kourtney Allen typed in the password of her fiancé's luxury penthouse excitedly. It was an automated door, and her birthdate was the code to unlock it. She couldn't wait to see the surprised look on Brandon's face when he sees her, especially because she dressed so well for him. Kourtney was eager to spend quality time with him, having returned two days earlier from the women's empowerment conference she attended in another state. Besides, they would be getting married in three weeks.

She kept daydreaming about the joyous wedding, the warm embrace, and the loving words they would exchange at the altar. However, she was blissfully unaware of the heart-wrenching scene that awaited her. Her happy footsteps came to a standstill when she heard faint sounds emanating from the bedroom. A sinking feeling instantly settled in the pit of her stomach. It was the voice of a man and a woman in the heat of passion. Pain and anger rose within her depths as she pushed open the door with a bang, revealing a scene that shattered her heart into a million pieces. Her worst fears were realized in that devastating moment. It was simply beyond anything her wildest dreams or nightmares could conjure. The air was heavy with the scent of betrayal, and the carpet looked messy, with things scattered all over it. She saw red high heels, a beige dress, a bra, and panties. Men's clothing was also littered around. And then, tangled in the sheets on the king-size bed were Brandon and her younger sister, Kathlyn Allen. Shock thundered through Kourtney's entire being, rendering her frozen and paralyzed for a moment. "Why?" she finally managed to croak. Tears welled up in her eyes, threatening to spill over. "Brandon, how could you?" Her no-good fiancé, Brandon Smith, sat up on the bed, his face displaying a mix of guilt and indifference after being caught in the act. But he quickly shook off the feeling of remorse and breath a sigh of relief instead. He had already been planning to break off the shitty engagement with Kourtney for a while now, but he was too chickenhearted to bring up the discussion. Perhaps, her finding out like this was for the better! He finally met her gaze, his expression hardening. "Kourtney, you've been extremely unexciting lately. As dull as a corpse! I’m sick and tired of you. So, it's best if we break up.” His cruel words struck Kourtney like a dagger to her heart. Her eyes widened in complete disbelief. "How... How could you say that to me? After everything we've been through? You're the one who proposed to me. You promised me a future together, and I trusted you.” Brandon’s expression remained cold and indifferent, his tone devoid of pity or even guilt. "I'm sorry, Kourtney. I should never have proposed to you in the first place. Kathlyn is the one I truly love, not you.” Kourtney's hand instinctively clutched at her chest as if trying to calm the physical ache and emotional torture she was experiencing. The betrayal felt even more painful for her as it came from someone she considered family. Her very own flesh and blood... “My... my own sister?" Kourtney's voice cracked as she glanced briefly at her younger sister. Kathlyn has been silently watching their exchange with keen interest while wearing a cruel, triumphant smirk. "Oh, come on, Kourtney, it's not my fault Brandon loves me. He finally realized just how boring you are. You were never good enough for him to begin with. I’ve always been the one he desired.” Kathlyn’s voice dripped with satisfaction, delighting in the pain she had caused. Kourtney's expression turned into rage and disgust now. It was not the first time Kathlyn was doing something like this to her, so she wasn’t in any way surprised. Flashbacks of their high school years flooded her mind. Eight years ago, when they were ages sixteen and fifteen, Kathlyn intentionally dated a boy she liked and kissed him in front of the entire school. This happened less than a week after Kourtney revealed him to be her crush. The sisters grew very distant ever since then. And now Kathlyn did it again, not with a mere crush but with her beloved fiancé with whom she had already begun to plan a grand wedding. The invitation cards had already been sent out to friends and well-wishers. Even her gorgeous and exquisite wedding gown has already been custom-made and sent over by her favorite designer. Her dream wedding dress, which she wouldn't be able to wear anymore. Tears trickled down her face freely as the height of their betrayal weighed in. Kathlyn grinned wickedly, taking pleasure in Kourtney's agony. Her eyes glinted with malicious joy as she noticed Kourtney’s tears. "You know, Sis, he was eager to taste what he was missing all these years. And let me tell you, he found it with me." Kourtney felt humiliation gushing within her. She wanted to scream, to lash out at both of them for their cruelty, but she couldn't find the words. The betrayal was too overwhelming, but she managed to ignore Kathlyn’s wounding insults and turned her attention back to Brandon. The man she had once thought was her soulmate, was now a total stranger with a cold heart. A heartless and selfish b*st*rd! "Brandon, you've shown me your true colors as a despicable person. Just know that your actions have destroyed the love I had for you. And I’m calling off our wedding. Enjoy!" Without sparing another glance at either of them, Kourtney turned away and shot the bedroom door behind her with a bang. She clutched her chest as if trying to physically hold the pieces of her shattered heart together. Hot tears streamed down her face as she stumbled down the staircase. Her legs felt weak, but she pushed forward, determined to get away from this nightmare. With every step she took, the pain intensified, making it hard to breathe. She was heartbroken, and her trust shattered to pieces. She couldn't help but question her worth, wondering if indeed, she was as boring and unexciting as Brandon and Kathlyn had claimed. Everyone knew she was an introverted person, unlike her sister who craved attention wherever she went. She always felt like an invisible shadow compared to her vibrant younger sister. Kathlyn effortlessly captivates almost everyone she meets with her outgoing personality and charm. Even their parents didn't hide that Kathlyn was their favorite child and it hurt her deeply. Kourtney had dedicated three years of her life to this relationship, only to be blindsided by this painful betrayal. Her little sister and the man who promised to love her for the rest of her life. ‘Why I'm I always getting cheated on?’ Kourtney thought as she left the mansion, her world in tatters, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. ********** “Mom... Dad?” Kourtney called out desperately the moment she entered their family mansion. It was a miracle that she was able to drive back home safely amidst the excess tears blurring her vision. This time, as Kourtney entered the familiar walls of their house, the silence seemed to suffocate her. She was breaking apart and needed her parents’ love and support now more than ever. She couldn't wait to tell them what Kathlyn had done so they would realize just how evil she was. She hoped they would take her side and comfort her lovingly. After what seemed like forever, her mother, Margaret Allen, emerged from the living room. Luke Allen, her father, followed closely behind holding his favorite Forbes Magazine, his expression stern and grave. "Kourtney? What's wrong, Sweetheart?" Margaret asked, her voice filled with worry. Kourtney's throat felt tight, and it was hard to find the words to express the pain she was going through. “Mommy... Dad, I... I caught Brandon and Kathlyn. I caught them in bed together with my own eyes! They were having an affair behind my back...” Kourtney finally choked out, her voice trembling with despair as she relieved the heart-wrenching moment all over again. She expected shock, disbelief, or even outrage from her parents because she knew them too well. But what she saw on their faces was something entirely different. Margaret's expression displayed a complex mix of sadness and guilt, while Luke's stern gaze remained unwavering as if he just heard something normal. There was no shock or surprised look on their faces as she expected, only a knowing look that left Kourtney confused. She soon realized the painful truth: ‘They already knew!!!’ "You... You knew?” Neither one of them replied, but the look on their faces gave the answer away. The revelation struck Kourtney like a bolt of lightning. She swallowed hard, trying to comprehend the situation unfolding before her. Numerous questions popped into her head while her entire body shook and trembled. How could they have known about the betrayal and not said anything? Was it possible that her parents had been supporting Kathlyn, their favorite daughter, to go after her man all along? Tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to find her voice. "How... How long have you two known?"

Chapter 2: Their Second-Best Daughter

“How long have you two known about their affair?” Kourtney asked again furiously.

“Calm down, Honey! They started seeing each other about five months ago. We didn't want to believe it either but we had to face the truth. We're so sorry, Kourtney,” her mother, Margaret, replied casually.

Kourtney’s eyes widened in shock as she screamed. “Five months?”

It was around the same time she and Brandon started making preparations for their dream wedding that was supposed to happen in three weeks. ‘No wonder he was always too busy to give me time and attention these days. I was such a fool,’ she thought bitterly.

“Why... How could you keep something like that from me? From your own daughter?"

"We wanted to protect you, darling. We thought it would be better for you to find out when you were ready,” Margaret explained softly.

Kourtney's heart sank further, feeling a pang of betrayal from her parents. Her voice trembled with a mix of

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