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The Rejected Full Moon

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The Lupercalia Full Moon festival is in full swing. A fertility event where the males go wild to hunt and mate. Alpha Jasper, my mate, leads Storm Forest to the sacred cave to start it all, but I'm left behind. Despite our three years of mating, I haven't shifted into my wolf, nor have I produced the coveted heir. The pack is furious and my in-laws despise me. The Moon Goddess has not favored me; I have failed not only my mate but also my pack. Jasper adores me, but the feeling of being a burden to him gnaws at me. Then one day I set him free. With another Luna at his side, Jasper can have the successor he needs and the pack craves. In Human Town, I find what I long for: acceptance, respect, love. I am successful and now filthy rich. I have also stolen the heart of the most elusive bachelor in the state; we are the perfect human couple. But my happiness didn't last. I lose my memory in a boating accident and later discover that I am pregnant. My boyfriend claims to be the father and I have no choice but to believe him. Years went by, but the Alpha didn't give up and kept looking for me. Until he finds me, on the side of the King of the Royal Kingdom. And then Jasper faces a dilemma: courting the King's woman is fatal. And when the mate bond between us reactivated, I suddenly find myself between two mates. I have to choose. Only when the Moon Goddess reveals her plan and Lupercalia must bow to me....



Storm Forest goes mad!

The Lupercalia Full Moon Festival is tonight, and it's already midday.

The women of the pack are making the final preparations to make this year's festival even more successful than last year's. The lunar festival is designed to increase the libido of mated wolves, driving them mad with the lust, to produce more pups. More pups, a bigger pack, a more powerful Alpha. The packhouse is buzzing with life, everyone eagerly awaiting the start in a few hours.

"Rain! Haven't you finished roasting all the meat yet?" my mother-in-law rages behind my back. She's been in a bad mood all day and is taking it out on me. And it's my job to make sure all the meat is ready when the starving mates return from their intensive collective mating.

"Yes, Mother, just the lamb and everything will be ready in half an hour," I reassure her.

When she hears me call her "mother," her face turns sour.

The former Luna hates it when I call her that, though she never told me. She doesn't dare because she knows Jasper would be terribly upset, and she avoids all discussions with her son. Especially when it comes to me.

"Okay, get everything ready on time. The wolves will gather here in half an hour and then the flight to the sacred cave will begin. Just like last year, of course, you will stay in the packhouse, no wolf has time today to wait for a human or carry it on their back," she tells me viciously.

I nod indifferently, this isn't the first time she's stressed that I don't have a wolf and that I'm a mere human. Over the years I have learned not to react to this in order to keep the peace in the house.

I put the bowl with the meat I prepared on the big table.

Next to me I see Anje, Gamma Kenrick's mate, serving the sauces and preparing the cutlery. She gives me a sideways glance and I expect her to make the usual snide remark.

And yes, she does not disappoint me.

"Rain, you're staying behind in the packhouse. Maybe you can help the unmated she-wolves look after the pups. At least then you'll get the chance to finally hold one in your arms. Nothing will come of you anyway."

I nod again and don't waste time arguing with her. When I have everything in order, I decide to go up to the apartment to freshen up first. I've been roasting and steaming meat all morning and can already smell my stinky self.

Before I can press the elevator button, the doors open.

J asper, my mate, steps out.

"Rain! I haven't seen you all day. I’ve been terribly busy, but you could have come to my office for a kiss. I missed you, little one," he reproaches me with a wink. I jump on him with a beaming smile and nuzzle his neck.

Jasper is the love of my life.

He's obviously madly in love with me too and protects me like a true mate. When he is around, no one dares to insult me.

"I've been busy too, my love. Everything must be ready when you return. You know how hungry wolves can get after a fierce mating," I laugh.

"Hmmm, is that right? I'm hungry too now, but you haven't taken care of me yet, mate," he whispers sultrily as he nips at my earlobe. He holds me tighter, gets us back into the elevator and presses the button to lock the doors.

Then he pushes me gently against the elevator wall and I wrap my legs around his hips. His boner presses against my core as he kisses me passionately.

"I stink, Jasper, let me shower first," I whisper to him. "I've been handling bloody meat all day. Blood is all over my body and my clothes." He bites my neck seductively, sending ripples of desire through my body.

"No problem. I'm an animal too, so I'm used to raw meat. And all I want this moment is to devour you."

And that's exactly what he does.

When he opens the elevator doors an hour later, he grins with satisfaction.

After one last kiss on my nose, he hurries off to his study while I head upstairs to our apartment. I walk into the bedroom while tearing the rest of the clothes off my body. In the bathroom, I take a refreshing bath to relax my muscles. The adventure in the elevator was mind-blowing but also a lot of exercise.

After half an hour in a warm bath, I am very much my old self.

I step back into the bedroom with a towel around my body and it immediately catches my eye.

On the bed lies a long red dress with a deep V-neck set with sparkling gemstones. The bodice is tight but falls loosely from the hips. I walk over to it and looking at the packaging I noticed it was from a prestigious fashion designer in human town.

There is also a velvet box in the middle of the dress.

Opening it, I find a platinum chain with a ruby pendant on the bed. The jewelry and the dress match perfectly.

I step back and find a pair of open shoes in the same color by the bed, completing my outfit for tonight.

Jasper is such a gentleman. He can go to great lengths to prove his love to me.

My mate!

And on this night of Lupercalia, he always comes back to spend the night with me, we celebrate this festival in our own way, just the two of us.

I smile, this night will be perfect after all.

Quickly I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a white top and dance my way out of the apartment, heading to the daycare where the unmated she-wolves are waiting for me.

They too are ready to pester me about not being able to join the festival. But I don't mind, I have my mate all to myself at eleven.

Nothing bothers me anymore....

Love You More

Still in a state of euphoria, I say goodbye to the she-wolves at the daycare around ten o'clock. Few bother to return my greeting, but I really don't care.

Right now all I'm thinking about is my date with my mate. Two hours ago, a large part of the pack departed en masse for the sacred cave.

From the loud howling I conclude that the animal sacrifice to the Moon Goddess has been accepted by her. And then preparations are made for the hunt and Jasper will watch that the rules are read correctly by his Beta.

The hunt starts with a ten-minute lead for the she-wolves, after which their mates start looking for them. When they find their fated, the forest turns into one big party of mating wolves, the cries of ecstasy increasing the couples' sex drive among themselves.

The moment the first cries are heard, I know that Jasper is on his way back to the packhouse to meet me.

Many she-wolves have tried to seduce and mate with him in hope


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