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About me

A writer that fits the story to the beautiful imaginations of my readers, and can make them relate on a personal level. Changing perspectives.


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  • Author: Perls
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"Thank you for saving me, gummy bear. I will repay you after all this is done," Carlton promised. "I have told you not to call me that again. I am now a woman," Stacy frowned deadpan to his face. She didn't like that Carlton could not acknowledge her as a woman, could not see her love for him, and could not decipher that she wasn't doing him but herself a favor. She married him because she wanted it! ********* Despite being aware that he was out of her league, Stacy had been in love with her elder brother's friend, Carlton, for a long time. She was determined to make him hers at all costs, without the knowledge of anyone around her. Unfortunately, Carlton's announcement of his marriage to another lady shattered her heart mercilessly. One thing led to another, and she was the one standing on the altar to say the vows as his wife without the knowledge of her family. It was to save him, and to save her desire too. However, he could never look at her with affection. Could not love her no matter how hard she tried, and could not fully accept her as his wife. And they ended up divorcing bitterly despite Stacy's pleas because he wanted it. His ex-girlfriend was back! Picking her life from scratch after a stormy divorce, a miserable lady who became a Certified Physiotherapist is finally healing from disownment from everyone. Stacy Hall had now become the most sought-after. ********** "My heart is broken, Stacy. I have not been able to breathe since you left," He begged with tears. "Mr. Howard. My job is to fix broken bones, not hearts," Stacy replied to him curtly.

Book cover
  • Author: Perls
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

"Do you have what it takes to make me fall for you, ever?" Aria smirked at Dalton, whose eyes were blazing with so much anger. His strong willed principles, were no match to her inducing and alluring skills. Aria Hamilton life's took a painful turn, the moment she was married into the most powerful and wealthy home, of the Millers, through an arranged marriage. What more could be worse when her husband, and even the matriarch and three sisters of the family loathed her deeply? One morning, she stormed their dinner feast and she suddenly served her husband, Dalton Miller, divorce papers to end their bitter marriage which surprised everyone with her new appearance. Her cowed demeanor became so defiant, as she challenged her husband and anyone who tried to demean her as they had done in the past. He vehemently refused to sign the papers. "Why keep me, when i you disgust you? Must be some demonic traits, running through your blood," Aria scorned at him. She was ready to destroy everyone ruthlessly. ****************** "When was your heart ever cold? I will do everything to tame to your body into subjection!" He uttered breathlessly. Even if she claimed to loathe him now than anything, she would still respond to his touch no matter what. "Even if my body does ever respond in anyway to your repulsion, my heart would always be frozen solid," she assured him. "I will have you, and I will melt your heart." "Then even if my heart does beat ever, it would not be yours."


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