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Rachel M Nyambu

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About me

I am a writer and a poet.


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  • 👁 1.2K
  • 7.5

This is book 1 of the Lycan Series. "The time will come when this vibrant and happy look on your face will turn into a gloomy expression filled with self-hatred." "I will turn you against your mate and make him hate you for the rest of your life; do you dare me?" Camilla Rasort was asked by the Alpha Killan's girlfriend, Alina Mellow, but she remained silent. "I am giving you a month, Camilla, and I'll make sure you suffer at your mate's hands." "I'll make him despise you, turn you into a slave, and your mere presence will disgust him." "Not only that, I'll have him banish you, and you'll forever forget if he was once your mate when he'll be in my arms!"  Well, she meant it...                                                         * * * In this mind-gripping novel, join Camilla Rasort, an eighteen-year-old girl who is sold to a cruel alpha as his mistress who turns out to be her mate but later banished from the pack by him under the accusations that she poisoned the alpha's ex-girlfriend, who was now carrying his child, out of jealousy. She roams the city, doing any kind of job she can find, until her wolf comes out. After discovering she wasn't a werewolf at all but a Lycan who matures at the age of twenty, she returns to her pack for vengeance with the help of her childhood best friend, Ash Moon. The only thing holding her back is the little boy in her arms. He is the exact photocopy of the man she once called a mate and a husband. Will this little blessing hinder or speed her vengeful plans? Find out!


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