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  • Author: Emm_nuel
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Adriana Macpherson, a young responsible lady, also the daughter of the highest billionaire of the state. She lived independently and not under the influence of her father’s money, but her single life got to a stop when she got stuck in an elevator with the ruthless billionaire in the society only to reach home few hours later to get the shocking news of her father betrothing her to the ruthless billionaire, still at the point of shock and resentment at first she disagreed with the arrangement and threatened to kill herself, but her dad says he knows she can never do such, she later agrees to marry Lucas after much persuasion and threats from her father. Lucas Shaul, is a ruthless and fearless man, he had the looks the money and everything, ladies fell at his feet, but in other to get take over his father’s company he has to get married as per family rules and also to keep the company stable, Lucas and Adrianna never agreed to one thing, very night ended in fights and sometimes steamy moments, they never posses the emotion love yet for each other, but as time went by they fell in love and started to build their marriage. Within the time of their resentment, Lucas was having an affair with his secretary, Emily, it was a friend with benefits affair no feelings attached but Emily started having feelings for him as the time went by. Adrianna fell deeply in love with him and became loyal to him, she gave him her heart and he broke it without remedy. One night she had caught him with Emily and immediately filed for a divorce even though she was unhappy. They both divorced and went their separate ways, Lucas became unstable and he missed Adrianne, but Adrianna wasn’t listening to his pleas. Black Shelton, another wealthy business man came into Adrianna life and made her feel loved but she was cut in between a hard place and a rock, she didn’t know if to accept her Ex or Black Shelton. Emily also tried to fit in and replace Adrianna but Lucas was no longer Interested in her. Adrianna and Lucas meets again in an elevator and they both chuckled saying they meet again in an elevator, there is tension in the air and Lucas takes the oppournity to apologize to her, Adrianne finally agrees to re-marry Lucas after thinking about it for weeks. She decides to tell Shelton about it but Shelton doesn’t take it lightly, he now teams up with Emily and they plot to kidnap Adrianne, Emily wants her to be killed but Shelton doesn’t buy the idea but instead wants to marry her but he does not inform Emily about it, they kidnap Adrianne the day before her wedding and everything goes down the hill. Lucas suspects Emily for Adrianne’s kidnap after he noticed her panicked expression and unusual calls, he arrest her and forces her to speak, she reveals the truth that Shelton and her kidnapped Adrianne and Lucas asks her to call Shelton to ask for the location, Shelton tells her the wrong location but Lucas was already tracking his phone, they reach their location to meet Shelton getting married to Adrianne against her will, Lucas has the whole church surrounded with police officers, but Shelton holds Adrianne at gun point, making Lucas drop his gun, but one of the police officer shoots Shelton in the chest and he falls down dead. Adrianne runs back to Lucas sand they both have their moments, few days later they give birth and 9 months later which is in the epilogue she gives birth to twins, a boy and girl.


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