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Warning! Mature Content! **************** “I believe I have the mandate to behave whatever stupidly I like!” his eyes became larger as he yelled, “Are you going to control me against the d*mn truth?” Melinda disregarded his absurd outrage as she veered around to face him and laughed. “No… Cody, you are free to behave as oddly you choose, but not in front of my clients!” she continued wiping the counter and muttered, “Let's talk about it in private, like two adult creatures…” She had long apprehended when his tantrum reached a breaking point during their relationship, particularly when he began to rake his fingers through his hair. “If that daughter is my child, I am authorized to see her, spend time with her, provide for her, and most notably, be her father, you know that Mel… Even the law permits that precisely…” his voice quivered as he murmured. He shoved the front counter's bars while balling up his palms into fists. “I'm sorry, Cody, I'm not allowed to answer that. Besides, I am entitled to custody of my daughter, whom I raised alone for over one and a half years. I at least don't fear people like you do! When you realized everything, do you recall how you flew out of the city?” she questioned, tears stinging her eyes. To prevent her tears from getting widespread among her clients, she wisely swept them away. “I need you to tell me, Mel! It's a mess to hear something essential from others like rumors... Do you know I possess the… if that is undoubtedly my daughter? Trust me, if I'm the biological father, I should have known straight after you realized you were pregnant with my child!” he roared back, grabbing the diners' full attention. “Mr. CEO, for now, you have no authority over my daughter. As soon as you disregarded me and fled the city, your rights vanished along with you! Have I not just reminded you of that?” she muttered, unflinchingly, trying to divert the engagement of her clients, “How was I supposed to let you know I was pregnant when you cowardly feared the obligations?”

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My name is Katia; I want to find my fated mate and live a peaceful life raising our pups. The problem is I have holes in my memories and don’t understand who or what I am. I know I am a werewolf, but I am also something else. Rejection is the last straw! I am not worthy is the reason he gives. The pain doubles me over; my wolf is whimpering in my head, and tears are running down my face. I whispered my acceptance of his rejection and took off running. I ran through the pack house out across the green manicured lawn into the forest. "I'm sorry, my sweet girl," I say to my wolf. I'm sorry you have been stuck with me, and our life has been difficult. She whispers," It's not your fault, Katia." I don't know how long or far we ran, but we came to a cliff with a waterfall. The pain from the rejection is unbearable, and the hurt keeps pounding at me. I know I am missing something. Aza, my wolf, feels it, too; she says we are more than regular werewolves and are here for a reason. We cannot remember the reason. I stand staring at the water running over and down, creating the fall. I wonder what the reason is for the millionth time. Why can I or Aza not remember? Does it have something to do with the way others treat us? The way we have been sent to live with different people since the death of our parents? Does it have something to do with why my fated rejected me? I am tired of figuring out why our memories do not make sense. My sweet girl and I want peace, but we do not know how to obtain it. I stand staring into the oblivion of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. So I stand there rejected, half a wolf, speaking with my Wolfie, my nickname for Aza, debating what we should do next. Someone was yelling my name from the direction I ran. I do not want to go back there. I hear laughter. Turning, I glance down over the cliff. There is another pack having a barbecue. The adults are laughing and watching the pups play. What looks to be the Alpha, beta, and gamma of the pack are in the water playing Marco Polo with some of the children. They look so happy and carefree. I want that. I wonder if Aza and I ever have a life like that.

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  • Author: Aimee Lane
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 9.5

Jesse is a normal girl from a f*ck*d-up family. The only thing she wants is freedom. Casimir, the dark and ruthless Wolf King, reigns in the protected, underground dens of the wolf world. He holds the power to compel anyone--human, or wolf--to do as he commands. Now, he needs a new mate, because the previous two killed themselves. After watching Casimir steal the minds and wills of the other women who have been kidnapped along with Jesse as potential mates, she knows he is even more powerful than the urban legends she's heard. Fearing that if the Wolf King touches her with his power she'll lose herself forever, Jesse makes a decision: She offers to submit to Casimir's dominance, to make herself his slave, to bear his heir... and to live. (Which is more than any of his previous mates managed.) But in return, he must vow to never use that compulsion on her. Fascinated, both by her boldness, and by the surge in his power when she willingly offers herself, Casimir takes her as his newest mate. But Casimir isn't the only wolf who wants Jesse. While Jesse's will to resist Casimir is eroded by the sizzling chemistry between them, she's also drawn by the tender safety offered by a much less powerful wolf. A wolf that Casimir would kill if he had any clue the male cared for Jesse. As she navigates the brutal world of the wolves, Jesse may submit to Casimir in body, but she stays strong in her mind and heart. Will Casimir break Jesse just as he broke two mates before her? Or, will Jesse flee with another wolf and leave Casimir forever? Has the Wolf King finally met his match?

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"I just want to sleep with him" Anastasia Beverly never knew that the deal she was going into was going to end up being a forced marriage by the ruthless and monstrous son of the Winston family. "That wasn't our deal!" Vincenzo Winston looked at her with a smirk," I make the deal, I make the rules. You won't escape from me again!" Anastasia, who didn't understand what he meant, vowed to escape the forced marriage. And with the help of Vincenzo's ex-girlfriend, she made an escape! Unfortunately, it wasn't as she envisioned! What would happen when secrets start to come out? What would Anastasia do when she found out that the ruthless billionaire she signed a deal with was her long lost brother who promised to marry her? Was he still the same person or was she having hallucinations? Find out how the contract lovers tried to make their long lost promise come true amidst various trials! Those were the words of nineteen year old Anastasia Beverly who was desperate to help her family's financial crisis. While searching for ways to redeem her family, she came across the news that the Winston's family worth trillions of dollars was looking for a woman who could bear an heir for their family through their only son, Vincenzo Winston. Anastasia decided to give it a shot. She planned to get him on her bed! But what would happen when the tables turned against her? Vincenzo Winston was the only surviving son of the Winston family. His family's desperate search for an heir made him come across his childhood lover. What would happen when the childhood lover didn't recognize him but was just after his money? "You can't escape from me!" But it looks like Anastasia seems to have her own plans too. All she wanted was to sleep with the dreaded billionaire and get her half payment. But Vincenzo was hellbent on marrying her because he can't afford to lose her again! Would she accept her fate or would she try all she could to end the already bad deal? Due to desperation to leave the forced marriage, she seeks help from Tracy Turner, her husband's ex-lover who poses as a friend. She was kidnapped and at the point of death. When Vincenzo found out about her kidnapping, he went in search of her and was shot while trying to defend her. Will he survive the shot? Will Anastasia have a change of heart and fulfil their childhood promise? What lies in the fate of these long lost lovers?


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