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Her Billionaire's Deal[No Escape]

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"I just want to sleep with him" Anastasia Beverly never knew that the deal she was going into was going to end up being a forced marriage by the ruthless and monstrous son of the Winston family. "That wasn't our deal!" Vincenzo Winston looked at her with a smirk," I make the deal, I make the rules. You won't escape from me again!" Anastasia, who didn't understand what he meant, vowed to escape the forced marriage. And with the help of Vincenzo's ex-girlfriend, she made an escape! Unfortunately, it wasn't as she envisioned! What would happen when secrets start to come out? What would Anastasia do when she found out that the ruthless billionaire she signed a deal with was her long lost brother who promised to marry her? Was he still the same person or was she having hallucinations? Find out how the contract lovers tried to make their long lost promise come true amidst various trials! Those were the words of nineteen year old Anastasia Beverly who was desperate to help her family's financial crisis. While searching for ways to redeem her family, she came across the news that the Winston's family worth trillions of dollars was looking for a woman who could bear an heir for their family through their only son, Vincenzo Winston. Anastasia decided to give it a shot. She planned to get him on her bed! But what would happen when the tables turned against her? Vincenzo Winston was the only surviving son of the Winston family. His family's desperate search for an heir made him come across his childhood lover. What would happen when the childhood lover didn't recognize him but was just after his money? "You can't escape from me!" But it looks like Anastasia seems to have her own plans too. All she wanted was to sleep with the dreaded billionaire and get her half payment. But Vincenzo was hellbent on marrying her because he can't afford to lose her again! Would she accept her fate or would she try all she could to end the already bad deal? Due to desperation to leave the forced marriage, she seeks help from Tracy Turner, her husband's ex-lover who poses as a friend. She was kidnapped and at the point of death. When Vincenzo found out about her kidnapping, he went in search of her and was shot while trying to defend her. Will he survive the shot? Will Anastasia have a change of heart and fulfil their childhood promise? What lies in the fate of these long lost lovers?

Chapter 1: Fire Outbreak

"Fire! Fire! Fire!"

Smokes. Fire. Stampede. Cries were everywhere as the storeroom was engulfed in fire and screams of the children in the orphanage.

Firo who was taking a nap, woke up with a start, his eyes resting on the bed close to his. It was empty. Where was Anastasia? Without thinking twice, he ran towards the noise.

"Someone is trapped in the fire!"

When he got there, he began searching for Anastasia but couldn't find her. He got hold of one of the children.

"Where is Anastasia?" He asked, eagerly.

"She… she is trapped in the fire!"

Firo felt as if his heart was ripped apart. He looked around and saw a blanket. He soaked it into a bucket of water that they were using to stop the fire and he ran inside.

He was going to save her. He had promised to always protect her no matter what.

"Firo!" The matron shouted.

But it was too late as Firo had already run into the fire engulfed storeroom. She almost died of a heart attack. She would be a goner if anything happens to this young heir!

The matron quickly took out her phone and dialed a number.

Meanwhile, Firo was looking for Anastasia in the smoky room," Anastasia! Where are you? Anastasia!"

Little Anastasia who was coiled up in fright at the fire razing all over the place, felt elated hearing Firo's voice.

"Brother Firo! Cough… cough…," she tried to call out but the smoke got into her nostril and she started coughing.

Firo who heard his name and the coughing turned to see Anastasia. But just above her, there was a slab of ceiling that was about to fall.

"Anastasia!" Firo screamed, his eyes fixed on the little girl who was oblivious to the danger.

He ran towards her just as the slab fell. It fell on his back and the two of them fell to the ground. Although Anastasia was safe, her thumb was caught up in a fire coming out from the slab.

She winced in pain but her eyes were fixed on Firo who was lying on the ground, "Arrr! Brother Firo! Wake up! Please wake up"

Firo who was burning from the heat of the fire managed to stand up and wrapped the blanket around her body. He started guiding her through the places there was less fire.

As soon as they got to the entrance, Firo lost consciousness due to the excessive pain. He was immediately rushed to the hospital alongside Anastasia who got a burnt thumb.


Months later, Firo was discharged from the hospital. The next day was Anastasia's birthday. They were sitting in their room when Anastasia walked up to him.

"Brother Firo, do you remember your promise? Tomorrow is my birthday," She asked, her eyes shining brightly.

" I will surely get you your favorite candy floss first thing in the morning, "Firo promised.

" Promise?" Anastasia asked again.

" I promise you, Anastasia, that I will get you the candy floss and I will also marry you, remember?" Firo reminded her.

" Yes, Brother Firo. Anastasia would only marry Brother Firo," Anastasia said.

" Now, go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning, you will see hundreds of candy floss just for you," Firo promised.

" Don't leave me, Brother," Anastasia said, blinking her eyes.

" I will never leave you, Anastasia. I will always be with you," he said, patting her curly golden hair.

Feeling happy, Anastasia dozed off to sleep.

Unknown to Firo, his grandparents decided to bring him back to the house since everything had been settled. Besides, the orphanage was not safe for him.

That night he was taken away by their butler while he was asleep.

When he woke up the next day, he wasn't allowed to go anywhere. No matter how hard he tried, his grandparents didn't let him out of the house.

He was angry with himself for breaking his promise. He promised to visit her as soon as he could. But unfortunately, it never happened as Anastasia was nowhere to be found.


The next morning Anastasia waited for Firo all through the day but didn't see him. She was feeling sad and refused to eat or speak to anyone. She was eagerly waiting for her Brother Firo.

That same day, an old man and woman came to take her away from the orphanage. She was their biological granddaughter that went missing when she was two years old. They had been searching everywhere for her, including all orphanages with a picture of when she was two years old.

After the matron confirmed their story and seeing that the old couple was quite genuine, she released Anastasia to them after filling in some formalities as they came with the police. Although she didn't know their identity, she knew they would be influential.

But little Anastasia refused to leave as she cried and stomped her foot."I am waiting for my Brother Firo! I am not going anywhere!"

Although she was adamant, the people took her away from the orphanage.

"Brother Firo!" She continued wailing nonstop. The old woman tried to pacify her but she started throwing tantrums in the car.

"Anastasia, we are your grandparents. We won't hurt you. When we get home, we will take you to meet your Brother Firo," the old woman tried to pacify her.

" You are lying! Let me out of the car! I want to meet my Brother Firo!" She screamed.

The two old people tried pacifying her but it was all in vain. Distracted by her tantrums, the old man driving the car didn't notice a truck coming toward them and he rammed into the truck.

The car swerved around as it hit the electric pole by the side of the road. Blood was everywhere as the three people in the car were covered in blood and bruises.

Fortunately, the police car that was following behind was able to rush them to the hospital before making a call. The hospital was suddenly thrown into a frenzy when it was known that the three accident victims were the Beverly family, a wealthy family in the State.

However, the two old people, Grandma and Grandpa Beverly died after some hours. Little Anastasia went into a coma for six months and the family was torn with grief.

After the end of six months, Anastasia finally opened her eyes but she had lost all of her memories.

Chapter 2: Pervert!

Fifteen Years Later

A man as cold as a glacier, with eyes that seem to spit out fire. His perfectly curved brows were etched in a thin line. His lips tightened in an aggravated pout.

He sat on the extravagant modern looking chair. The opulence that the house carried was that of an influential family. Of course, they were the most influential family in the country.

The Winston Churchill family which had been traced down to several centuries of linked royal blood. Due to a bloody internal power struggle, the family's blood lines were cut off prematurely leaving only the old matriarch and patriarch of the Winston including the only heir to the vast empire.

Vincenzo Winston.

Being the only surviving son of the Winston family, the old matriach was deeply aggravated by his refusal to carry on the bloodline. Vincenzo had refused to get married to anyone but his long lost childhood lover.

It's been fifteen years yet he had been unable to locate


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