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About me

seiji is an introverted person. I started writing at the age of 12 in order to escape then it quickly became a passion. I like love stories and often horror stories. I have already published several books on various platforms . I hope to meet your expectations.


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  • Author: Seiji
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

"You may be Ninite's father, but you don't deserve it. You took me by force, and your criminal life will always hurt him. You are a curse to him; you should leave us alone." "Disappear?" "Yes, if you love our son, you should disappear from his life." Min-Ho just smiled. “Ninite is the most precious thing I have in my shitty life. I will never walk away from him." His smile widened. "And neither from you. I said it before... Once inside, you are mine forever. You should already get used to me." ----------------------------- Bella is an innocent young woman who grew up in a family with strict values. She holds a deep grudge and hatred for gangs and their members. Her biological parents died because of a mafia boss, and her best friend was killed in a war between rival gangs. Since then, she has held them with immense contempt and disgust because, for her, they are all means. But after a one-night stand, which she believes to be r*p*, she becomes pregnant. Panicked, she runs away but quickly discovers that the father of her son is a mafia member, the most ruthless that exists, and the latter has decided that she belongs to him as his wife and the mother of his son. He will never let her leave him or get away from him. She is now bound to him willy-nilly, for better or for worse. Faced with the many dangers that await her by being with this man, will Bella be able to face them for the good of her son? Will her heart be ready to forgive and accept this man with such a cruel and possessive gaze?


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