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Up North

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"I prefer your moans, your gasps, and your whimpers. Don't hold them back, and I'll be more than satisfied..."" My hands move from his jaw to his hair, tagging at its ends. His hands travel down my body and pull the material from my shirt up my body, he places a wet kiss right beside my belly button. I tense as I let out a gasp. He makes his way up, showering my stomach with slow kisses, studying my body as he goes until the shirt is completely off and his mouth is on my neck. **** Aelin has been mistreated by her pack for as long as she can remember, but as the threats of the Vampire Kingdom becomes more and more palpable, her pack has to call the Northerners to help them train and prepare for the Vampire Kingdom. What happens when the Northern Alpha takes a liking to Aelin?

Chapter 1

I was already awake when the alarm went off. I took a deep breath, trying to gather as much patience as I could. My days are usually packed, filled with chores; the arrival of the Northern pack only made matters worse.I opened the door to leave the room already dressed up in my day clothes. My eyes captured the unexpected figure waiting outside the room. I jumped, "Alpha?" I asked, my eyes not getting enough detail to say who the man was.Aelin," he said coldly, the only way he pronounced my name- with hatred. He turned around and began walking without warning. I quickly caught up with him, “you are aware of the pack’s latest news,” he began as we got to the kitchen, I hum in response. “Then you must also be aware that we asked the people from the North for help,” I hadn't been told directly, but it wasn't difficult to find that out, “they arrive today, in a few hours. I’m putting them under your service,-”.“But, Alpha-,” I cut him off hesitantly, they were too many people for me to take care of them, my work was already piling up, and the last thing I wanted was to add more fuel to the flame.“Don’t you dare interrupt me, Aelin. I thought I taught you better than this,” he said, my eyes fell to my feet, I lowered my head, he’s right I’m better than this petty behavior. “You will take care of them, any doubt, any midnight snack, any problem, anything they ask for, need or want, even if they didn’t ask you for it, you take care of it, I don’t care what it is, no won’t be in your vocabulary this week, understood?”“Yes, Alpha,” I give in, cursing inwardly. How would I be able to assist them all? Northerners were already known for being ruthless, often showing little to no mercy. My job was not going to be a walk in the park. “If it’s not too much to ask, where will they be staying?”“First and second floor. You'll be staying on the ground floor in your previous room." I take a deep breath as the agony of the memories in that room conquers my body. I open my mouth to interject as a cold drop of sweat makes its way down my back; however, his eyes tell me not to try my luck with him today. "You have to prepare the Alpha of the North room before he arrives, make everything perfect, did I make myself clear?" He commands. I lower my head as hesitation settles in.“Uh-, Alpha. Couldn't any of the maids do that for me today? The orphans are about to wake up, and I have to take care of them, Alpha.” I explain, there are many maids, and I'm sure one of them could take care of the Alpha's room, even if it's just for one day. I made sure that my voice sounded as soft as I could. I was not challenging him.“Room 108," he replies without acknowledging my concern. He turns around and mumbles, "f*ck*ng crybaby."I look at the ceiling in despair as I breathe deeply, “okay, okay- don’t worry, you’ve got this.” My throat opened and closed, the air coming out of my lungs paradoxically. I brush the hair off my face and make it into a high ponytail; I look around as I try to work out a plan. How am I going to do this? First things first, let’s prepare the Alpha's room. I run up the stairs, conscious of the noise I'm making but not caring. I get to the first floor, I begin looking for the room, and there it was 108.I enter the room; the bed was large, right in the center of the room. I started noting what I needed to do, grab new sheets and make the bed, get the vacuum cleaner, clean the desk, get some water bottles and some fruit, and- a bathroom-, I close my eyes, and I pray to the Goddess for time to slow down and help me finish my tasks on time. I don't let myself think about it any longer. I run to the 'janitor' room where I was to sleep until the Northerners left, and I grab everything that I need, some white sheets, a vacuum cleaner, and some cleaning products. I make the bed as quickly as I can, making sure it's fluffy and neat, then I go in with the vacuum cleaner. The bed takes up most of the room, so I end reasonably quickly. I wash the desk, and I quickly make my way to the windows. Once I finish, I look at the watch to meet face to face with horrible news. Five minutes for the kids to wake up. I run to the bathroom, pour bleach in the sink and toilet, and I scrub. Everything was adequately clean, so not much work was needed. I get to the shower with two minutes left, and I go for a quick fix. I pour drain cleaner down the drain, and I clean everything with bleach; then, I take the product for glass, and I use that on the glass panel. I scan the bathroom, everything's good. I grab everything, and I put it back messily in the janitor's room. I'll deal with that and the lack of water and snacks in his room later.I rush down the stairs, and they are all already there. I get to the kitchen; the sun’s out now. Lotte, Nova, Cain, and Sage are already seated around the table. They have their clothes on, which I prepared for them the day before. I get the milk and cereals, and I give them to them. I wash some grapes and berries, and I hand them to the kids. Generally, they drink orange juice in the morning, but I didn't have time to prepare it and drinking milk before orange juice upsets their tummies.I’m not allowed to eat yet, but my stomach is craving some food, so instead of eating, I prepare the orphans lunch to go to school; they’re only four, so my task is quite manageable. I grab some rice and chicken that the cooks made for them yesterday. I finish with some cut-up apples and some cookies. I put everything in their lunch bags with their water bottles fill up, and I sit down with them for a minute as they finish eating. My stomach growls in annoyance, knowing I won't be eating soon.“Do you want some of mine?” Lotte, a sweetheart, offers.I laugh it off, “no, don’t worry. I will eat later. You guys need to eat, you have to grow to be big and strong. Who else is going to protect me when I’m old and wrinkly,” I say as I wrap my arms on both Lotte and Nova’s seats. I wave as they leave to go to school, “be good,” I say loudly. Their bus leaves, and I see two boats, one bigger than the other. Both making their way to land. I look down at my watch; here they are. The snack, the water. I panic.Alpha Cassio quickly makes his way outside. It takes him a few seconds to see me there; I watch as his anger corrupts his face, no longer portraying the calmness the Alpha should show with the arrival of the Northerners. He walks towards me fast. Luna Sarah following along ready to welcome the visitors.“What are you doing here?” He asks aggressively beside me. His eyes stare, not at me, but at the ocean, a few meters away from our packhouse, as if nothing is wrong. “The kids just left. I was waving them goodbye,” I reply innocently. Alpha Cassio grips my arm firmly, digging his fingers into my arms.“Your job is not to say goodbye,” he says, mocking me. The pressure on my arm increases, a whimper escapes my lips. “If you're so eager to find something to do, you can help them out with their bags,” he says and lets go of my arm as a smile appears on his face. I consider asking him to let me first arrange the food in the Alpha's room, but that would imply me doing my job wrong. Angering him wasn't a part of my to-do list, and as his wolf is going to be quite short-tempered with the arrival of another Alpha.I watch as the rest of the maids start to line up to get their bags too, “don’t overwork yourself, ladies,” he says as he nods his head towards me, and they all snicker slightly.The Northerners begin to step into our pack lands, walking confidently towards the packhouse, almost as if they owned the place. They didn't look around or wander off to see the finer details of Kylain. Their curiosity did not show, but rather, they all wore a firm gaze straight ahead. These were warriors. The men were all around 6 feet / 182 cm or taller, and the women are also very tall, 5 foot 8 / 172 m being the shortest. Their bodies are all very similar and different at the same time, they are very muscular, but some are leaner while others are bulkier. The women, in particular, looked deadly to me, they have very foxy, determined eyes, and their swift movements and observant demeanors tell me they are a force to be recked within the battlefield. I understood why Alpha Cassio had called them to help us, how he had eaten his pride for the sake of his people. At times, Alpha Cassio did that, show specks of good.Most of them wore some tribal painting or tattoo; the women accentuated their foxy, turquoise eyes with a blue line just below their waterline, stretched over to their high cheeks. Many of the men had multiple claw marks on their faces, they were all different, and at times one bruise was on top of another, telling me they were caused in combat, whether that was part of their training or not. I didn't know. Despite not being here to battle, I felt fear as if they were.I look for the Alpha. He’s usually in front of the pack, leading his people but as much power as these men have, none shout Alpha to me. They walked separated from each other they were probably a group of 20 to 30. They weren't that many, but none of them talked to each other, sparsely distributed as they got to the main entrance.“Please, leave your bags here, my people will put them in your rooms,” my Alpha said as the warriors entered the doors of the packhouse, a few of them didn’t bother to leave their bags whilst others did.The maids left when they had each one or two of them, whilst I stood there with more than seven heavy bags, more people piling them up in my arms. I tried to squash them down and make them more manageable, but they weren’t that easy to handle.“Can I-” I try to ask him as the weight of the bags made my lower back hurt as I tried to balance all of them at once; this wasn't the worst punishment that I had endured, not even close. Its purpose, a reminder of who was in charge, who not to upset.“Shush,” was all he said as the last of people entered.I followed his gaze, and I found the Alpha alongside a group of 4: 3 men and a woman. I could tell who the Alpha and Beta were; they strode with such power. I swallowed hard, just thinking about what they would do to me if I disrespected them by chance or if I didn't behave appropriately when they were around. They were both quite handsome, with tan skin and dark black eyes like someone had painted them in with pure carbon.

Chapter 2

I look over at my Alpha, reading his expression that, just like mine, screams awe. There's some fear that he tries to hide as the Northern Alpha holds his gaze, perceiving what I also see in my Alpha's eyes. Suddenly, his eyes swiftly make their way to mine as if he didn't expect me to be there or perhaps for someone to watch him as keenly as I was. I knew better than to continue to gaze at him, but his black orbs absorbed mine, and I couldn't look away. I wondered when he would grunt at me for it, but he didn't. He continued to study me- my eyes, as that was the only thing visible under all the bags.Finally, I manage to pull away from his eyes and quickly turn to watch my Alpha, what he thought of that moment but he hadn't noticed, I took a deep breath. Now wasn't the time for this type of behavior. Gaze down at all time I remind myself, gaze down and only speak when spoken to."Alpha," Alpha Cassio greets him, he nods his head in response, "thank you for the help," he s

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