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Everleigh Miles

  • 👁 63.3K
  • 7.0
  • 📚 3


The Mage's Heart
  • 👁 10.5K
  • 8.4

Don't stray from the path… When Siorin encounters a mysterious black-haired mage in the forest on her way to the local good-witch, she knows better than to stray from the path. Doing so would be inviting trouble from the fairy brethren with whom mankind shares their world. His plight, however, moves her, and she rescues him despite misgivings. Rivyn has cast a destiny spell which he believes brought him Siorin, so he doesn't hesitate to steal her, well and truly taking her off her path when he does so. The mage irresistibly draws and seduces Siorin as he leads her on an adventure that transverses their world, encountering all manner of brethren, for Rivyn is on quest is to rebuild his power so that he can return to the Fae Court and reclaim what has been stolen from him. But what Rivyn has lost is not what he needs to seek. Will Rivyn choose his power, or his heart?

Mated to The Dragon Lord
  • 👁 41K
  • 5.1

Fate brought them together, will destiny tear them apart? Lord Sylvin of the Silver Dragon has two missions in life, to keep and protect the Lady Yelena of Elliard, and to fill the gaps of his past. To do the first, he trains as a knight with the Fae Kings army, and in their war against the humans, wins honours, titles, and land – but the years apart from Yelena do not come without a cost, and when he returns, it is with a mistake that both holds promise for their future together, and threatens to destroy it.

Love & Other Sorcery
  • 👁 11.8K
  • 7.5

Love and Other Sorcery follows three steamy erotic romances… In The Mage’s Heart, be seduced by Rivyn Nae Ederne’s quest to reclaim his magic: His hand closed over mine, and he pressed my palm against the hot skin of his stomach, sliding it down, through the crisp hair at his groin, to close over his hardness. His eyes closed and his head rocked back on his neck as he guided my hand along with him. Fall in love with Aurien, in The Golden Dragon’s Princess: The expression in his eyes shifted and he stepped closer. He slid his hand from my cheek, down my arm, catching my hand by the wrist, lifting it, and pressed my palm against his chest. I dragged in the air in a gasp. The heat of his skin was not of mankind, and his heartbeat hard and fast against my palm, its rhythm still raised from a flight. And discover a lover in your best friend with Akyran’s Folly: He lowered me to the bed, covering me with his body, his mouth branding my skin, his breath unsteady. Our hands tangled as we tried to pull each other's clothing free, and we laughed with a wildness heavy with desire, before falling upon each other with new fury. I heard the cloth of my shirt tear. It’s Love and Other Sorcery…


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