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Anderson Musyoki

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Endless Love; Forever Cry
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Warning! Mature Content!🔞 I looked at the callous man, whom I hesitantly referred to as my father. Sincerity be damned, I couldn't identify the cause of his animosity toward me. He glanced at me briefly before carrying on with his task. He carried a Jembe in his arms and the spade was next to him. He shoveled dirt away from the hole he had dug as my grave, and sighed deeply. When he measured my height and compared it to the grave's, that's when I knew he wasn't drunk. Thinking about how a parent could be so callous towards his child made me incredibly anxious. Trust me, had done nothing wrong apart from what he regarded I was born differently. He sometimes referred to me as his cursed child. He had my hands so tightly bound that I was unable to move a single finger. I was thrilled to see my grandmother coming. Even in the early morning twilight, I could tell that she was my grandmother. She gave me a quick glance before directing her attention to my father. “Say your last prayer,” she shouted. When I needed my her assistance, I was shocked to see her publicly reject me. I started to perspire a lot, when I heard her criticism over me. “If you survive, you will ruin our reputation,” My father glared at me fiercely and yelled, “I shall have to get rid of you as soon as I can, and today is your last day.”

Marked Heart
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“I just want to know what happened to me!” roared Emily. She pushed him away agitated and snorted. “I told you everything that you was supposed to know...!” yelled Richard. He made his disorganized black fitting suit, tacked his shirt and sighed. “Everything? Everything that I was supposed to know but... But you are selfish with yourself! You call your nonsense story genuine?” asked Emily turning to face the wall. She focused her meditation on the ceiling, sighed and rolled her fist harder. “I will grant you one last chance Richard! Just tell me whose heart is under my fucking chest or I break up with you once and for all!” added Emily. Richard got nervous when he heard of her talk about divorce. He adored her dearly and that was the reason why he had to do what was setting them apart. “What hell was I supposed to do? You wanted to die? You wanted to kill me? I did it... Yes!” yelled Richard. He rubbed his nose and cleared his throat. He said what he had promised himself to remain silent but she forced him to betray himself. Love is blind. “So you killed someone for me to live? What a hell! How could you give me life that belonged to someone else without my consent? So you think you are the reason that I breath? So you are my creator now?!” she roared back. “Yeah! And... And you have to do whatever I say because I brought you back to life. I can't lose you sweetheart. I adore you...” “Love my foot! Leave me alone Richard! I will kill myself!” she promised and banged the door behind her. Richard looked around, staring at the empty room perplexed. When he opened the door, she was no where to be seen...

Love Never Dies
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WARNING 🔞 MATURE CONTENT! This book is strictly dedicated to readers 18+ “Oh, my goodness! That was amazing. I love your voice, and specifically your big dick. You must be hot in bed...” she said, pulling him close to her sharp pointing nipples. “Are you kidding me? Oh, no! Probably, I'm too hot to handle. Do you think we are perfect match?” he asked, pressing her breast on his bulging chest. He had muscles, and that made his romantic. She kissed him passionately, and sighed. “Are you ready to enter my dark side? Don't be lured by my hot looks. I think I'm nothing perfect compared to you. I'm not perfect for you darling. I'm embarrassed of myself...” “Enough of your void words sweetheart. None is perfect, neither me! Everyone got secrets and lies. Don't judge by what you see. Welcome to my dark side as well. Let's find light...” he said, kissing her sweet lips. She retrenched and smiled broadly exposing her pure white teeth. “Have you forgotten that Mathews is mine?” asked Rita interrupting their conversation. “Will you marry me?” asked Mathews, trembling. His voice was nervous. “No! I won't...”


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