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Anderson Musyoki

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An experienced online author. Interested in writing paranormal novels and romance.


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Mature Content! **************** “How could you…?” asked Emiliana puffing. She felt misery unexpectedly and held her breasts. “Are you out of your sanity, Emy? How dare you penetrate my door without knocking?” growled Jefferson, peeking at her in stupefaction. He shoved Rose away from him. They stood stripped and in bed enjoying themselves. “How could you fool me with my best friend!” wailed Emiliana. They were in bed enjoying themselves. “How could you cheat me with my best friend!” howled Emiliana. “Let me explain this…” Jefferson protested, covering himself with the bedsheets. Rose didn't appear bothered by her nakedness, perhaps because her body appeared flawless. So attractive with every feature that a beautiful woman deserves. Emiliana popped her eyes out of their orbit, tears thundering down her puffy cheeks. “You will explain what? Everything is clear that you were having s*x! What else do you want to explain?” she inquired, stepping backwards. Jefferson strolled forward, his hands pleading for forgiveness. Unable to look at him, he diverted to Rose and frowned. “And you! Prostitute! Why do you take advantage of other ladies' boyfriends? You can't keep something for your own? Sl*t!” she snapped, implying her finger on her. Rose from the bed and wrapped herself nearly with the bedsheets, making sure that she appeared romantic and chuckled softly. “You want to know why? Because I'm more gorgeous than you. Look at you! Very cheap, simple that you can't satisfy your boyfriend! How do you expect your boyfriend to stick to you when you are dressed like an old vogue? Stupid!” she snapped back, swaying her butt sideways as she approached her. Emiliana added another step backwards, her ears unable to balance between facts and false. “I see…” she nodded her head in consensus and wiped away tears popping out of her eyes. Now she had believed that she wasn't dreaming. “I would rather not see you again, Jeff!” “Go! You are not even close to his level. You are a smear on his good name!” those were the faint words she heard while stepping downstairs. Suddenly, she heard the door bang. Perhaps, locked to finish whatever they had started. Instantly, Emiliana thought of liquor. Liquor which she had never tasted. Instead of going back home, she pierced into the nearby bar and placed her heavy order, to freeze her burning sense. **************

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Warning! Mature Content! **************** “I believe I have the mandate to behave whatever stupidly I like!” his eyes became larger as he yelled, “Are you going to control me against the d*mn truth?” Melinda disregarded his absurd outrage as she veered around to face him and laughed. “No… Cody, you are free to behave as oddly you choose, but not in front of my clients!” she continued wiping the counter and muttered, “Let's talk about it in private, like two adult creatures…” She had long apprehended when his tantrum reached a breaking point during their relationship, particularly when he began to rake his fingers through his hair. “If that daughter is my child, I am authorized to see her, spend time with her, provide for her, and most notably, be her father, you know that Mel… Even the law permits that precisely…” his voice quivered as he murmured. He shoved the front counter's bars while balling up his palms into fists. “I'm sorry, Cody, I'm not allowed to answer that. Besides, I am entitled to custody of my daughter, whom I raised alone for over one and a half years. I at least don't fear people like you do! When you realized everything, do you recall how you flew out of the city?” she questioned, tears stinging her eyes. To prevent her tears from getting widespread among her clients, she wisely swept them away. “I need you to tell me, Mel! It's a mess to hear something essential from others like rumors... Do you know I possess the… if that is undoubtedly my daughter? Trust me, if I'm the biological father, I should have known straight after you realized you were pregnant with my child!” he roared back, grabbing the diners' full attention. “Mr. CEO, for now, you have no authority over my daughter. As soon as you disregarded me and fled the city, your rights vanished along with you! Have I not just reminded you of that?” she muttered, unflinchingly, trying to divert the engagement of her clients, “How was I supposed to let you know I was pregnant when you cowardly feared the obligations?”

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“I just want to know what happened to me!” roared Emily. She pushed him away agitated and snorted. “I told you everything that you was supposed to know...!” yelled Richard. He made his disorganized black fitting suit, tacked his shirt and sighed. “Everything? Everything that I was supposed to know but... But you are selfish with yourself! You call your nonsense story genuine?” asked Emily turning to face the wall. She focused her meditation on the ceiling, sighed and rolled her fist harder. “I will grant you one last chance Richard! Just tell me whose heart is under my f*ck*ng chest or I break up with you once and for all!” added Emily. Richard got nervous when he heard of her talk about divorce. He adored her dearly and that was the reason why he had to do what was setting them apart. “What hell was I supposed to do? You wanted to die? You wanted to kill me? I did it... Yes!” yelled Richard. He rubbed his nose and cleared his throat. He said what he had promised himself to remain silent but she forced him to betray himself. Love is blind. “So you killed someone for me to live? What a hell! How could you give me life that belonged to someone else without my consent? So you think you are the reason that I breath? So you are my creator now?!” she roared back. “Yeah! And... And you have to do whatever I say because I brought you back to life. I can't lose you sweetheart. I adore you...” “Love my foot! Leave me alone Richard! I will kill myself!” she promised and banged the door behind her. Richard looked around, staring at the empty room perplexed. When he opened the door, she was no where to be seen...

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**************** “Justin, warmly, we have no time to squander with you. Here are your divorce documents prepared by Ms Lyra from the United Kingdom Law Court. It will be wise if you sign it before the court resolves otherwise about your case. Kindly, go over carefully what you are inquired of, sign it and clear out of my office!” yelped the secretary, shoving the documented papers on the mahogany, smooth table towards him. There was no time for salutations or anything affiliated to his existence. The unexpectedly surprised, man who posed on the opposite side of the table sighed in awe, keenly peeking at the divorce documents. To some breadth, he reckoned, his daydreaming caught him unaware. “Divorce documents? Who I'm I divorcing with and what's this all about?” asked Justin, abruptly scrutinizing through the papers. Lyra's secretary glimpsed at him with animosity and snorted. “Your absurd marriage with Lyra is over, young man! I can't believe how she willingly accepted to be wedded by a destitute, useless man like you. You two don't rhyme at all. Your grade is too inferior to be her fiancée. Your indulgence in her pleasing life is deteriorating the good title of our remarkable CEO. I'm sorry to declare that your involvement is nothing but a smudge on her integrity!” snarled the secretary. “I am gratifying her reasonable prestige? How dare she consider me to mean to me?” asked Justin, jerking his skull in incredulity. “Ultimately, the ludicrous man is here.” roared Lyra, huddling her giant protruding butt on the leather stool facing the other side of the table. Justin's eyes were perplexed to glimpse at the stunning lady in front of him. Undoubtedly, he wasn't worthy to dart or admire such an exquisite lady. The gentlewoman in his scenery had wedded him for four years now, and they had regaled each other with affection and respect. The naive man lifted his eyes and browsed her before diverting them to the documents in his arms and moaning. It was aggravating for her to schedule for divorce before notifying him how he had wronged her. He was perishing innocently, and it appeared to be the harsh onset and destiny. “I'm sorry I'm late, but I don't have to apologize for being late to someone like you. Besides, I had an inevitable meeting which was essential for me to attend…” muttered Lyra, composing herself to accommodate her buttocks on the chair. Justin scowled and sighed once more, equipping his lips to mutter.


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