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The Alpha’s Forbidden Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: A King
  • Chapters: 101
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 16.6K
  • 8.3
  • 💬 34


Ash, son of the Alpha of Peachmoon pack fell in love with Livey at a tender age and promised to make her his Luna, but when he turned 18, he realized that she wasn’t his mate and was forced to make Gabrielle his true mate as his Luna. Hurt and heartbroken, Livey loses her parents two days after the Luna ceremony and she is made the omega of the pack, battered and maltreated by all the Ranked members. But what happens when she turns 18 and realize that Ash was truly her mate but she had to be given off to a ruthless Alpha who kept her as his mistress. Will you she fight for her love for Ash or will she accept the fact that he had mated with someone else and made her Luna?

A girl named Livey

Soft green Meadow awakened with houses beautifully decorated mostly with flowers, enjoying the heavenly scenery and beauty of nature was the Peach Moon pack blessed with masses of wolves filling the pack community, they were said to be the most peaceful and dangerous pack ruled by the Alpha, Alpha Sherlock who ruled the pack with a strict power causing dominance and fear and setting rules that the members were so scared to defy, alongside him was the Luna, praised to be the daughter of the moon goddess because of her beauty and grace.

Ash their son was somewhat different from Alpha Sherlock, growing up he had a cheerful life and lived with it until now, playing in the woods was Ash searching for a young chocolate skinned girl with curly long hair and blue eyes.

Seeing her pale green dress pitching from behind a tree, he smiled to have found her after searching for 2 minutes.

“Gotcha” he said scaring her, she screamed and happily ran away from him with her tiny legs which weren’t able to run a far distance from Ash, he caught her in no time and she fell to the ground giggling and laughing.

Their childhood days had always been eventful like this, with her by his side making him happy and lively. Sitting on the grass he watched her play with her hair, tugging it all backwards and tying it into a ponytail. She posed with the sweetest smile and sat close to him, 

“Ash would we always be like this” she asked, her days were always blessed with him by her side, they have been unseperable after they met when he was five years old and till now she was still the most prettiest girl to him even though he was eleven now.

“Always” he leaned her tiny head on his shoulders and watched the waterfall afar off, it was their favourite view,

“I am scared that we might get separated” she belated, he was the Alpha’s son and her rank in the pack was close to nothing to him, her parents were the pack’s chief warriors and her status was nothing significant to the pack other than the Warrior’s child.

“When I become the Alpha, I will make you my Luna and we will remain together forever” He held up his pinky finger and intertwined it with hers making a daring promise to her, she smiled at him and peaked her hands through his making a cross link with them.

She was rest assured that their forever would be an amazing one with them together, she closed her eyes and took a lung full of air and smiled imagining it in her head, for a kid who was eight, she had a vivid imagination of things.

“Do you want to play some more” he asked beaming with joy and excitement to chase her again, she blinked her beautiful eyes and watched his happy expression, though she was clearly tired, she couldn’t turn him down. She nodded her head and ran into the woods shouting “You can’t catch me”

“We will see about that” he chased after her, getting closer to her, he halted a bit and let her run as fast as her legs could carry her until he was certain that he could chase her again.

A loud and menacing growl echoed through the woods, they had found out that he was missing, Livey was so shaky that she stumbled to the ground in fear, it was the Alpha’s roar which sent a shiver down to her body, Ash ran to her and picked her up, 

“Can you walk back home” he asked, his father must already be angry that he was gone.

“Yes” she nodded and he sprinted to his feet towards the pack’s castle which was in opposite direction of where her house was, Livey checked her bruised arm that was already healing, she turned her back but he was already gone.

How was he so fast to disappear and yet he couldn’t catch her when they played, she turned back and took to her heels to avoid her mother’s wrath from sneaking out of the house.

Ash climbed the windows of the Castle until he got to his room and made his way in,

“Welcome” Scarlett his mother said shocking him while sitting on his bed,

“Mom” he called hiding his dirty hands behind his back,

“Playing with Livey again” she asked with her face in a bit of a frown, he couldn’t lie to her so he nodded his head in agreement and ran to wash his hands and feet.

“You do know that your father is mad at you for leaving the house and why do you like playing with only her” 

There were so many ranked members kids who he could have played with in the castle but he choosed her and instead he would run into the woods each day just to meet her.

“Because I like her and when I grow up I will make her my Luna” he boldly said shinning his Snow White teeth at her.

She smiled back combing his ruffled hair, “You cannot make her your Luna if she is not your mate” she stated with a grin on her face trying not to sound offensive to him.

“You will see, she will be my mate and then I will mark her” he jumped on his bed and waiting for Alpha Sherlock his father to scold him as he usually does, wearing three tons of jeans to avoid the pain from his beatings with belt.

“I will leave you to rest, you can have your dinner after you have met your father” Scarlett closed the door behind her and her face turned into a scowl.

He was pretty determined to make a girl who he wasn’t sure was his mate as his Luna, she was so angry at such fact.

Seven years later, the ceremony for Ash to finally met his wolf held, he had turned 18, waiting outside the castle and also in the hall were the members of the Peach moon pack hoping to see their Alpha’s son wolf, Ash stood in the center surrounded by the Alpha, the Luna, the Beta and his mate, the Gamma and his mate.

He stood naked waiting for his wolf to speak to him, when he finally did he was thrilled,

“Hi Ash, my name is Hamish, we can do this together” Hamish his wolf said and soon cracking of bones were heard, standing tall on his four was a big black wolf.

Alpha Sherlock smiled, he was much bigger than his wolf giving him the satisfaction that Hamish and Ash would make a great Alpha. They caved a path for him and Hamish walked out through the open doors until he could be seen by his pack members, they were stricken in awe by how big he was, they all knelt down on one knee expressing their submission to the Alpha to be.

Hamish let out a dark and terrifying growl which shook the ground, Livey wasn’t left out in such a ceremony, she stood outside the hall and could hear his growl, her man was all grown up, it would take three years later for her to get her wolf but she seemed excited about it, she was eager to be with Ash.

After the ceremony, Ash sat with the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the Luna,

“I am very proud of you” Alpha Sherlock said, Ash wolf was certainly bigger than his which was a sign that he was meant to be an Alpha owing to the usual tradition.

“All that is left now is for you to find your mate and you can be made the Alpha and she also the Luna”

Ash thoughts swept to Livey, the idea that she would be his Luna made his heart beat faster, over the years their love for each other grew and they couldn’t do without each other. He prayed in his heart that she was his mate, he couldn’t wait to feel the sparks and tingles when they touched, to look into her eyes and be mesmerized by it, to mark her as his own and to protect her from harm keeping her by his side at all times.

Scarlett noticed the smile on his face and she knew why he was that happy, she excused herself from the meeting to make some pancakes for him.

“We look forward to seeing you display your abilities as an Alpha, you have already been trained to be a respectful Alpha but now your wolf will go through his own training to kill our enemies” Beta Marcus said with an undefying tone.

Ash affirmed with a nod waiting eagerly for them to finish their sermon, he couldn’t wait to see Livey, it was almost time for their usual meeting by 3:00pm,

“Are you listening to me” Alpha Sherlock asked noticing his preying eyes staring out through the window.

“Yes I am” he answered with a serious tone trying not to be disrespectful to his father,

“Our Chief warriors will train you starting from tomorrow and you might not even have time for yourself anymore, I want you to devote your time and everything into this, it would mean a lot to me” Alpha Sherlock stated, he wanted his son to be more powerful than him making him a proud father who had trained him well, the Peachmoon pack weren’t meant to slack down irrespective of the change in Alphas, he wanted his pack to still have the same status as always, domineering and dangerous as it has always been.

“Ash, you have seen how your father ruled this pack, do you promise to rule it the same way and even better, Alpha Sherlock might not be present throughout your life” Gamma Brett slipped, he was always fun of saying the most unusual thing at the worst moment.

“Are you insinuating that I would die” Alpha Sherlock lashed out staring angrily at him and he submitted in apology.

“I am sorry Alpha, I didn’t mean that” he apologized.

Ash silently giggled, Gamma Brett was his best, he always knew how to make him laugh even at the saddest moment, he was the warmest and kindest person he ever knew, his childhood would be boring if he weren’t there and not forgetting if Livey also didn’t exist.

“Livey” his mind swept back to her, she must have been waiting long and would be angry at him.

“You are dismissed” Alpha Sherlock said and Ash calmly stood up not trying to show his relief for leaving them, he hastily walked through the corridor when Scarlett stopped him, “Have a bite of this pancake, I made a new recipe” she said.

He took a big bite and smiled, “Nice flavor” he recommended and rushed out, he ran straight into the woods where he met Livey sitting on a rock playing with her hair, she hadn’t changed her usual habit of always combing her hands through her soft and curly hair.

“I am sorry I am late, we had a meeting” he said, she turned to meet his beautiful lightly brown eyes, dark long hair at his neck length wearing a tight polo with his muscles and chest almost visible. She smiled at him

“It’s alright, I understand”

He sat beside her and they were quiet for a while until she spoke up, “Congratulations on meeting your wolf”

“Thanks” he replied, he felt quite awkward not talking about it first.

“Was it painful” she asked, everyone knew how painful it was when changing for the first time, it was something that most teenage wolves dreaded with their life’s, some even have to get a spell from the pack witches to bypass the pain and change immediately.

“Very but also satisfying” he answered and Hamish purred in his head, they were both one and they could hear each other’s thought and feel almost everything together.

“So what is next” she asked drowsily, she hadn’t slept last night because all she could think of was his wolf and how excited he would be.

“I have to find my mate and make her my Luna” he reached out to hold her hand and he couldn’t feel the sensation of touching her, there was no spark neither a bolt of electricity coursing through his veins, 

“What was happening” he thought.

“She isn’t our mate” Hamish retorted sadly, he could feel how much Ash loved Livey and she looked perfect to them.

“What’s wrong” Livey asked after he suddenly retracted his hands from hers, she was worried by such reaction.

“Nothing” he stuttered dreading what was happening, if she wasn’t his mate then why did he feel so much love towards her than anyone else that he had ever met, he felt that it was the moon goddess bringing them together even from young.

He closed his eyes for a second and opened them to meet her fearful eyes, he quickly drew her to him, his heart ached to see her sad because of him.

“I promise you, there is nothing wrong” he said.

“Am I your mate” she suddenly asked startling him, he was dumbfounded for a second, Livey knew that if she was his mate he would be more than excited and would tell her immediately. 

His lack of knowledge meant that she wasn’t his mate.

“It doesn’t matter now, all I am sure is that my heart yearns for you and you alone” he said sadly, something had to be wrong somewhere.

“We can’t reject our mate because of her, it is forbidden” Hamish warned in a painful tone.

“What’s the name of your wolf” she asked raising her head up to him.

“Hamish” he answered,

“Can I meet him” she asked and he obliged, within a few seconds, Hamish stood tall, Livey stretched her tiny hands to touch him and her succumbed to her touch waggling his tail in delight. Hamish loved the touch so much that he was purring, “So beautiful” she echoed and a soft whimper was heard.

Ash changed back and wore his clothes, he pulled her into his embrace and smiled at her, no matter what happens he wasn’t going to lose her, he couldn’t bear the thought of such a thing happening.

It would break her so much and he would also be shattered, but still he needed to find his mate, if he wanted to be the Alpha, it meant that he would make his mate the Luna breaking the promise he made to Livey.

She hugged him tighter as if almost feeling his pain from the embrace, his breathing was heavy but what she enjoyed the most was his masculine scent which would always linger on her after every meeting giving her sweet dreams at night.

“Even If you are not my mate, I won’t ever abandon you” he said and tears rolled out of her eyes for such a cruel reality, he wasn’t truly hers and it pained her to realize it.

“I will keep my promise to you” he wiped her tears and she responded to him, he cupped her face giving her a deep and longing kiss sending butterflies to her stomach.

“Let’s meet here tomorrow” he said pushing her hair to the back and holding her hands. She agreed and he smiled,

He ran back to the castle leaving her there, Livey cried her eyes out after he left, it was a painful scene for her to figure out that she wasn’t his mate, she had lived her life just to be with him but the moon goddess was too cruel to her.

Walking slowly back to her house, she thanked the stars that her parents weren’t back, she laid on her bed with the silky soft sheets and stared at open space.


The next day, Livey waited for Ash but he never came, neither did he come the next day,

Days then turned into weeks and weeks into months, she wasn’t allowed into the pack’s castle unless she had an official appointment. 

‘Was he neglecting her’ she thought. 

Months turned into two and half year and she hadn’t set her eyes on him, still waiting each day in the woods to see him but he never came.

‘How could he avoid her for a two whole years’ she cried feeling the pain each night before she slept.


Standing by the window and looking into the woods was Ash, he had grown taller and charmingly handsome still possessing his masculinity. He could see Livey sitting on a rock waiting for him, she had been doing that for two years now, his heart yearns for her, he wished to meet her and caress her face but he couldn’t.

“I am glad you came to your senses and realize that she isn’t your mate” Alpha Sherlock said standing close him.

After Scarlett found out that Livey wasn’t Ash’s mate, she immediately told him to reprimand Ash from making a mistake he would regret, rejecting his mate was forbidden in the Peach moon pack, they weren’t a pack that would dare to defy the moon goddess blessing.

Ash kept silent staring at his father, the past two years had been stressful for him, he had through series of training until he couldn’t keep up with himself anymore, in a few months the coronation ceremony would begin and he had just four months to find his mate and make her Luna.


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